Halloween Slots

A set of Halloween themed slots is right at your attention. One of the main features of those are the magical symbols, full of curious spirit bonus rounds, and at times frightening sound effects. But since you are reading this article it is only fair to assume that you are into the scary stuff.

This review of supernatural slots shall present the best information regarding top slots, prize rounds & freespins and will get into the details of all the recent news. It will also allow for you to pick the most optimal solution thus either continuing to play demo of the game or go on and try yourself at betting some real money at pages of XXX casinos.

Top 5 free halloween slots 4 u

A vast portion of players is interested in the Halloween Slots. Among those there are the following slots machines, and that’s why:

  1. Blood suckers. This online free halloween slots game consists of four different levels all of which are intended in order to impact the overall amount of the bet. Wild symbol featuring five vampires will make your blood boil whilst creating it’s own chains and being able to fill the rest in order for the winning conditions to be achieved in shortest amount of time possible. The bloody bride indicates a scatter and is able to activate ten freespins, during which the win rates are tripled! A bonus free halloween slots no download game that is accessible by clicking an icon of the two crossed axes, is held at the burial grounds! By opening the crypts located out there one triggers a fight with vampires. Whenever any of them is destroyed player is rewarded with extra cash. Round ends whenever the crypt being picked will contain the bats. The greatest prize in the Max Bet mode is achieved by getting 5 wild symbols in a row and totals at 30 000 coins.
  2. Halloweenies. This game features elements from both horror and comic genres which is bound to captive one’s attention. Wild symbol features multiple monsters is intended for creating it’s own highly valued custom combos or multiplying the win rates of other combos. The scatter is colored as a pink egg and is able to grant up to 13 bonus spins with a tripled win rate. New scatters will further extend the already incredibly long freespin. And the main symbol of Halloween, pumpkin, shall take thee onto the free halloween slots with bonus game.
  3. Player is granted a choice of three pumpkin heads among the thirteen that allow for the acquisition of extra credits. It is worth noting that scatter and bonus characters are also able to create winning lines. The maximum prize is 65 000 coins in case the rounds is being held with the highest bet and the line consists of 5 wild symbols.
  4. Twisted Circus. You will be horrified at the sights of the beast that inhabit this circus! Wild symbols is able to form it’s own winning combos and fill in the blanks. It is decorated with the free halloween video slots game logo. A ‘Ticket’ labeled scatter symbol will grant 13 freespins and tripled prizes. The dwarf card is made to trigger the bonus game. During the extra round the player end up at the circus arena which consists of 16 circles with stars in them. The stars are covering 4 wild symbols and some circus actors. By uncovering those one at a time the player is able to gain extra coins. The game reaches it’s end when three same pictures are uncovered on those circles. A sizable cash of 416 000 coins can be taken out during the freespins. In overall the halloween casino slots game contains 243 winning combos.
  5. Mythic Maiden. High Quality graphics will get you playing in no time. Scatter is designed as a crystal ball that is able to grant up to 30 freespins with a 10-time bonus on the win rate. Wild symbol looks like a skull and is used as a substitute for the lacking elements in the winning chain while multiplying it’s value by three. The wild symbols combined in a unit of five will yield up to 20 000 coins.
  6. Halloween Horrors. Online halloween fortune slots game that was able to position itself as an atmospheric party of the evil creatures that is enhanced by the mind-blowing sound effects and crazy visuals. There are two entirely different scatters present: a skull which is able to uncover as many as 15 and as little as 5 freespins with a x2 multiplier, whilst during the bonus spins a tombstone is able to fill a missing slot in your winning chain while also multiplying the prize by 7-200 times. A maximum value of the prize is 3750 coins for the combination of five witch’s hats with the max bet.

All of the above halloween free slots machines feature such symbols as the book of the dead, witch, vampire, pumpkin, zombie, skull and many others. Some of those are even animated! At times during the winning round they can pop up on the screen in their full size.

Halloween slots featuring risk-game

Some of the gambling machines include the risk-game. It allows to drastically maximize the winrate for the duration of one round.

Halloween Fortune. In this halloween party slots bonus game the player is able to double his per-spin prize by guessing the color of a given card whether it’d be red or white. The action is taking place in front of the village library featuring a skull that replaces one of the books. In the case of a correct answer the winrate doubles while otherwise it gets nullified completely. Besides that there are also 20-freespin bonus games that also feature multipliers. The maximum prize value is capped at 10 000 coins awarded by getting a combo of five pumpkin-decorated wild symbols. The “Help” section also features an interesting layout – the whole of it is style like a book.

Charms and Witches. The winrate can be doubled or quadrupled by activating the ‘Gamble’ button of this Halloween slot. In order to succeed one has to guess the color of a presented card. A risk-game consisting of just a single round can also be played up to five times in a row, considering that player will also win all of the previous rounds. It is also possible to obtain freespins with a doubled winrate or to make combinations that include the wild symbol in order to further increase one’s potential income. Maximal possible cash-out from a single round totals at 150 000 coins, considering that the ‘Max Bet’ option was used. Traditionally it is achieved by combining five wild symbols in a line.

