African Simba Online Slot Game

African Simba Slot Game Review

African Simba slots is the brainchild of Novomatic, the oldest developer of slot machines, the Austrian holding company. The company presented the project in October 2012.

What distinguishes this one from other video slot games:

  • Simple and user-friendly game interface;
  • The plot that takes place in an African safari, and the main character – the famous Disney lion;
  • Game for doubling;
  • Wild and Scatter symbols;
  • Free-spins – free bonus rotations;

The number of pay lines equals to 243. Odds of winning on this slot is by several times higher when compared to other slots.

Rules of African Simba

Let’s start with the fact that the African Simba slot can be played on the offline casino machines and also in casinos that work in the online format. The Internet version of the machine does not require embedding real money at least at early stages. Most online gambling portals with games offer their users the demo version to review and study the nuances, features, rules of the game or just play video slot for fun. It becomes available after registration in the online casino. In addition, each new system gives a user 1000 game points. You cannot withdraw these credits, only to use them in the free version.

Be careful: if there is a system failure or a lost Internet connection during the game in demo version all the rounds and wins will be cancelled, and the game will need to start over.

Minimum rate is 2 credits, but there no maximum threshold it all depends on your financial capabilities.

The principle gaming machine is very simple. It is based on the random number generator, which is a program or algorithm that randomly determines sequence of combinations. The main task of the players is to press the “start” button and win.

The number of reels on this slot is five. Click on one of the reels to choose a multiplier with which you want to play. Also select a number of lines for the round. The African Simba video slots twenty-five lines. You can select 1, 3, 7, 15 or 25. The more rows, the higher the chances of winning, but also in this case you put more money. Then make a bet and run a tour and wait for results within one to two seconds.

Control Panel

It is located on the bottom of the screen. On the left it shows the current balance of the playr and on the right the last win. In the middle is displayed a prompt “Select bet”, and under it is the keys of the control panel.


  • Autoplay. Click on this key and then the game will start automatically and will continue as long as your account has funds, without interruption on rounds. Click on the “Stop” (the button appears in place of the “Autoplay”) to stop it.
  • Paytable. It displays information about all the winning combinations and rules of the game. Click here to find out what the number of prize points you will get for a specific combination.
  • Bet multiplier – here you specify the amount of lines, how the met will be multiplied according to the number of lines playing. Increase or decrease it using the buttons “-” and “+”, 0.02 credits to 400.
  • Base bet – here you chose the number of credits per line.
  • Bet icon displays the total amount of base bet with bet multiplier (active lines).
  • Gamble. This button is for the risk game you can press it after each win. Users are given a chance to increase the prize money by doubling it up in a bonus round.
  • Start button launches one spin (it takes about 1-2 seconds).

Collect. This key appears in place of “Start” if you managed to win a tour of risk game. Click on the “Collect” button, and all payout winnings will be added to your Balance.

The buttons names can differ from country to county, so mind that. Although, the game play will be the same.

Prize combinations

You win if on the selected number of active lines fall out a combination of the three, four or five identical symbols. Also a wild symbol can help you to make a winning combo if there are not enough identical images.

Combinations are made from left to right. In addition to the special wild character Simba there is a Scatter as Mount Kilimanjaro. They can be located anywhere in the sequence to bring you victory. The cooler the combination, the higher your winnings. The casino machine, of course, counts and pays for the best fallen combo.

This video slot does not have a progressive jackpot. The maximum amount you can win is up to 5 000 credits.


These images are horizontally arranged in three rows. The most active is the first reel the middle line. By increasing the number of lines, you start other disks and the probability of hitting the combination increases. Symbols do not have the same value and can bring different amounts for prizes.

Tip for beginners: open the “Paytable”, before choosing a multiplier. That is, you first define a number of lines, and then specify a rate, go to the table and see which character are the most profitable. For each game table registers the sum of all winning combinations.

And here are the characters themselves:

  • Giraffe;
  • Two meerkats;
  • Buffalo;
  • Flamingo;
  • Card symbols – A, K, Q, J, 10, 9;
  • Lion (aka Wild symbol;
  • The image of Mount Kilimanjaro this is a Scatter.

Lion Simba wild symbol

This symbol is considered to be a winning one, regardless of its location. It can join a combination with any sign, except for the scatter (Kilimanjaro), thereby increasing the probability of winning and the size of the prize. For example, you are playing free slot machine Novomatic and in one round there fell out two pictures of flamingo and two lion pictures. What does it mean? You managed to collect combination of four, as the Wild symbol fill in the missing gaps, and hit the jackpot!


It is a symbol of the bonus game. If on the selected lines fell 3 of such icons, you will be given 12 free spins and all the winnings in these games will be multiplied by three. In addition, during these rounds, players can get new free games, thereby increasing the chances of winning good prizes.

