Gladiator Online Slot Game

Gladiator Slot Game Review

Gladiator Scratch slot machine concerns historic theme. Plot of the slot is taken from the movie “Gladiator” that tells the story about commander Maximus Decimus Merida, who lost his position and family in order to exempt Rome from Commodus`s tyranny. The last one fraudulently gained the power and Maximus aspires to reset him from the throne and give the authority to Rome senators, as Aurelius willed.

In result of spectacular fight Maximus assailed Commodus but lost his life. Before the battle Commodus inflicted his opponent by poisonous knife, but this benefit didn`t help him, anyway. Dying commander bequeathed his friend to realize the will of Aurelius, and it was implemented. Graphic design is good picture at the background of the card, which has brown colors as well as other elements of the slot.

In fact, online video slot`s management is understandable for any gambler, who has even the smallest idea about scratch cards. Playtech company designed the console in its usual minimalistic style, making interface of the slot simple and clear. In addition, this model is equipped with autogame that will be considered below in gladiator slot review.

Rules of actions

Order of gameplay in casino slot machine Gladiator Scratch is as in any other scratch-slot. Playing field consists of 9 cells that hide pictures. Before activation of the round it is necessary to choose value of the card with the help of –\+ keys situating under corresponding indicator Card Price.

Value of the card varies from 0,01 to 100 credits.

Then you have to press Play button, which launches the gameplay. Win window will represent current cost of the stake. User is able to open cells himself, one by one, just clicking on them. But he also can disclose all the sections on the screen at once by Scratch All button.

If in result of the play on the playing field appears lucky combination of symbols, number in Win will show size of received reward. After winning, all earnings go to player`s balance. Gladiator Scratch free slot play doesn`t provide informational window per se. In spite of it on the screen was placed convenient tablet with coefficients and short rules.

Slot`s interface contains function of automatic cells` opening. In order to try it player has to press Autoplay button and in fallen list choose desirable number of rounds. From 10 to 50 tours are available for gamer to choose, while them card shows itself, and bet corresponds to the previous one.

Symbols and their combinations

Sequences in Gladiator Scratch slot are established by two ways:

  • Vertically;
  • Horizontally.

Diagonal lines don`t work there. Images as such corresponds to the plot:

  1. Coliseum;
  2. Warrior;
  3. Notable people;
  4. Main antagonist – Commodus;
  5. Maximus`s Helmet.

If gambler risks and makes max bet, at appearance of three helmets his reward will be 500 000 credits. Three Coliseums depictions will return player his stake.

The idea to create scratch slot game for fun exactly with such a plot has proved itself. Today Gladiator Scratch – is one of the most popular slots telling the story about Maximus and Commodus. In spite of simplicity and limited functionality this model attracts even experienced players, due to its good profit.