Happy Halloween. In order to increase the income obtained from each spin the player is able to perform the commonly used in free halloween slots games guess game on the card color. Guessing correctly will award the player with his honestly gambled coins quadrupled. But where’s the catch in all of that? In the case of a loss you lose both the risk-game and your current spin. Freespins are present as the extra functional. The maximal prize equals to 5000 coins in case of the ‘Max Bet + 5 wild symbols in a line’ scenario.

In order to obtain the actual cash from the following series of games one would have to go to the XXX casinos. Those websites are primed for being reliable cash-in services.

The halloween slots app games that are directed towards doubling are fairly mundane. But every single one of those is supported by it’s theme-infused interface(and plenty of music to keep you going) and thus is able to compensate for it’s stereo-typical feel. And who says that just because something new feels familiar it necessarily has to be bad? Risk-round and game buttons are designed as pop-up windows or plain buttons with the horror-themed pictures and labels such as ‘Gamble’ or ‘Double’ on them. Use ‘Collect’ in order to collect your coins and get back to the main game.

Halloween slots with bonus games download

One of the key specs of a slot is the presence of the bonus round. The following slots have it designed as a sequence of rounds.

Lucky Witch. Make your Halloween stay by partaking in as many as four bonus games! The first one shall present you with mystery-boxes that drop various prizes. The second one will let you in on free credits that can be obtained by clicking some pumpkins. The third one is intended for picking one out of 12 objects in order to get a single massive reward. The fourth one will let you win extra coins using the book of magic. Besides that there are plenty of freespins for every gamer and the lines are almost always enhanced with the wild symbols.

Haunted Night. Bonus halloween slots download pc game consists of two levels, with the first one presenting the user with three skeletons at the gallows, all of them holding out tablets with writings all over them. Those tablets are used to inform the user of their rewards. One of the skeletons is offering 5 freespins with a 10-x multiplier vs the other one who is offering 10 freespins with a 5-x win rate, while the last one proudly holds the tab with a ‘3-x for 15 freespins’

‘Tis much more fun to play Halloween-themed bonus games, since there’s far more joy in fighting witches and vampires or zombies and mummies while still getting prizes.

Get to know more about the reward system on our website at the bonus ‘Bonus’ menu.

Scratch-card based halloween slots for fun

The evil-spirit driven theme didn’t pass scratch-cards by. In those kind of games the player is able to pick cards with various images of hellish creatures while enjoying the atmospheric interface.

  1. Scary Money. The player is offered to play number matching on two cards. Maximal reward totals at 5000 coins. Game features three special characters. Clover forces a number from the upper card to become winning and thus is used for further boosting the amount of cash potentially won. ‘The Scream’ mask brings a 100-coin credit per occurrence. ‘Free Round’ bring free rounds!
  2. Instant Win Card Selector. Slot consists of 12 mini Halloween slot games one of which is dedicated to Halloween. In order to win one card has to contain three of the same symbols which are decorated as all kinds of evil undead beings, such as ghouls and zombies, vampires and monsters etc. If a player is able to get three undead mummies they are awarded 100 000 credits in the case of a ‘Max Bet’ round.
  3. Halloweenies Scratch. Game symbols are designed to follow all of the 31-st of October traditions. The winning combo consists of three symbols revealed by scratching your cards(hence is the name of the game). The maximal winning prize is 2500 coins at the ‘Max Bet’ mode and is achieved by getting three pumpkin heads.

For those players who are into the actual scratch-cards this halloween slots for pc is a rare and vivid experience that is sure able to take them back to the times when those were still popular. However, unlike with the classic scratch-cards, it actually takes three of the same symbols to score a win.

Halloween slots news.

Halloween slots are not the slots you’ll hear of in the news very often, in part due to the fact that those rarely updated. Still, games such as Halloween Fortune II by Playtech are still trending and are able to deliver the full experience of a modern game. The newer version is an extension of the original game, in part due to the graphics and gameplay enhancements. The main feature of this halloween slots free game is it’s 10-x freespin play, during which the first two rounds will end up doubling everything that was won during those, whilst all the others will end up further increasing the multiplier of the win rate by 1 each. Thus during the final bonus spin the credit is increased ten times! Even then, in order to score 30 000 coins with five pumpkin-decorated wild symbol in line, one would still have to place a max bet on that round. Main elements of the game are still witches and warlocks, coupled with enchanted weapons, ravens, a black cat and a skull.

Halloween slot machines include multi-level bonus games, free spins with multipliers and huge generic win rate multipliers. Those are sure to give the creeps to players, considering their focus on the eve and it’s attributes.

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