Lost Online Slot Game

Lost Slot Game Review

Lost is a slot machine from the European developer BetSoft Gaming. It has a nice interface with quality graphics, animation and special effects, and also unique musical accompaniment. To speak of the technical features of this single-armed bandit, it has:

  • 30 prize lines
  • 5 wheels
  • Multiplier option
  • Wild symbol
  • Symbol with special features
  • Respins for the separate wheels
  • Autoplay function
  • Bonus game mode

Interesting information about BetSoft

BetSoft Gaming is a British developer of gaming content and smart online casino platforms. Main office of the organisation is located in the Valletta, the capital of the Malta. Developer’s portfolio includes more than a hundred of created slot-machines, a system of the gambling establishments’ management, client supporting platform, interfaces for the game of poker and other card games, bets for sports and totalizers. The content made by BetSoft Gaming is functioning at the PCs, as well as at the smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Since 2012 the BetSoft Gaming company was seriously engaged in development and release of new generation pockie machines – Slots3, including the Lost slot. On such automatic machines special attention is paid not only to technical parameters of the interface, but also to the graphic design, design of the slot, to the plot and to the soundtrack. BetSoft Gaming cooperates with the famous professional musicians to create unique melodies for the gaming machines.

History, origins and plot of the slot Lost

The Lost one-armed bandit is one of the newest video slots from BetSoft Gaming. As well as in other games from this developer, there is a story line here. Action goes on in mysterious deserts and caves of Egypt. “The very few people will find so much bravery and courage in themselves to move on with the treasure hunting in the land of the Lost. But he was able to…”, – says the preface to the gambling machine.

The main character, who was mentioned above, is Dr. Bones. Together with his assistant he travels in deserts in search of treasures of once almighty Pharaoh Akh-Amdada. On their way to the wealth there are dangers in the form of spiteful mummies and the disguised traps waiting. Help characters to survive and find treasures, and in return you will receive a heap of gold coins!

Rules and problems of the game Lost

From the equipment point of view, rules of this slot machine do not considerably differ from other interfaces. It is necessary to choose parameters, convenient for you (the size of a bet and the number of lines) and to start spinning wheels. Random number generator principle is the cornerstone of the Lost gaming machine (RNG for short). The user starts spinning and waits for drums to stop, and for symbols on them to get in certain combinations. They can be advantageous or usual, not earning prize-winning points.

The goal of player is to collect the best sequences on the wheels and to get a lot of money.

Starting a game

The Lost gaming machine functions in two modes: standard, where a game costs real money, and free demo version. The beginners, who are unexperienced in such games, are recommended to play the free version at first. First, you will be able to start a game via the browser. The licensed version doesn’t require any additional registration and downloading of client programs. Secondly, this game mode doesn’t require to invest this money. The system issues you the credit in game currency, which won’t be cashed, but you can spend it while playing.

The licensed demo version of a game is available on the websites of the majority checked and reliable online casino, and also on the developer’s electronic resource.

Right after loading of the page the game machine with wheels and control buttons appears.

The wheels are five vertical columns with symbols.

To the left and right of those columns there are two vertical columns with circles. Those are prize-winning lines. In total, there are 30, but the user can choose any number of those for a game round by means of the control panel.

The configuration menu

There are two buttons over wheels: SOUND ON/SOUND OFF to turn on/turn off the slot’s soundtrack and VIEW PAYS. The second column is Paytable. You press it, and on the place of the game field the table appears with information on symbols, quantitative value of prize-winning combinations, special multipliers and a bonus round of the Lost slot. The description is given in English.

Under drums there is a navigation panel.

The buttons of game process management

In the lower part of the screen there are next tools:

  • Choose Coin. This button adjusts ratios of game currency and a real money.
  • Select Lines. Manage the number of working lines. You can choose from 1 to 30 active lines. You can see an arrangement of prize-winning lines in the column VIEW PAYS.
  • Bet Per Lines. It is the bet size for one working line. In a demo version of the game there are five fixed levels of rates. Players can choose any of them.
  • Spin. The main start button, which starts a single spin of the wheels on the conditions (the size of a rate and the number of lines) chosen by you.
  • Max Bet Spin. It is a start button too. It begins a round on the maximum conditions possible on the gaming machine (with a rate of the fifth level and the maximum number of active prize-winning lines) if the user’s current balance allows to.
  • Autoplay. The interface to start a series of continuous rotations. Press here to adjust parameters for automatic rotations. Here you need to choose the number of working lines, a ratio of game currency and a real money, a bet for one working line and, as a matter of fact, number of rotations. There can be 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 100 of them. You press CONFIRM for confirmation of setup of parameters and then you press AUTOPLAY or CANCEL to return to the main game and to continue single rotations of drums. To stop a series of continuous spins ahead of time, click on the STOP AUTO button under MAX BET SPIN (it will appear on AUTOPLAY place).

Over the control panel there is a black information line. Here is the current balance of your account (near BALANCE text), an account balance in this currency (CREDITS), a rate for one active line (column BET) displayed.


To obtain more information on symbols the player has to open the View Pays table.

There are some simple multipliers on the Lost slot. Those are the images of the main character, a spiteful mummy, the doctor Bones’ assistant, a trap pendulum, a dog, a life symbol – the ankh (cross), the drinking flask dug in the sand.

On the third (central) drum there is an option of a wild multiplier. It replaces any symbols except for special. There’s also a multiplayer, so your prize will be doubled.

On the fourth drum there is a bonus symbol with a monkey. As soon as it drops out, the monkey suggests you to choose one of six boxes with bonuses. If you choose a box with coins, the round proceeds, you can click on the following box. This goes on until you get a box with a text of “COLLECT”, which means that you can collect your prize. Then you come back to the main game.

