Avalon Online Slot Game

Avalon Slot Game Review

This time Microgaming software developer brings you a slot game, based on a legendary story about mysterious Avalon island. Some people say this mysterious island is the place, where the legendary king Arthur and his wife Guinevere were buried and the legendary Arthur’s Excalibur sword was made. In order to let the story lovers enjoy it, playing their favorite online casino slots Microgaming software developer inspired a story feature into the slot, which has the same title. So, let’s take a look and get to know about all features of Avalon video slot.

Usually Microgaming offers video slots with very rich graphics, they often include 3D technology, colorful gamma and all the details, but this slot is not the same. Unlike the other slots Avalon does not include any of them, it is very simple, no too much colorful backgrounds or details, a lot of single ton features, but the symbols are still remaining very attentive detailing. With the way the are drawn and the shades lay they are looking like real 3D. Except the letters and numbers, which are the regular symbols and have pretty royally decorated style, there the other symbols, which also remain the thematic features of the game. Those are the royal chest, royal coat with “Avalon” title, golden royal crown with a lot of gemstones, silver golden cup with clean glass and diamonds and the image of Guinevere holding Arthur’s Excalibur, etched on the piece of silver.

The slot has 5 reels and 20 paylines, which also makes the game be different comparing to the other Microgaming slots, most of which include 243 and more ways to win. Except the bonus feature and free spins, those you can earn during the game the best thing it offers is 3000 winning points. So, except beautifully designed symbols there are a lot of interesting things to see in Avalon video slot. Want to play this slot and get some real money? Not a problem, check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill! Always welcome!