Grave Grabbers Online Slot Game

Grave Grabbers Slot Game Review

At all times, there are players who love the gothic atmosphere with a touch of heart-piercing darkness. Others adore black humor. For those and other, Pragmatic Play company released the Grave Grabbers slot machine to play for fun. Blood-curdling cries of night birds, chimes, wind noise and disturbing music –all this will give the full sensation of night walk across the cemetery. All haven’t yet become terribly? Then rotate the drums!

Grave Grabbers: How to play

Grave Grabbers is a slot machine with five reels and twenty paylines.

Winning combinations in this slot to play without deposit are formed, starting only from the leftmost reel. The theoretical payout percentage is 96%.

Gaming interface is very simple. In the left corner of the control panel is a “balance” display, which shows the amount of player’s remaining credit. Next comes the “paytable” board, which kindly keeps us out of the grass skeleton’s hand, already mentioned. Less to the right is ”autoplay” board; here player can use all of the automatic rotation in the range from 5 to 1000.

The following control panel – bet and lines displays. They can use the arrows to set the size of the parameter rate that player selected. The rate ranges from 0.01 to 9 (the player is invited to choose from nine options), and the number of steps lines varies from 1 to 20. There is no need to install an additional credit cost, as in many other machines.

To the right is the “total bet” button. Below it is the “bet max” key, which allows make one-touch bet the maximum. Under the assumed maximum increase in the number of 20 active paylines; the line rate does not change. But pressing the “bet max”, the player automatically activates a new spin, so it’s needs to be careful with this button.

Finally, in the right corner of the control panel waiting the “win” board with the function of displaying the winning lines and the winning amount, and under it – the “spin” key.

In the upper right corner, above the reels, there is a small “configuration” key. By clicking on it, you can enable or disable:

  • background sounds
  • sound effects during the game
  • display of animation.

Symbols and coefficients

The symbols on the reels of this slot immerse the player into the atmosphere of mysterious and terrible night cemetery. Here you can see:

  • Green ghost with a white-toothed smile from ear to ear
  • Death – with a scythe and sneakers
  • Zombies with an ax in his head
  • Bat with big ears and an enigmatic smile

And five skeletons –

  • in a red hat and cloak
  • in a flower wreath
  • in a dress with wings and a halo
  • in the coffin with a book and cup of coffee
  • under the umbrella.

As you can see, as a result, this cemetery is not so creepy.

All the symbols form a winning combination, starting only with three images in a row.

Wild symbol

Wild symbols here are the haunted houses with glowing windows and the moon above them. They can substitute for all symbols, except the bonus symbol. This symbol has multiplication factors, from 5000 for five symbols to 20 for two falling characters.

Scatter symbol

On the role of the scatter symbol the developers have chosen the tombstone image. Depending on how many images fell – 3, 4 or 5 – multiplier calculated, which is multiplied by a gain in free rotation.

Bonus symbol

The bonus symbol in this casino game for mobile is the image of gravedigger – the experienced old man with a shovel on his shoulder. If you roll three or more gravedigger images anywhere on active paylines – it means that a player can claim the bonus points for each image. Even one gravedigger brings to 2,400 bonus points.