Boomanji Online Slot Game

Boomanji Slot Game Review

The word boomanji does not exist in the English language. It reminds on the famous movie, but has nothing to do with it. Fireworks are the main theme of this colorful game. The gameplay is accompanied by bright colors, flashes and explosions. Although there are only 10 active lines on this slot machine, the winning combinations appear pretty often, so the game is really worse playing.

Main characteristics of the game Boomanji

The common rotations of the reels (which one can see in all slots) in this game were replaced by symbols falls. The pictograms just fall down and the new ones tumble on the empty lines. The number of the lines is not fixed. That means that the player has the right to decide, how many lines should take part in the game. The maximum bet per line can cost 10 credits.

The bankroll is divided into two blocks: Balance and Credits. The Balance block displays the score in Dollars and the Credits block shows the amount of virtual money. The bet is always made in the form of credits. One virtual credit can cost from 2 Cents to 1 Dollar, it depends on the player.

The prize for a combination is paid only in case this combination is made of 3 or more identical symbols, which are placed on an active line. The payouts for the combinations are displayed in the table, which is opened with the help of the View Pays button. There the player can also read, how the combinations are lined up and what to expect from a special symbol.

How to set the parameters and play

Before playing one should read the rules and the descriptions of the buttons to avoid loses. Here are the buttons, which are used during the game:

  • Spin. The button, which makes the symbols fall down;
  • Max Bet Spin (for the ones, who like to risk). This button makes the symbols fall down with the maximal bet;
  • Bet Per Line. This button influences the total bet. With the help of the +/- buttons the player can change the amount of credits on one line;
  • Paylines. The button, which changes the number of active slots lines;
  • Choose Coin. With this button the value of the virtual credit can be changed;
  • Options. This button is located in the left corner on the top of the screen. It helps to make the game more comfortable to play, because it is responsible for the animations, the sound and the speed of the reels.

The information line, which is placed below the reels, there are two more blocks:

  • Bet (displays the amount of credits placed on one line);
  • Win (the amount of credits, which was won after a good combination).

There two options of playing. The first one is to set the parameters with the Choose Coins, Paylines and Bet Per Line and then to click on Spin. The other option is to press the Max Bet Spin and play with risk. The last option is suitable for players, who want to get some adrenaline and win really big prizes.


There are 7 ordinary symbols, which match the slots design:

  • Three firework rockets;
  • A barrel with the fireworks Mega Boom;
  • A Bomb with a wick;
  • A big firework rockets Boom;
  • A square petard;
  • Two bounded petards;
  • A petard in form of a flower.

The most profitable combination consists of symbols with the three firework rockets. By collecting 5 of these, the player multiplies the bet on line by 1 250. Other symbols pay less, but are also profitable.

There is only one special symbol in this slot game – the wild symbol. Its function is the same as on other slots – it is to replace other symbols in winning combinations. The wild symbol appears only on the 2, 3 and 4 reels, that’s why it can’t create an own combination.

The wild does also activate the free spins series. During the free spins, the wild fills the whole reel. If a wild symbol appears while the free spins round is active, the player gets an additional rotation.