Tres Amigos Online Slot Game

Tres Amigos Slot Game Review

Tres Amigos online slot is an original version of one-armed bandit, created by Playtech’s programmers. The no download slots is introduced in a form of classical retro-models: 3 reels, 1 payment line, absence of special symbols and bonus options.

The distinctive feature of such all slots free games is how non-standard the pictograph’s design is. Traditional fruits, bells and sevens were changed for ethnic pictures in the Mexican style.

If you prefer playing on classical versions of retro models, visit the One Armed Bandit catalogue. It contains a great choice of slots of this category. But, according to experienced players, the Tres Amigos slot machine is one of the best options.

Free slots controls features

This online slot is minimalistic, and this is not only about the gaming process. The control panel of the slot is also pretty laconic. Since this slot only has one payment line, the player only has to set the spin’s price and then the game can be started.

The line’s value is determined in slot’s internal currency – in coins. The slot offers to bet either 1 or 2 coins per line by Min Bet and Max Bet buttons, respectively.

Then the nominal in credits is determined – the real life money to coins ratio. The bet range is pretty wide. Use the -/+ buttons of the table located in the bottom part of the gaming screen to set it from $0,01 to $5 per line.

That’s all settings of casino slot online games there are. Now you can press the Start button to make a spin.

The spin’s value ranges between $0,01 and $10 for a spin and can be seen in the Bet window to the left from the reels. To the right there’s a Win table, showing the payments. The actual size of player’s balance is displayed in the bottom left corner of slot’s screen.

Speaking of additional buttons, there are user interface settings icons, located in the bottom right corner. The speaker icon turns the sound on/off. The wrench allows to deactivate the animation, check out the betting journal or start the automatic game mode.

Symbols of Tres Amigos free slot machine slot

You’ll see the symbols of this slot right after loading the game. Those are located at the table to the right from the reels.

The table has two vertical rows. The left one shows the multipliers for combinations when the line value is 1. The second one shows the multipliers when the line value is 2. You can change the line value by clicking the certain number.

Symbols of Tres Amigos top free slots machine are all Mexico-themed. Here’s a table showing value of symbols, from most to least valuable:

  • cowboys with mustache and sombreros – the main character of the slots and the most valuable pictographs of Tres Amigos slot. They will multiply your bet by 1200.
  • taco – the national dish with x500 multiplier.
  • cactus – a symbols, that will give you an x200 multiplier.

The next symbols are peppers, maracas – national musical instrument, Margarita cocktail and a Spanish guitar. Those pictures can bring you from 25 to 100 bets.

The hot pepper is a special kind of symbol. It’s the only symbol of this game that can bring profit not only for the full line of symbols. Even one such pictograph brings you back your bet, multiplied by two. Two symbols will give you an x5 multiplier.

The advantage of Tres Amigos one armed bandit is a great ratio between bets and payment coefficients. Even the simplest combinations will fully recover the expenses of betting. This quality is one of those that makes this slot attractive for players, despite the absence of all slots free bonus options, free slot games with bonus rounds and risk tours.

Want to make sure, that the Tres Amigos will be interesting enough for you to play it? Open the Free Slots section and launch the free version of the slot to check out its advantages!