Science Slots

Science slots are machines about all kinds of discoveries, experiments and scientific progress. Most often, they describe “laboratory samples” showing the work of scientists, but sometimes it comes to the product of their work – space travel, robots, summarising inventions for a certain period of time (as in Atomic Age by Microgaming studio).

On our site, you will find the most comprehensive collection of licensed software for casinos provided in demo versions. The extensive catalogue certainly includes scientific and sci-fi emulators. Among them, the most popular are:

  • Reel Attraction (Novomatic) – a free online slot machine with several special symbols that activate game benefits. Having caught a scientist on the first reel and magnets on any of other, you will be able to collect prize combinations during a few spins while a magnet is attracted to the first wheel.
  • Robojack (Microgaming) – a casino slot for free the main character of which is a robot. By collecting the desired pictures on the reels, you will get not only prize money for bonus icons but also run a series of free spins with a random multiplier up to x5.
  • Madder Scientist (Betsoft) – a funny one-armed bandit with a lot of advantages. The game has 4 types of bonuses A user can start a respin of any wheel at an additional cost at the end of a turn to get a prize-winning combination. It is also possible to turn one wheel into the wild (covered with jokers), take part in a mini-game with picking items or get a bonus level where you need to mix the ingredients to get the golden carrot.
  • Gold Lab (Quickspin) – a free online slot where all valuable characters can act in two ways – as a simple image or as a scatter (if they drop out in the golden frame). As scatter symbols, phials interact with each other, activating a gold bonus with the possibility to gather additional combinations. They also work in tandem with simple icons of the same type to form sequences.
  • The Spin Lab (NextGen) – a machine with a distinctive bonus game that can be “created” by users themselves. Having got three scatters on the reeland, the player opens a special laboratory and chooses 3 of 9 components for free spins. Among them, there are setting the same symbols to increase the chances of a prize sequence; selecting stacked symbols (they fall out in blocks covering a wheel); distinguishing symbols with additional rewards (a prize is assigned to each appearance of a picture on the playfield). In addition, there are a possibility to consider combinations in both directions, multipliers and additional free spins.

Learn more about science online slots for fun and free and their specifics from the article.

Kinds of science slots

One-armed bandits dedicated to scientific and technical progress are quite a popular topic these days. First, it diversifies the portfolio of any manufacturer. Secondly, many movies, including fantastic, often use scientific justification even for supernatural phenomena. Thirdly, the topic is quite extensive and gives the scope for creativity, and therefore the implementation of bold and original benefits into a gameplay.

As you see, there is much space for the development of science stories. The genre can cross with other types of free video slots expanding or complementing the theme. So, within the subject, you can find a few scenarios that impart a scientific tone:

  • Alchemy slots. We need to clarify, that it is not so much about classic medieval alchemy but about a modern genre of casual games. The idea is to collect specific items on the screen, the amalgam of which will cause a reaction – winning. Basically, such slots use a chemical laboratory as the entourage.
  • Technical casino slot machines. In addition to the chemistry, physics is a fascinating science as well. Electricity, electromagnetic fields, simple laws that have a clear evidence. Symbols can get electrocuted and change the structure, the reels can change places under the magnetic attraction. The result is not only a spectacular animation but also the opportunity to receive rewards for collected sequences.
  • Sci-fi slot machines. Some of the one-armed bandits demonstrate the result of discoveries rather than the assembly process. All kinds of aircraft, droids, mechanical suits perfectly fit the definition of science components. And even some superheroes have got their abilities not by the will of a higher power but thanks to scientific experiments. For example, Flash who was affected by the particle accelerator, or Tony Stark wearing his scientifically developed super-suit.

Nevertheless, for the “purity” of the genre, we will consider the first and the second categories, where science plays not a side but a major role.

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Bonus benefits of science slots

The main objective of the development and implementation of new plots and genres is to fill up the application catalogue so that the user does not get tired of the same type of slot games for fun. This is why science developments offer the most amazing gameplay, subordinating progress to the entertainment industry.

