Circus Slots

The collection of our site comprises best slots on the circus theme. We offer only licensed software ensuring full compliance of these products with their original versions. Among the themed slot machines, circus slots are not the most popular they can be boldly called the most spectacular.

Circus art allows creating vivid artistic images that draw the user's attention and create an atmosphere of a holiday – these qualities are highly valued in the world of gambling. Circus slots, as a rule, contain clowning, pantomime, magic tricks, acrobatics or rooms with trained animals. Actions often take place in a high tent on the traditional red stage.

The brightest representatives of the genre

This thematic section comprises about a hundred slot machines, the range is updated regularly. It also includes the products dedicated to carnivals and enchanting street shows. We have prepared the most popular top best circus slots due to our portal:

  • The Twisted Circus slot from Microgaming – a colourful slot machine with illusionists, Siamese twins, moustache girl, animal tamer and strongman. The highest reward is given for a combination of five tickets to the show. The bonus game with stars allows getting a monetary prize for a picture with any circus performer.
  • Circus by GGS – three-dimensional slot game with 5 reels and 21 active lines. On the screen, you will see an aerialist, a trained elephant and monkey, as well as a clown in full growth which occupies two lines. The maximal payout in the slot is 5000 bets;
  • Carnival Royal from Microgaming – video slot dedicated to a wandering circus troupe. In addition to jugglers, clowns and athletes, the game also features a fortune teller. In the bonus round, the user needs to blow up balloons at the fair. The image with fortune teller starts from 5 to 15 free spins with additional multipliers.
  • Magicious from Thunderkick – a 3D model featuring virtuoso tricks. The game tells about the couple of illusionists who demonstrate their skills during the main round. Expanding wild is capable of holding reels and restarting rotations. The slot has five reels and ten active lines, the highest multiplier is x400.
  • Rabbit in the Hat from Microgaming – one-armed bandit, based on a famous trick with rabbit and cylinder. The game is popular thanks to an interesting system of bonus offers. When the cylinder interacts with the Wild, the user gets a chance to receive one of the prizes: Free Spins, Wild Reel, Magic Hat Prizes and Cash.

Circus slots features

The main objective of circus arts is to attract and keep the attention of the public. That is why freak-shows involving people distinct in extravagant appearance are so popular – a woman with a mustache, giants and other vivid characters. The objectives of the circus and the gambling industry are very similar. For producers of software, user's attention is very important. This is why they complement classic betting with colourful circus characters: magicians, trapeze artists, strongmen, trained animals and the fire magicians.

The thirst for entertainment is not all that attracts gamblers in free circus video slots. It also involves the psychological factor, since many of us experience a trembling feelings for circus performances since childhood. Familiar images subconsciously cause pleasant memories and players relax, the fear to lose fades away. If you like circus slots, you probably might enjoy Halloween slots that are no less entertaining but also a little creepy.

We can distinguish the following areas in this genre:

  • Products about illusionism, that are based on a demonstration of tricks or the reels just rotate themed attributes;
  • Slots with clowns – these comic characters often act as protagonists. Sometimes a slot machine is based not on love for clowns but on fear – it’s called coulrophobia;
  • Free casino circus slots involving a full circus show. On the wheels, you can find artists of all genres, and sometimes they even do their performances one after another during bonus rounds;
  • Games dedicated to famous carnivals and other street shows.

History of Circus slots

The first representative of this theme appeared in land-based venues in 1932. It was a machine for playing pinball – 3-Ring Circus. In 1960, a circus slot Big Top entered the gambling market – the most numerous series of slot machines in the “circus” section. Microgaming company was one of the first developers to integrate Circus on the web. The debut product of this manufacturer is also called Big Top.

Modern gambling market requires greater diversity as classic slot machines and symbols has already tired gamblers. So now, the range of online casinos include more and more Circus slots with diverse gameplay. Let's see what can manufacturers of gaming software offer.

Evolution of circus slot machines

The catalogue of this genre includes both classical three reel slots and modern games with 3D graphics. On the one hand, the plot is quite similar in them, but on the other hand, each type has its own unique features. Studying the range of video free slots on the circus theme, you will see how the design and images has evolved over past decades.

Models with three reels

Of cause, representatives of old school slots are included in this thematic section. Machines with three reels are characterised by a simplified graphic design and modest bonus options. An example – slot game Spectacular from Microgaming. Users will see only one active line and classical symbols – Bars and Sevens. The plot is a spectacular show in the theatre. If you are a fan of classic slots, you can go to the full list and check out several games.

Video slots with five reels

Most free slot machines dedicated to circus performances have five wheels. The number of active lines varies: Illusionist slot by Novomatic company has nine of them, the slot Circus by Global Game Service has 21 bonus lines. The graphic design can be both 2D and 3D. For example:

  • The first five reel circus slot Big Top has very simple illustrations of clowns and trained animals, the overall style reminds children colouring books.
  • A slot machine from Playtech Football Carnival combines the Brazilian Carnival and the football championship. Symbols are worked out so thoroughly that sometimes resemble photographs. By the way, the slot involves 50 strips.

Slot machines without active lines

The range of slots with no prize lines is regularly updated. Each game provides a certain number of paid combinations, there are 243, 720 or even 1024 of them. Carnival Royal game on circus theme from Microgaming works according to this principle. Winnings are credited when symbols are on adjacent reels, regardless of position. And of course, sequences are considered from the first left reel.

