King of Cards Online Slot Game

King of Cards Slot Game Review

Slot machine King of Cards is multiline online slot from Novomatic, Austrian developer of platforms and entertaining content for online casinos. This one of casino slot machines differs from others with simple graphics and animation without needless details and with discreet music. There are five reels and nine active prize lines on King of Cards slot machine. There is also risk-game and option for automatic start of spins. You will be able to find wild multiplier and scatter, which start series of free spins.

About developer

Novomatic is a large Austrian conglomerate, the key figure on international gambling market. Company was created in 1980. Today, concern includes three holdings, through which Novomatic conducts development, production, distribution and promotion of offline and online games and software for them. Company supplies casinos with video slots, lotteries, applications for sport bets, electronic tabled for card and board games. Interfaces of Novomatic are presented in various languages.

One of Novomatic’s products is King of Cards slot machine.

Aim of the game on King of Cards slot

This slot casino machine for free doesn’t have specific storyline. Elements from pack of cards are symbols here. The principle of random number generator lies in the basis of this slot. User starts spinning the reels, and when they stop symbols form in certain combinations on prize lines. The major aims of the player are to collect more winning combinations, to win back placed bet and increase current balance.

Gaming process of King of Cards

Let’s begin from the fact that this slot is available in two versions:

  • Standard or Play for real money. Wheels are spinning for the real money.
  • Demo-version or Play for fun (Free to play). In this case system provides player with big credit in game currency, which he will use for passing the rounds. User cannot withdraw this money from casino slot online, but he can use it for playing.

It is advisable for the beginners and inexperienced players to start from demo-version. It will help to understand the principle of slot’s work, study its rules without wasting a single cent from real money. When player runs out of demo credits he can just refresh the page and start free game again.

Licensed demo-version doesn’t require registration. You don’t need to download or install it either. Users can play using browser on online casino website. Interface is started after you open the page with slot.

Then you will see standard for classical video slot games reeland. Here you will find 5 reels, 5 vertical columns and three horizontal rows with symbols. Prize lines are located here. There are nine of them, player can choose one, three, five, seven or nine lines for the game. Their number is set with the help of control panel.

How to control this slot machine

There is informational block and navigation menu below the reels. There you will see your prizes for the last successful round (or Game Over, if the round wasn’t successful), current balance of the player (Credit section), the rate size for one prize line (Bet / Line), number of active pay lines (Lines Bet) and general rate (Bet window).

Control panel consists of such buttons (from left to right):

  • Select Game. Press here to choose slot from Novomatic slot games developer.
  • Paytable is the informational table. Click on it and you will see field with descriptions of simple and special symbols, winning combinations, their value and major rules of this slot machine. To close the table press on Skip button.
  • 1 Line – game on one line.
  • 3 Lines activates three prize lines.
  • 5 Lines – press on it to play with five lines.
  • 7 Lines – starts seven prize lines.
  • 9 Lines – this button activates all nine prize lines.
  • Bet One. With the help of this option you can regulate the rate size and change the game mode to risk one.
  • Bet Max – activates the game with the highest bets. Besides, you can start risk game on casino slot free machine games with the help of this button.
  • Start / Skip / Take Win. Button which performs different functions at the same time. At first, it is the major start – click here to start the single spin with your parameters. Secondly, this is Skip, with the help of which you can close dialogue windows, appeared instead of the reels (for example, Paytable). Thirdly, you can stop the risk game here, take away your prizes and go back to reels.
  • Automatic Start – starts series of continuous spins, that is Autoplay option. Press here and reels will be spinning until you run out of money or until the start of the risk game. To stop automatic spins, press on Automatic Start button one more time.


There are 11 ordinary multipliers on King of Cards slots free online machines. These are card suits – hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs and cards themselves – ace (A), king (K), queen (Q), jack (J), 10 and 9.

Special multipliers

Joker is a wild symbol in this game. It replaces other multipliers and doubles prizes for combinations. Wild symbol can appear on any reel.

Scatter is a picture with game pieces. It is located on each reel. Two scatters will bring you ordinary prize, three, four or five will start bonus game which consists of 15 free spins. During free spins, multiplayer activates and the amount of each prize will triple. The combination of scatters may drop out one more time during free spins on slot machines, in this case they will be added to the next free round.

Free spins are made on those conditions (rate size and number of lines), which you set in the previous round.

Winning combinations

System counts winning combinations from left to right. To win you should collect combination of three and more identical ordinary multipliers on single prize line. 9 and hearts are exceptions, you will win even in the case, if there are only two 9 or two hearts multipliers. Wild symbols can also be ordinary multiplier and fill in missing links in winning combinations.

The amount of prizes for each combination depends on the slots online betting size. The biggest prize will bring combinations of five jokers on one line. A little bit less prize will give combination of five scatters. They will also let you to get 15 free spins. As for ordinary symbols, here is the list of them, from the biggest to lowest prizes:

  • Five multipliers of hearts suit;
  • Five multipliers of spades suit;
  • Five diamonds or clubs;
  • Five aces (A) or kings (K);
  • Five of all other symbols will bring you the smallest prizes.

