Fruit Slot Machines

Fruit slots are the oldest genre of gambling slot machines still popular to this day. The first such devices appeared in 1912 and successfully moved with the times while keeping its own distinctive features, implementing new ideas, benefits and advantages in the gameplay. Today, free fruit machine games for fun became an integral part of the entertainment industry and are met at many free sites and online casinos.

Among the most popular fruit machines include:

  • Sizzling Hot Deluxe – slot machine from Novomatic. By activating rotations of five reels and five paylines, you can collect prize combinations with high payouts. Besides the usual pictures, the slot has a special character – Scatter, which brings the reward regardless of the position on the playfield.
  • Wild 7 – one-armed bandit developed by Amatic. This five-reel fruit machine that provides special symbols. Burning Seven acts as a wild picture and a x2 multiplier, and the Star acts as the scatter symbol. Such a picture brings payment regardless of its location on the screen.
  • Crazy Fruits – slot machine from Kajot company. In addition to classic fruit pictures, stars and sevens, the game provides a wild, complementing and extending sequences. If one or two wild symbols are involved in a combination, the value of such a sequence is increased 2-4 times, respectively.
  • Hot Fruits – device from iGaming2Go studio. Spinning the reels, you will be able to receive additional awards for images of stars that play in any position if dropped in 3, 4 or 5 cells.
  • Bananas go Bahamas – gambling game from Novomatic studio. This funny slot where fruit and beach themes cross offers to take advantage of special symbols: supplement a combination with the images of a banana and get free spins for 3, 4 or 5 suitcases.
  • Wild Sevens, developed by Top Game, is a slot with a progressive jackpot, wild and bonus symbol that brings an instant reward. In addition, special pictures allow receiving basic benefits of the game – free spins, that can extend the series.
  • Today you can play online on the free fruit slot games giving preference to one or another completely different and yet similar games. Some of them have kept the traditional structure and offer free fruit machine games for fun 3 reels and 1, 3, or 5 playing lines. Others quite modern machines have preserved the classic themes but embodied all the modern gaming offers in mechanics (for example, the Sizzling Hot Deluxe slots from Novomatic company – with bonus offers and special characters).

    As a fruit slot machine, they have made their way from the slots issuing a chewing gum to the modern free fruit machines with nudges and holds and other beneficial offers – find out about it in this article.

    History of fruit machines

    The fruit cocktail slots as a genre appeared in 1912, at a time of the first wave of the ban on slot machines. Several companies teamed up to create the brand Bell-Fruit Gum and reworked the concept of one-armed bandits. Later, instead of coins, the slots gave fruit gums with different tastes, depending on a combination that appeared on the screen: three bananas gave a banana gum, three cherries – cherry, and so on.

    It must be said that the fruit game machines enjoyed a greater popularity than their predecessors, despite the fact that gambling slot machines turned into the trade machines. Firstly, such devices began to appear not only in bars but also in shops, gas stations, and waiting rooms. This contributed to the popularisation of the slot machine. Secondly, the rules of fruit slot machine games that covered the rewards were more understandable than the conditions of the winnings in poker on one-armed bandits with card combinations.

    Over time, bans were lifted and fruit slot machine games stayed and began its advantageous modifications, winning the right for the title of “gambling” slot machines. For a long time, the devices did not fit this definition because the US government believed that the gambling was an entertainment where several people were involved with the opportunity to win a large sum. Casinos “adopted” fruit slot games only when one-armed bandits began to offer the jackpot – a big win for the appearance of an expensive combination. If you are interested in classic slot machines, check out the relevant section on our website for more information.

    Play free fruit slot machine games online

    You can play free online classic fruit machines in the demo mode on entertainment platforms dedicated to slot machines or online casinos. Moreover, free fruit machine games for fun are found in several versions, the most popular of which are:

    • classic fruit machines with 3 reels, 1, 3 or 5 playing lines;
    • modern fruit slots that include 5 reels and from 2 to 25 playout lines.

    The difference between classical and modern devices is quite big. Casino slot machines with 5 reels often offer additional symbols with special functions, introducing the diversity into the gameplay and offering players some benefits. However, it is not necessary to believe that all the classic fruit machines are the same game without any differences.

    Among the traditional three-reel slots, there are free fruit machine games with nudges and holds. Special offers help to hold the wheels or spin the reels for a prize combination. Some free fruit machine games for fun suppose the work of special characters that bring additional winnings or activate a series of free spins (an example of this slot – Super Dice from the company Novomatic).

    Where you can play classic fruit machines free

    Today fruit slots free can be found in two online versions:

    • Spin the reels in demos of classic machines in online casinos before you start playing for money.
    • Familiarise yourself with the work of fruit slots on informational entertaining platforms that do not provide paid versions of slots.

    Applications with one-armed bandits run directly in a browser using the media player Adobe Flash Player. Such slots are available on Android and Windows Phone, while iOS is more suitable for slot machines created with HTML5 technology.

    However, entire catalogues of slots are developed for portable devices assembled in mobile casino clients. Download fruit slot machine game free in specialised shops of mobile platforms as well as online casino sites that support mobile versions. Among the advantages of downloadable clients, there are the ability to play a favourite fruit slot even without an Internet connection.

    Popular Fruit Slots

    All software providers for online casinos, despite the desire for originality, could not bypass fruit themes. Classic slots are still in a great demand due to the intuitive interface and ease of management. Not the least reason for the demand for slots are generous benefits often offered on classic devices. That’s why in slot machines catalogues, you will find fruit products from studios:

    • Playtech;
    • Novomatic;
    • NetEnt;
    • Microgaming and other internationally renowned studios.