Under this system of the prize combos formation, the probability of winning increases. But experts say that these slots have a low volatility. Though when you play demo versions, it is not that important.

3D Circus slots

These models feature high-realistic graphics. The user is presented a volumetric image. For example, on Simsalabim slot from NetEnt, the trick with a rabbit is very believable. Characters of 3D Circus by GGS detach from the reels and create a real show. This trend is very popular in today's gambling market, bonus games and animation are not worse than original entertainment performances. If you want to try one of them, go the 3D section of our website.

Distinctive features of the genre

Although circus slot machines seem to be completely different by design, all of them have distinctive features inherent in the genre. To attribute a slot to this category, it does not have to involve clowns. You can say a slot belongs to the circus genre if it contains:

  • costumed performances;
  • vivid artistic images demonstrating unbelievable physical strength, abilities or extraordinary complexion;
  • various attributes associated with the circus industry: balloons, cotton candy and fun attractions of the amusement park.

The colour palette of these video slots is bright and catchy, often use shiny texture and highlighting. These machines create a festive mood and distract from everyday affairs.

Bonus options in circus casino slots

You can meet very interesting bonus rounds in circus slot machines. They can repeat the story of one of the known performances or offer games of amusement parks. This category is rich in ideas, so producers do not need to reinvent the wheel but successfully beat already existing games.

Rabbit in a hat

NetEnt company took a well-known trick with a rabbit and a hat as a basis in the bonus game of Simsalabim video slot. On the device, the user can pull rabbits out of 12 different cylinders. In addition to this lovely animal, there are also rewards. With the successful outcome, the participant can receive more than 2 thousand credits. This idea was used in many other free slots on the circus theme.

Amusement park

Entertainment offered to the public in amusement parks is especially popular – throwing darts, shooting, punching bag, hitting the anvil with the hammer and more. We’d remind you the slot Carnival Royal once more. There, you will have to blow up balloons attached to the board. Each of them brings a good cash reward.

NetEnt company was generous regarding the bonus game in Theme Park: Tickets of Fortune. Here, there are six options with original stories:

  • Skee Ball – throwing balls in a special area;
  • Can Tower – the user needs to bring down three towers of cans;
  • Sledge Hammer – a competition for athletes, where participants need to hit the hammer on the anvil as hard as possible;
  • Punch Bag – here, the player will strike a punching bag;
  • Duck Shoot – shooting range with targets in the form of rubber ducks;
  • Fishing – the user needs to catch five fish from the pool.

As you can see, when creating video slots dedicated to the circus, manufacturers have much space for imagination. You certainly will not be bored when playing such games.

Joker – the famous clown of modern times

Speaking of the free casino circus slots , we can not to mention the wild symbol. Machines with this character are also included in this category, although it is connected to the gambling industry much more than to the circus. But costumed outfit and jester image speaks for itself. There are many slot machines with Joker playing the main role. Among them:

  • Joker 8000 from Microgaming;
  • Joker Poker by Playtech;
  • Jackpot Jester by NextGen.

In such games, you can often see classical fruit motifs. Almost all video slots offer its visitors the possibility to hit a progressive jackpot. Joker participates in the most profitable combinations. This character is inseparably associated with large sums of money.

Who specialises in this genre

The largest number of casino slots on the circus theme belongs to the Microgaming company. It is was one of the first developers to move the theme in the world of online casinos and do not stop to produce new modern products with magicians, jugglers and other characters of this kind. It is difficult to choose a common feature in their slots because they do not adhere to a certain graphic design or a particular storyline. Microgaming offers machines with clowns, acrobats, carnivals, street performances and strongmen.

On the gambling market, you can also find products on the subject of the circus from the following developers:

  • NetEnt;
  • Playtech;
  • NextGen;
  • Thunderkick;
  • Global Game Service.

Video slots from NetEnt company are characterised by exciting bonus rounds with great storylines. Developers of these tours do much more work on them than on reels – the latter usually have a standard design and characteristics. If you want to have fun in bonus rounds, slot machines of this company are for you.

Thunderkick studio haven’t won a special popularity in the gambling world, but their products should be noted as well. This manufacturer uses an innovative approach to designing reels. Here, tricks happen right in the main game. Thunderkick produce very entertaining slot machines belonging to the circus category.

Where to play

You can easily find products on this subject, just decide on the method of the game. You can do old school, go to a land-based casino and immerse in the atmosphere of gambling to the full. Online portals, in the contrary, offer a wider range of products and the possibility to play free games. Demo versions allow users to rotate the reels for free and enjoy the process without any monetary investment.

In recent years almost all video circus slots have become optimised for download on mobile platforms, so you can play with your phone. You only need a good Wi-Fi signal, modern browser and an updated version of Adobe Flash Player. In our time, it’s not difficult to comply with these conditions, so pick a favourite circus casino slot and enjoy the game.


Themed circus slots are one of the most exciting categories represented on the gambling market. This genre does not contain the same type boring machines, each representative is radically different from the previous one. “Flying” gymnasts, comic clowns, strongmen and striking world of illusions – inseparable companions of circus video slots.

The bright festive atmosphere attracts players and gives the opportunity to immerse into the childhood memories associated with these games. Although this area is not the most popular, the fans of such products are always there.

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