The most “unprofitable” combination in the game consists of two nines on one prize line. These symbols present player with little prizes. Though you can try to double this prize in risk game on one of top free slots, because, even if you lose, there won’t be big losses.

If there are several winning combinations on the reels, slot machine King of Cards will count them all and will transfer your prizes to your account.

After each successful spin video slot offers you to play the risk game.

Risk game

To start the additional round after you win in the main game press on Bet One or Bet Max buttons.

You will see the new reeland with pack of cards instead the reels. Your task is to guess which colour is the card on the top (blinking one). If you guess it, the real prizes on free slots for the last round will double. If you don’t, you will lose the money prize for the last spin and return to the main game mode.

This additional round will continue until you lose. After each correct answer prize amount, will be doubled.

To stop the risk game and return to the reels, press on Start / Skip / Take Win button. Slot will transfer you to the reeland with symbols and you won’t lose prizes you won during the risk game.

How to outgame online slot King of Cards

Experienced players give some recommendations to the beginners. These advices cannot guarantee you 100% victory in free slots and games, but they may increase your chances to win money prizes. Here are these recommendations:

  • Avoid too low and too high bets. It is better to place bet of a medium size and gradually increase it after each victory, or after certain number of them, for example, three.
  • Don’t play short series of rounds. During single spins the probability to get wild multiplier or combination of several scatters decreases. Use Automatic Start button to start the long game.
  • Don’t play risk game very often. The offer to double prizes in additional round looks attractive. But there is 50/50 probability to win, it decreases your chances to get a big prize and save the amount which you already have for the last spin.
  • Do not hesitate between several cards in the risk game of free slots for real money. Choose one, red or black and click on it all the time. Some players say that it works.
  • Wait for free spins because it is worth it. During free spins, you get a possibility to multiply your prize in three times. It isn’t likely to happen in the risk game.
  • Take a small break after several successful rounds. Victories sweep you off your feet, and some players don’t notice how they lose the game.

And the last but not the least advise: you should thoroughly choose online casino. Gambling institution should have minimum of negative feedbacks and maximum of positive ones. Casino online should adhere to transparent and honest policy. Other indicators of good casino are big percentage of payments, possibility to place and withdraw money through several payment services, available help from casino managers, online consultations on the website. For example, employees of online casinos should explain main rules of the slot to the player.

It would be great to have a possibility to change language of interface into your native one. Licensed version of King of Cards if available in Russia only in English. There are no problems with the game due to the user-friendly interface and simple graphic design.

Myths about slot machines

There are some myths among gamblers about slot machines payout. They refer both to the land-based and online slots. Here is the list of unconfirmed rumours:

  • You can trick random number generator and predict its next actions. It isn’t true. RNG is mechanism, which generates symbols and combinations in random order. You cannot predict the next combination of multiplies in an honest way.
  • Your loss is the evidence of dishonest and criminal actions from casino’s side. It isn’t always true. It is hard to reprogram slot machine, not each programmer is able to do this. Furthermore, it is expensive. Operators of casinos (online and land-based) with good reputation won’t risk losing license, honest name and further income for easy and relatively small amount of money. Websites and casinos have good income without these manipulations.
  • There are good and bad times for online slots free play. It is one more unconfirmed fact. Victory depends on luck, not on the day time, week day, month or year.
  • Slots may be “heated” and “cold”. Those slots, which haven’t presented players with prizes for a long time belong to the first category. That means that they are full of money and will give them to the next player. Those slots, on which gambler recently won big prize is called “cold” one. Players are convinced that no one will win on such slots for a long time. It is obvious that there is no confirmation for this.
  • Myth, created by gamblers, who prefer land-based slots. They recommend to heat the coin or jetton before putting it into the slot machine. It is unknown whether it helps to win on slot machines at casinos, but temperature of coins doesn’t influence the result of the game.
  • It is better to play on land-based gambling machines, when you pull the lever and press on real button your chances to win are bigger than on online slots. Up to now specialists couldn’t prove this statement. The percentage of payments from land-based and online casinos is the same.
  • The placement of slot machine in casino is of a high importance. It isn’t true.
  • Employees of casino know which slot gives more money. They may know which slot is the luckiest one, but they won’t provide you with this information. Victory depends more on the luck than on placement of gambling machine or on the slot itself.
  • Another myth about land-based slot machines. You shouldn’t put jettons on the corpus of slot, it will change its rhythm and scare away your luck. It is unproven argument, because slots do not have any rhythm, they have random number generator.

This isn’t the full list of slot machines’ myths, we have just listed some of them. Don’t forget that chances to win mostly depend on your luck. Though you can increase probability to win the big prize with the help of well-thought game strategy.