So spinning the reels and getting themed pictures, you can:

  • Get a spectacular chain reaction with random reproduction of wild symbols – duplicating into arbitrary cells. These advantages allow collecting more winning sequences or forming combinations of the maximum length – both directly affect the profits and payout of a slot.
  • Move Joker one cell sideways with every new turnover. Yes, it turns out, such a trick is possible. And if the math says that changing the order of addends does not change the sum, in the case of free casino slot machines, another law is in action. One move – and the probability of a prize combo increases.
  • Nudge the reels. Scientific magnetism can act according to the law “like attracts like”. Thus, the wheel can be turned one cell up or down to make a sequence of identical symbols in a row.
  • Activate a series of free spins. Perhaps, this is the most profitable part of the gameplay. Without giving a single credit from the bankroll, the user can still collect combinations under certain game conditions and then add a big win to the balance. During free spins, there are often additional benefits – multipliers or additional wilds.
  • Start bonus rounds. Collecting special pictures on the screen, the user can get more additional credits or multipliers for the total bet in the bonus game with picking items.

Often, a standard set of benefits in a new visual “scientific” form is complemented by more features available in the main game. Thus, starting a rotation, you can randomly receive various benefits – the occasional appearance of fixed wilds, giant pictures covering 3×3 cells that are counted as individual sequences, changing cheap pictures on expensive and so on.

Design features of science slots

Given the wide range of bonus applications, design features of science slot machines include the most effective and profitable ideas. Thus, in free slots of this genre, the most often are used:

  • Five reels. This number of wheels allows implementing the greatest number of advantages, including those that are activated during the main game.
  • 9-100 paylines or their complete absence while they are replaced by “ways to win”. This solution allows the player to set the conditions of a session with the maximum profit. Bankroll management is one of the key moments of a winning strategy for the machines.
  • Several game modes. So, if the only variable characteristic on a one-armed bandit is the total bet and the there is no risk option in the game, you can use auto spins to increase the dynamics of playing. Manual rotation of wheels is more suitable for free online slot machine games with a lot of adjustable features and a chance to double the payout per spin.

It should be noted, that science machines most often have low volatility. The variety and spectacular gameplay are often a key component so that the user was not tired of the monotonous simple pictures.

With the same purpose, free slots for fun only often are contrast – they offer vivid icons on a dark background. On the one hand, eyes are not so tired and symbols look more prominent and attractive. However, the player’s brain is distracted by the bright almost hypnotic twinkling, focusing on the process rather than rewards.

How to play sciencу slots

If we are talking about the scientific approach, we can use it for the consideration of playing on slots. Anyone starting to rotate the reels pursues the goal to get the win and to have a nice time. Having a clearly defined task, it is necessary to identify the factors affecting prospects of the session started. To do this, we need to figure the slot design.

How combinations in one-armed bandits drop

The main elements of the machine operation are:

  1. Reels – they look like columns with pictures. At the program level, it’s a string of numbers. Each character is assigned a serial number. Each reel contains 30-100 icons. Obviously, numbers in the row will be repeated since the game usually involves up to 13 pictures, but the string needs to be extended up to 100 values. At this stage, we can see a pattern: cheap symbols (and numbers corresponding to them) are found in the string more often than others.
  2. Paylines – curves, on which combinations are considered. If you analyse the example of classic online free slots with 1 line, the machine sees only one strip when “calculates how much rewards for sequences to pay. The more lines, the more available locations for pictures for forming prize combinations.
  3. Random number generator. This is the main element of the program that selects a random order of numbers from the “code” structure of the reels, displaying them to the screen. For example, on standard five reel online slot games free with three rows, it looks like this: at the beginning of a spin, a machine selects three pictures from the string of numbers that correspond to each wheel and places them on the playfield.