    Leading positions in the fruit themed market are occupied by Fruit Cocktail slots, developed by Microgaming. Often games from Novomatic appear in tops – Always Hot, Sizzling Hot Deluxe, Golden 7. Learn more about different old and new gaming software Developers in the special section of the website.

    Additional symbols and features of casino slots

    Free fruit machine games for fun frequently offer additional pictures that often have their own history. Among the most popular images of machines, in addition to lemons, cherries and plums, there are:

    • Sevens the so-called “lucky sevens” that are a symbol of good luck and the most expensive pictures in the game.
    • Joker – is found not often, but if it comes across, such picture plays the role of a wild symbol – a special game image. The picture “migrated” into fruit machines from the first one-armed bandits with card combinations.
    • Bell – the legacy of the first commercial machine of the Charles Fey “Liberty Bell”.
    • Traditional symbol BAR – the logo of the company Bell-Fruit Gum, which provided the first fruit machines with chewing gums on the market.

    Over time, more symbols began to appear in these machines that has been fully realised in five-reel slots. The scatters, wild symbols and pictures that trigger bonus rounds became permanent attribute in today’s fruit slots games.

    Attractive benefits of fruit machines

    Speaking of fruit slots, it is worth noting, that many of them still adhere to the classical tradition, offering the game on 3 reels and 5 paylines. However, do not believe that such machines cannot grant attractive benefits and additional opportunities to multiply winnings.

    Most players are good at basic rules of the game on one-armed bandits. How to bet, how to configure session conditions. However, not everyone knows how to get the maximal benefit during spins and what special features can be given by fruit machines. This is what we will discuss in detail below.

    Bids and jackpot

    Some fruit slots offer users to participate in a prize jackpot. Most often classical devices offer the highest jackpots jackpot – it is fixed and is issued for the formation of a rare combination on the payline. Less often slots offer progressive jackpot, which is formed from the interest payments from bets.

    In this case, it is important to monitor your bankroll and pay attention to the way in which bets affect the payout. In the case of a fixed jackpot, the reward will be the higher, the more coins are bet on a winning line. Also bet size affects the amount of the progressive jackpot. Some manufacturers indicate in their descriptions of slots that the ability to hit the greatest reward is only available when playing at the highest stakes.

    Randomly activated benefits

    In addition to jackpots that can be won if adhere to certain terms, many slot machines have benefits that start spontaneously. They are activated as a result of a random rotation of wheels. In general, such advantages can be divided into two types:

    • randomly activated;
    • those dropping as a random reward.

    These possibilities are often expressed as a Hold and Nudge Feature. Many imagine how this bonuses might look like but not everyone knows how they affect the game and what are their benefits.

    Hold Feature is the capability to block multiple reels before starting the next spin. Some slots block reels automatically, others offer the opportunity to make this by yourself by pressing the appropriate key directly below the speakers. This advantage allows the user to increase the chances of forming a prize combination.

    For example, if lemons appeared on the first and third reel but the player is lacking another picture to get the prize, you can lock two lemons on the reel for the next spin and rotate only one wheel. The turnover will be paid by the general rules of the game, however, the probability of a combination will increase significantly, as there are two relevant pictures out of the three on the screen.

    Nudge Feature may also be available to the user or be activated at random. If the player himself “nudges” the reels, below each column, you will notice a button labeled with Nudge. By clicking on it, you can move the wheel of one square up or down. In some slots, such an opportunity occurs as an accidentally activated option.

    The essence of nudge is that the move of the wheel increases the chance of loss of a prize combination. So, for example, playing on a single line and having made two cherries in a row, you can see that there is another cherry on the screen located below the active payline. Using the Nudge Feature, you can move the icon in a row to the pair, and thus achieve a compilation of a winning sequence.

    Bonus symbols and prize rotations

    During spins of the reels, you can find unusual pictures dropping in boxes on the field. Such icons often differ not only visually but also perform a number of specific functions. For example, slot Couch Potato provides a special picture with the logo of the game. In this particular example, the wild picture replaces the missing image in a combination and, in addition, increases the payments for a sequence x5-x25 times.

    In the slot machine Sizzling Hot Deluxe, you will find a special star on a red background. This is a scatter symbol which brings rewards regardless of the position on the reels. That is, three or more of these pictures can be not on the same payline but in random positions and still be paid at a multiplier for the total bet. Similar symbols in the other one-armed bandits also increase the chance of receiving an award as a result of a spin.

    Sometimes scatters can act as triggers for the bonus game – a series of free spins. So, on the one-armed bandit Black Horse, collecting three horses in random positions on a playfield, you receive a series of free spins during which, credits are not written off from the balance. This provides an additional opportunity to get prize coins to the account.

    Risk game

    Many fruit slots, including classic, often offer the user to double the gain received after a successful spin. Wagering prizes can be done by guessing the colour of the suit in flashing windows using buttons “red” or “black”. Another option of the risk game is to guess sides of a coin – heads or tails.

    The essence of both types of games on chances is to click a button in time. If the blinking stopped at the version that the game requires (black pressed during spades), the payment of a combination doubles. If the answer was incorrect, the coins are reset and the user is automatically returned to the rotation of reels. If you want to find out more about a risk game, its types and odds, look through the corresponding section on the website.


    Free fruit machine games for fun presented in online casinos are often the representatives of devices with 3 or 5 reels, depending on how close is the machine to the classic game, which appeared in 1912. On such slots, you can play on the free sites and in online casinos (eg, the Bell Fruit Casino – UK gaming platform)

    Fruit cocktail casino games are not only a tribute to the history but also a convenient guide for mastering the nuances of the game, experiments with bets and playout lines. Free fruit machine games for fun offer the opportunity to turn the reels without monetary investments and deal with the mechanics of slots before moving to the modern original story. By the way, it is still considered that fruit machines can beat most ultra-modern slots regarding benefits and gambling experience.

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