Jewel Slots

This section contains the biggest collection of slot machines on the subject of jewels. Choose the most interesting model for yourself and enjoy the game!

Our website has the best examples of Jewel slots machines. The collection offers classical and progressive slot machines with several payment lines – there are 243 ways of winning in this slot. Any treasures hunter will find interesting jewel-themed slots for his likings.

Jewel Slots are slots, devoted to various jewels and gems. Diamonds, rubies, sapphires and jewelry are shining at the reels, reminding of what most of the players came there for — for riches. Shiny symbols are attracting players, promising them easy ways to get rich. And even if you’re playing slots for fun, without paying money, still jewels are one of the most attractive motives.

Most popular Jewel Slots

There’s a great choice of various jewel slots free – here’s a list of the most popular ones, as example:

  • Cool Jewels – WMS;
  • Unicorn Gems – MrSlotty;
  • Starburst – NetEnt;
  • Quest for Gold – Greentube;
  • Crystals Gems – Quickfire.

Cool Jewels от WMS is a 6-reeled slot with 50 payment lines and non-standard gameplay. Symbols, that have managed to form a lucky combination, explode, and the new ones are taking their place. The minimal bet is 0,5 coins, while the maximal one is 200 coins. This slot has a bonus game and free spins series. Some of those are even included in Free spins section of our website, don’t forget to check them out.

Unicorn Gems from MrSlotty is a traditional five-reeled jewel themed slots with pleasant graphics. It has a double-up risk game, free spins and a Wild symbol. This slot is pretty laconic and low-volatility, and will suit those who prefer a simple gameplay.

Starburst from NetEnt is an emulator with five reels, that allows to win up to 50 000 coins. It only has 10 payment lines, but you can win pretty often on those. It’s pretty simple slot with jewels and qualitative graphics. The minimal bet is 1 credit, maximal – 100 credits.

Gemstone Jackpot from Gaminator is a 5-reeled just jewel slots with traditional double-up game from Novomatic. 10 payment lines and bet range from 4 to 1000 credits per line – this slot will be perfect for fans of complex gameplay with high risk.

Crystals Gems from Quickfire – is an emulator with 5 reels and 25 payment lines. Bonuses are given on a random occasion, the player can get an extra-prize during any spin. A bonus game will multiply your win by 5 and grant you free spins.

What Jewel Slots are

Jewel Slots are popular because of their simplicity and story. Practically all developers have at least one jewel quest slots machine with such thematic in their portfolio. Shining diamonds, rubies and emeralds are very easy to draw, plus jewels are making game’s design very colorful, and colorful gems are always attracting attention of those who wants to get riches.

Story of Jewel Slots

First jewel-themed slots have appeared in the beginning of the 20th century, when the gambling business was legalized in state of Nevada, and the developers started to come up with various slot machines. The companies were trying to fulfill the wishes of their clients, making up various themes for their games. Aside from fruits, the jewels started to appear at the reels, but the fruit-machines were still the most popular ones.

First slots with jewels

The first slot ever to depict jewels has appeared in the 1931. It was called Cross Diamond, made by Mills Novelty Co. This three-reeled slot machine had symbols depicting horseshoes, clover and diamonds. The diamond symbol was one of the most expensive symbols of that game, giving a great prize for player’s luckiness.

Speaking of names instead of symbols, the first slot was the Jewel Bell, created in 1939 by the same Mills Novelty Co company. It was a three-reeled slot with one lever to the right, and it was fruit-themed. This not-so-big machine was visually divided into two parts: the top one with a red body had reels and a paytable, the bottom left, hidden behind the blue-colored body, had a device for giving out coins.

The Mills Novelty Co company has made 583 slots in the time of its existence. It was created in 1891 in the Illinois state, and it was considered being a leader in the slot machine development sphere, as well as a manufacturer of wending machines and music machines.

Unique design of jewel slots free

When speaking of jewel slots, you can’t forget about the most beautiful and popular slot machine, called New-Diamond or Rol-A-Top – it was made by the Bell Watling Manufacturing Co. in 1938. This slot has three reels and was devoted to fruits and jewels. The top part of its body was resembling the cornucopia, spewing out golden coins. This nicely-designed slot machine gave you a jackpot for combinations with golden coins symbols.

But lets get back to the modern jewel slots. Retro games have their own and unique charm, but the emulators, created nowadays, have a bigger set of features for surprising and attracting players.