Risk Game

After each win gamers can try their luck in the additional bonus game. To do this, click on the highlighted yellow Gamble button. The game will open a new field, and here, the system offers players to guess the colour of a card – black or red colour. The probability of winning 50/50. Answered correctly and double the prize. But, answer wrong and lose the winnings.

Theme of the African Simba

The plot in the game is not so important, but, nevertheless, it has one. The action takes place in the African safari. Here different groups of various animals: flamingos, buffaloes, meerkats and giraffes. Help them to catch Simba, the main character of the game and the main character of the Disney animated film “The Lion King.” Then you will get a cash prize in the amount of your bet. The more animals gathered, the greater the bonus added to your balance.

How to win in this slot machine

Simple harmless tricks to help gamers win this video slot:

  • It’s recommended to read as much information as possible before starting to play. It describes the features of each game, shows the possible prizes, the possibilities of the risk game and the interface rules.
  • It’s more productive to play with low bets but with big amount of lines. Thus the chances for a win are bigger and the chances for losing all the money is lower. But the bets shouldn’t be too low.
  • If your balance allows you to, try the risk game. But the advanced users are saying that one shouldn’t do this more than twice after one win. The possibility of winning later is quite low.
  • Don’t play the short game series, choose several rounds.
  • Raise your bet after several wins. And lower it after losing. But you should mind what you’re doing.
  • Some gamblers are stating that after getting a huge win one should take a break. And then try playing again, starting with low bets.
  • You should only choose the trustworthy gaming establishments with good reputation, including the online ones. The owners of big casinos are also interesting in the wins by players and attraction of new clients, so they won’t risk their reputation for getting more money once.

Myths about the game

Newcomers can think wrong about the African Simba slot. This might happen due to some common misconceptions.

  1. Some players believe that it’s better to play those slots where no one has won for quite a long time. Like this slot collects “energy” and big sum of money, which guarantees the win. Some players believe in opposite situation: if there was a lot of wins on the same slot in the short period of time, no one will win on this one for a while. Both of those facts are groundless. The win only depends on the gambler’s luck.
  2. Some players believe that all of one-armed bandits have a “plan” of giving out the winning combinations. It is also wrong; slots like African Simba are based on the random number generator. You cannot foresee your win by using the logic.
  3. Some people say that it’s more profitable to play the African Simba slot online. This is also wrong: by statistics players are wasting same number of money when playing online and offline. Also, the ratio between wins and loses is the same for online and offline establishments.
  4. One of the most ridiculous misconceptions: you should only give the slot warmed-up coins; it will bring you the win in the African Simba. Actually the money temperature does not influence the gaming process in any way.
  5. Many people are blaming the casino owners for their loses: they are modifying the machines in such a way that they are not bringing wins. Maybe there are such situations somewhere. But reprogramming the slot is quite an expensive and hard process. No solid casino will risk their reputation, good feedback and license for such easy and unfair money. The casino owners are getting money anyway, and they wouldn’t want to lose clients or license.
  6. The slot’s location matters a lot. It doesn’t really. And the casino workers can’t tell you what machine will bring you the win.

The history of slot

The African Simba slot was made by Austrian game holding Novomatic. 16.10.2012 is believed to be a “birthday” of this slot. On this day the company presented the interface to a wide audience and launched the project on the multiple gaming servers. At first African Simba was going to be an online slot. But later it became so popular that the developer decided to make the offline versions for casinos too. In the slot machines menus, the online and offline versions of African Simba appeared almost simultaneously.

Nowadays this game is available to the gamblers almost at every big gambling resource and it functions in the different countries.

You can find a short description of the game at the official developer’s website, see the screenshots and the game trailer.

Casino slots games for fun that are similar to African Simba

Five more popular gaming slots, working on the principle of RNG. Those gambling interfaces are available on the most online casinos websites. All of them have free demo versions for getting started with gaming process:

  • Crazy Monkey from Russian gambling developer Igrosoft. The interface works on 5 wheels and it has 9 prize lines. The symbols depict animals, exotic fruits and African houseware.
  • Bananas Go Bahamas. One more project from the gambling developer Novomatic. The gaming principle is the same to the African Simba’s one. It has 5 drums and 9 prize lines, which makes its chances for a win lower than in the African Simba. But this slot is more popular.
  • Island 2, dedicated to the Robinson Crusoe’s adventures. There is 5 drums and 9 active prize lines.
  • Fruit cocktail, one more 5-wheeled gaming interface with fruits. The number of lines equals to 7 and the slot is made by Igrosoft.
  • Keks from Igrosoft. 5 wheels and 9 prize lines.

Launch the African Simba slot to visit the hot continent! The Wild symbol depicting a lion king of the Jungle, and other will gladly give you tropical presents.