Cannonball Bay Online Slot Game

Cannonball Bay Slot Game Review

Charge the cannons with a gunpowder, put the iron ball into the weapon, drink your rum to the end and drop the anchor into the water! Microgaming software takes you to the beach of the legendary Cannonball Bay video slot, so you have a great opportunity to feel yourselves like a real pirate! Keep your dagger blade sharp and keep your hand on your weapons – the treasures, hidden inside Cannonball Bay free slot is a hot spot every hazardous pirate wants to get to! If you want to get something of that, then better do it quick and check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill!

This beautiful video slot has became a hit since it was unveiled. Nowadays it is very popular and that’s not a magic. The game deserves high marks and a lot of attention from gamblers, it includes not only nice payouts and interesting gameplay, but colorful visuals as well too! Check out specifically looking caskets, explosive cannon balls, barrels with gunpowder, anchors, pirate, steering wheels of the ship, cannon ship weapons, letters and numbers. Everything is made with cartoon style graphics and animations. The screen is looking old, with images of old ships as well, making an atmosphere of the times between 14 and 16 centuries. In order to keep the game even more realistic and interesting, developers have put mysterious music to complete the atmosphere of pirate lifestyle. When you start playing the game you go fully pirate, not even understanding where you at are!

Gameplay features include 5 reels and 25 paylines. 5 Wild symbols award with a 2 thousand points payout. Pirate’s face is a Scatter symbol, it includes free spins bonus.

This is an interesting video, for those who loves a smell of gunpowder, drinking rum, fighting for treasures, swimming the seas and enjoying the adventures of mad pirates. Check out video slots at Slots Pill and there you will find another art masterpiece of the gambling industry – Cannonball Bay video slot. Don’t miss your opportunity!