Kinds of Jewel Slots

In total, Jewel Slots are united by the same topic – jewels – but even this kind of subject has it’s own sub-kinds. The first classification is the division into two big categories: classical slots with three reels, and the more modern, five-reeled ones. There are also slots with 6-7 reels, but it’s not too many of those, and those aren’t much different from slots with five reels.

Jewel slots free with three reels

Three-reeled slots with jewels have started their story with first mechanical slot-machines, developed in the end of 19-beginning of 20 century. For the longest time those mechanical slots had only had three reels, with symbols depicting sevens, horseshoes, fruits and diamonds.

Math of three-reeled jewel themed slots

Most of the modern slot developers, when making such slots, are following the traditions of using a little amount of lines and a simple gameplay. Since there aren’t many payment lines in jewel slots, getting a prize in those is harder.

But you should consider the probability theory: the slot only has 3 reels, and those can’t have more than a dozen of symbols. This means, that the amount of possible combinations is smaller, than in five-reeled slots. So, the player will go through all possible options faster.

Knowing about this features, the developers are adding a high-volatility feature into their three-reeled jewel slots: the time period between wins is pretty big. So it takes quite a while to get a prize, but it will be worth it, since high-volatility slots are giving bigger prizes, than low-volatility ones.

Laconic gameplay of just jewel slots

Three-reeled slots are usually the progressive ones. A small amount of reels gives a little space for creating an interesting gameplay, so there’s a need of other ways of attracting the clients. Progressive jackpot is something to keep players interested even in the simplest slots of all.

The laconic gameplay will suit those, who wants to get to know the basics of gambling world and understand the principles behind the slot machines. The examples of three-reeled emulators with jewels are: Cash Grab from Amaya and Lucky Diamonds from Play’nGo. The former one has just one payment line, while the latter one has three. That’s why the maximal bet is also pretty small – 3 coins.

Jewel slots with five reels

Jewel slots with 5 reels are normally videoslots based on a code, and those have been more popular than three-reeled slots for a while already, since they are more convenient to use.

Five-reeled jewel slots free are attracting players with their diverse game mechanics. Their features are:

  • five reels are increasing the amount of possible combinations;
  • it’s easier to win than when playing three-reeled slots, since those normally have more payment lines;
  • presence of various bonus games, giving players a lot of cash. Bonus games are often interactive: for example, the player has to open several treasure chests, that are giving him a certain prize. But if even this is not enough to fulfill your cravings for bonus games – try the Super bonuses section of our website and find something else just for you!;
  • modern videoslots possess pleasant graphics, that look colorful and nice;
  • the jewel symbols are frequently taking place of card symbols, thanks to a bigger choice of those: it’s easier to distinct a ruby from emerald, than one card from another. That’s why it’s easier for developers to use jewels for marking different multipliers, instead of cards.

Motive types of five-reeled jewel slots

Five-reeled jewel slots can be divided into several types, based on story details and features:

  • jewel-themed slots – the reels don’t have any other symbols, than the jewel ones;
  • games with jewels and other riches – aside from jewelry like tiaras and crown jewel slots, you can see shiny cars, money stacks and so on;
  • emulators, that offer jewels along with other classical symbols – sevens, clovers, horseshoes;
  • slots, that will show fruits except for gems – those are something in-between fruit-machines and jewel slots;
  • fantasy-themed jewel slot machines – those have a certain story behind them, for example a treasure cave of a greedy goblin, wonders of underwater world, space pirates, alchemist’s lab;
  • historical slots – this category contains slots, devoted to ancient Egypt, Aztecs, Maya and Indians;
  • robbery-themed slots. A great example is Heist from Betsoft, where some detective is trying to catch the bank robber.

But if after reading this you’ll think, that all types of slots include jewel-themed symbols – you’re wrong! There are so many others slot motives, and you can even see some of those in Themes section of our website.

Bonus games of jewel quest slots free

Slots, that are only devoted to jewels, or classical sevens and horseshoes, as a rule don’t have a very diverse gameplay. They have quite a few bonus interactive games. Although, many developers are adding a risk game into their slots – some prefer to call it a double-up game. The idea behind it is simple enough: the user is offered to guess a card, its color or suit. If the player was right, the player gets his prize doubled and transferred to his balance; if the answer was wrong, the player loses his money.

Fantasy slots usually have a rich gameplay. For example, Mystic Wolf from Rival allows to play a two-leveled bonus game: in first round you can get free spins and a chance for a fixated jackpot, and in second – a choice of several moon phases. Each phase gives a certain prize.