It is here that comes into force the great and powerful theory of probability. It is necessary to decide on the meaning of the word “random” in the context of slots. The event – it’s a certain result expected in a situation. Regarding free online casino slots, the event will be the formation of a combination. It is called random if there is a probability that it will happen or not happen.

So, rotating reels, you should note, that playing for money, you are equally likely to receive or not to receive a combination. When you start a session on a free slot just for fun with low volatility, the chance of a sequence is higher than on other machines. However, payouts that are credited for such combinations are small, and it’s impossible to predict when a sequence will appear.

How to increase your chances

Having dealt with the principle, let’s move to the factors that can affect the possibility of a winning. One of the key points (in addition to the luck, of cause) can be considered the duration of a session – this means the number of possible turnovers. Considering the odds, it is easy to conclude that the likelihood of getting a bonus combination having turned the wheels 100 times is higher than in the case of 10 spins.

Thus, the player is interested in maximising the number of rotations. This can be done with the main parameters available for establishing game settings. They include:

  • The cost of a game coin. This variable affects the rate of exchange real currency for credits that are used during the game. The lower the established course, the more resources to pay for spins will be available. On the other hand, with the reverse conversion, you will get less money for winning.
  • A bet on a spin. Each spin on a machine has a price that is controlled by two parameters:
  • The number of paylines (some free slot machine games no money allow changing the value yourself by selecting from the range between the maximum number of strips and one)
  • The size of the bet per line (this parameter provides several levels – from pennies to high limits)

Thus, we can see a pattern: the more credits are on the user’s account and the less is the cost of one rotation, the greater the number of rotations during a session. This is why it is important to understand the odds and slot settings before you start the game.

If you want to know more about the possible algorithms for playing on slots in order to increase winnings, check out the section “Strategies” on our website.

Who develops science slots

By studying free slot games no sign up from different developers, we can note that studios producing slot machines try to learn as much as possible in order to maximally cover the target audience. So, in their portfolios, you can find science slots in one form or another – from chemical puzzles to interstellar travels and cyborgs. Among the popular producers, these studios have contributed in the development of the genre:

  • Novomatic;
  • Microgaming;
  • Pleytech;
  • Betsoft;
  • NextGen;
  • NetEnt;
  • Rival and many others.

Given the current trends in the development of slots and science in the world, it can be assumed, that we will see even more branches of the genre in the future. And the knowledge that we considered to be science fiction will move into the category of just science slots in the near future.

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Where to test science slot machines

Today, there are many ways to play now free slot machine games online. Choosing the most convenient option depends on the purpose of the player. Thus, you can spin the reels:

  1. For free. During a session, demo credits available on the balance from the beginning are used to pay for spins. Though you cannot cash out winnings obtained on such one-armed bandits – this option is not available in the demo of free slots for fun no money. You can start a licensed version of a game without investing real money:
  2. a. on educational entertainment platforms;

    b. in social networks (shareware slots);

    c. on online casino sites in the training mode.

  3. For money. In this case, you have to register in an online casino and make a deposit. Placing bets in real cash, you will get no less real payouts.

Both demo and paid versions of machines are present on the network single, in casino portfolios, or you can download the client and install free slot machine games for PC or portable device.

When it comes to playing for money, users can be concerned about software quality and the integrity of a gambling portal. But if you are using the services of a credible casino, you have nothing to worry about. Learn more about Regulators and Fairness and testing of the casino software – forewarned is forearmed.

Developers pay a lot of attention to mobile free slots because in this form, machines are always at hand and maximally accessible for the user. You can download a one-armed bandit on the phone by selecting it from the list of an online casino or finding the slot you enjoyed in a specialised store of applications supported by your platform.

Before you download an app on a smartphone or tablet, make sure that the gadget meets the requirements given in the description of the free slots only for fun. Check if there is enough space on the hard drive and whether the machine can be launched on your version of the software.

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