On the third drum free spins can be started by the random image. All vertical rows fade, and the central drum begins to rotate repeatedly.

Profitable combinations

To get a win it is necessary to collect a sequence of three and more identical symbols on one prize-winning active line. The amount of payments also depends on quantity of the dropped-out multipliers and, as a matter of fact, their values. The most “expensive” combination in the main game are five symbols with the image of the main character on one prize-winning line.

The system reads out an order from left to right. If advantageous combinations dropped out on several lines, then the casino slot machine will include everything and will transfer into your account the amount for general result.


This option is displayed in the right upper corner – x1, x2, x3, x5. By default, you have the x1 multiplier. Additional function of a multiplayer turns on during the central drum respins. After advantageous combination, the user gets the next multiplier. Thus, the Lost gaming machine allows to increase a prize five times. Free spins and multiplayer are continuing to work, while you collect successful prize-winning combinations.

Bonus round

Additional game begins after getting a successful combination of four and more symbols with hieroglyphs on sand at the active prize-winning lines. The new game field appears on the screen. Here you have to help the treasure hunter to choose the door. But be careful! There’re not only treasures behind those doors. Behind some of them there are hidden mummies who are protecting this territory.

Tricks of a game on Lost slot

What has to be done for being luckier on this gaming machine:

  • First, the user needs to study the information in the View Pays table before starting to spin wheels. Then, the user has to try and make several test spins to understand how the slot the machine works.
  • Even in the demo version it’s better to play on average rates. Too low or too high bets will reduce one’s chances of victory, according to the experienced gamblers.
  • Raise your bet after each victory. Do it accurately and gradually. Increase the size by means of the Choose Coin and Bet per Line buttons.
  • Avoid the series of short rounds. Use the AUTOPLAY button to start the continuous rotations.
  • Arrange a small break after series of continuous prizes. Victories can distract you and steal your attention, and after getting used to them the player cannot notice how he will lose all of his money.

These recommendations were made by the experienced players familiar with the Lost interface and game process on other similar videos slots.

Myths and legends of slot machines

Delusions and rumours about online slots, which shouldn’t be trusted:

  • Work of the random number generator can be predicted. Actually – No. The RNG is a difficult computer mechanism, it creates combinations randomly. It is impossible to predict what symbol will drop out and where will it appear. If, of course, you have no foreseeing talent.
  • During the day there are “lucky” and “unlucky” hours for games on video slots. It is, once again, just a groundless myth. Time of day, a day of the week or season don’t influence prizes in any way. The victory depends only on your own luck.
  • It is better to play on stationary gaming machines, then the Internet casino. It’s not true, the chances to win are identical both on online and offline one-armed bandits.
  • Staff of the casino can tell, what slot machine will bring you a victory. Actually, employees have no right to disclose such information. As for payments percentage and the probability of a victory on specific video slots, this information is in free access on the developer’s websites or in the game description.

We don’t advise to trust the rumours listed above. They hardly can help you to beat the machine slot. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to increase the chances of a victory. First, try to choose a good online casino. It shall have faultless reputation, positive reviews and high payment rates. Besides, there shouldn’t be failures and difficulties with transfer of game currency in a real money.

Secondly, pay attention to the choice of the gaming machine (especially if you are not the experienced user and you are facing the slot for the first time). What should be considered is:

  • Number of lines. The more there are, the bigger number of prize-winning combinations is, and respectively, the bigger are chances for victory.
  • Availability of special symbols – wild multipliers, scatter and other, increasing probability to collect an order of symbols, necessary for a prize.
  • Bonus rounds, which will help to increase the prize-winning amount in several times.
  • Additional opportunities and options of the slot-machine, like multiplayers, respins and other special functions of video of slots. They also raise your chances for victory, and there is an opportunity to increase your prize by several times.

AUTOPLAY mode. As it was mentioned above, professional players advise to choose average or long rounds. It is convenient to follow this recommendation with the automatic start of continuous spin option.

Video slot of Lost has 30 active prize-winning lines, a wild multiplier, a bonus in the main game, the AUTOPLAY mode, a progressive multiplayer, an additional bonus round, a possibility of respin. It can demonstrate, that the probability of a victory on the automatic machine is high. The BetSoft Gaming developer states that the user’s chances to win are higher than 90% on this slot.

Top five slots similar in parameters to Lost

Some more Bet Soft Gaming slots, which correspond to auditory requests in terms of technical characteristics of users who are used to playing the Lost slot. It’s worth mentioning that each slot has a unique story line (which, in truth, isn’t too important for the slot machines), bright 3D-graphics, animation, special effects and beautiful, but not annoying in any way sound accompaniment.

  1. Charms and Clovers is a slot, devoted to Ireland, leprechauns, forest and getting gold. It has 40 active prize lines, Wild symbol and several bonus possibilities at each wheel (there are 6 of those).
  2. Birds – original pockie machine with animated moving birds instead of standard symbols.
  3. Great 88. Slot machine with 30 patterns and Asian design. It has free spins, Wild symbol, bonus spins and other features.
  4. Franken slot’s Monster — is a video slot about the famous Frankenstein monster and the crazy professor who created him. It has 20 active lines, scatter, that launches the free spins, Wild and bonus game mode, plus the possibility of doubling up the prize.

The tipsy tourist is a slot machine about office clerk who went to Miami for his holidays. It has 20 patterns, a scatter for getting the free spins, Wild symbol and Drinking Bonus Round, which is a bonus game mode.