Diablo 13 Online Slot Game

Diablo 13 Slot Game Review

The design of Online Slot Machine Diablo 13 Lines is quite non-standard: the creators have chosen the worship of the dark forces as a slot’s theme. It was created by Pragmatic Play. This game has dark design, mysterious musical accompaniment and scary sounds that enact during the game. The set of symbols depicts magical attributes, mysterious, and sometimes even scary characters. This slot has 5 reels with symbolic number of lines: there are 13 of them. It is a fantasy video slot machines.

How to play video slot machine no deposit

Before starting the game, you have to place the bet that will fit your likings, and choose the coin nominal. To do that, you have to press + or – buttons to open the small pop-up window with numbers. There’ll be several switches in there: Bet Per Line for setting the number of coins for one line and Coin Value for determining the coin nominal. The player can bet from 1 to 10 coins for one line. The function of choosing the number of lines is absent in this slot e games, so the bet is placed for all 13 lines. Under the Credit word there is a number showing the amount of coins. Total Bet shows the overall bet, and the Cash number determines the gaming balance. The maximum bet available is 65 euros in this bonus slot machine game.

In the settings window the player can choose the type of musical accompaniment and look through the history of actions of slots for fun. By pressing the button of the information section, the player can get to know the prizes for all kinds of symbols, main game rules and conditions for getting special prizes. Aside from that, the info section has schemes of gaming lines and animated rules of bonus round.

Also the player is offered to try out the automatic game mode function that can be activated by pressing the Autoplay button. The player only has to choose the number of automatic spins (from 10 to 1000). You also may read some more information how to play slot machines.

Symbols in Diablo 13 lines free slot machine slot

Main symbols of Diablo 13 Lines casino slot depict skulls, witches, two-headed demon and the Devil himself. The additional symbols depict candles, bell, magical grimoire and a black cat. Aside from those images, there are bonus symbols depicting a magician, Wild symbol, depicting a stylized text saying Diablo 13, and the Scatter, depicting an old castle.

The function of Scatter is to give players additional slot machines free spins. If there are 3 and more Scatters on the slot’s reels, the player gets one free spin; the combination of 4 Scatters will give 3 free spins, and 5 of those will grant 5 free spins. Three and more symbols with bonus pictograph will activate the bonus game, and the Wild symbol substitutes for any other symbols, except for Scatter and Bonus ones. It helps you to get some lucky combos to take money.

Free slot machines bonus round

If the player manages to get a combination of three and more bonus symbols, the bonus level will be started, during which the player will have to open one of two gates. Behind one of them there is a prize that can reach up to 3300 bonus coins.

This slot will be the perfect option for learning how to play slots free online for those who’re just getting to know the gambling world. The low amount of gaming lines is a sign of slot’s low volatility, which allows winning in Diablo 13 Lines with less effort; and the non-standard theme makes the gaming process even more interesting. You may try to play this video slot in XXX casinos. Collect free spins games and other bonus features to get a real money win.