Since main theme of fantasy jewel quest slots free is not about gems, but rather about mystic or fairy tales, there aren’t much jewels at reels of such slots. This also means, that jewels are ones of the most valuable symbols, and if you’ll get several of those symbols at the same line, you can hope for a large prize.

The historical slot Aztec Treasures 3D from Gaminator has a different approach on this subject: the jewels are not very valuable, but the player can collect them to open a “Secret Room” bonus. This minigame gives a chance for getting a large prize.

It’s worth mentioning, that five-reeled fantasy-themed just jewel slots with jewels usually have low volatility. They give players a chance for getting small prizes often, almost after each spin.

If this review still leaves you with questions, you can open the Fantasy section of our website and try playing some slots to see it yourself.


Almost every developer has at least one jewel-themed slot in his portfolio, but there are such companies, that are specialized on development of classical slots, including Jewel Slots. As a rule, traditional slots, devoted only to jewels, can be seen in slots made by Novoline, Gaminator and Greentube companies – and all of them are part of Novomatic holding.


Novomatic was founded by the billionaire Johann Graf in 1980. He earned his initial capital by selling pinball machines, lottery products and bookmaking programs. In total there are 230 slots in Novomatic’s portfolio.

Its subsidiary Greentube, founded in 1998, develops jewel themed slots for real-life and Internet casinos. After this company was acquired by Novomatic, their developments became more popular and brought more profit.

Novoline is a firm, engaged in creation of platforms for online casinos. Gaminator is a line of Novomatic’s products, that mostly consists of cabinets and slot machines for real-life casinos, but most slots of this line are also available in online casinos.

Features of Novomatic’s slots

Jewel slots free made by Novomatic usually have high volatility – there’s a big time period between quite large prizes. Their graphics may look a bit too old compared to slots made by other modern developers, but the players still enjoy the production of Austrian holding.

More than 40 slots of this company are jewel-themed. As an example of jewel slots made by this company we will bring up:

  • Mermaids pearl – Greentube;
  • Gemstone Jackpot – Gaminator;
  • Rainbow king – Novoline.


Microgaming was founded in 1994 and it’s based on the Isle of Man. They say that the first online casino was founded by this company. Nowadays it is one of the leading gambling games developer for Internet casinos. The company’s software is also known under the Quickfire lable. It is a platform, that is used by operators to get access to Microgaming’s games.

Standard online casino, using software made by this company, can offer its users more than 600 games. It was Microgaming who has created one of the most popular progressive slots Mega Moolah. Jackpots of this slot are getting into the Guinness Book of Records.

The Microgaming’s slot posses colorful graphics and unusual game mechanics. Usually their jewel slots have low volatility. About 30 emulators of this company have a gem motive in them. There is a short list of some jewel slots made by Microgaming:

  • Reel Gems;
  • Mega Spins Break Da Bank Again;
  • Temple Quest.


Nowadays IGT is based in London, and it creates qualitative software for casinos. The company was founded in 1975 in Las Vegas, but later it was acquired by Italian company Gtech in 2015 and renamed to International Game Technology PLC.

Usually slots made by IGT have a simple black or dark background. Aside from that, their slots have a unique animation of changing symbols, that won’t create a feeling of spinning reels. The symbols are falling from top to bottom in a soft, smooth animation. There are such Jewel Slots by IGT, as:

  • Dungeons and Dragons – Crystal Caverns;
  • Da Vinci Diamonds;
  • Nouveau Riche.


Betsoft developers are known for their 3D jewel quest slots free – when starting a game from this company, the players can always expect a colorful 3D graphical interface. The company is located at Malta and it developers casino software – not only for slot machines, but also various platforms.

This company can offer you more than 15 slots on a subject of jewels, and many of them possess a rich fantasy-themed gameplay, including:

  • Greedy Goblins;
  • Alkemor’s Tower;
  • Heist.


iSoftBet is a London company, engaged in creating jewel quest slots for online and mobile casinos. Usually they give players five-reeled videoslots with qualitative 2D graphics and low volatility – which means that you’ll be often rewarded with small prizes. Those also usually have a double-up risk game: you have to guess the card’s color to double your prize.

Their portfolio has about 15 slots, devoted to jewels. Examples of those are:

  • Best Things In Life;
  • Illusions;
  • The Great Art Robbery.


Jewel Slots – is a great choice for those who wants to play colorful and shiny slots. They have a pretty long backstory, starting with 30s of the last century. The developers are following the traditions, creating at least one three-reeled or five-reeled slot on this subject. More than 200 of jewel-themed slot machines are ready to share their shiny gems with you!

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