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On the pages of our website, you will find the most comprehensive collection of Asian slots games on the internet. The machines, which are included in this collection, are free demo versions of games, which give you the opportunity to get familiar with gambling without signing up and depositing. This means that you are free to spin the turntables of a slot just for fun and without any risks. What is more, you do also have the chance to try out a great number of different machines and themes to find the perfect one for yourself.

Among the other slot genres, the machines do also offer Asian themed slots. These are one-armed bandits, which give reference to the Land of the Rising Sun and China. These slots use a typical style of design when it comes to both the interface and the characters that appear on the stripes of the machines. The various categories, of which the whole theme consists, affect different aspects of the Asian culture beginning with myths and legends, and ending with traditional ceremonies, modern arts, plant and animal life.

The key concepts, which are used to interpret the pictures of the Japanese and Chinese themed slots, are strength, wisdom, wealth and greatness. The associative chain might not be as obvious as in Egypt themed slot games (you can read more information about the Egypt theme on our website if you got interested in this subject, by the way). But the fans of the oriental culture are ready to rotate the wheels just for the sake of the atmosphere. What is more, playing on the Chinese slots can help to relieve one’s gambling preferences.

One of the most popular Asian online slots are the following ones:

  • Silent Samurai (Playtech). This is an Asian slot, which offers an exciting game with up to 28 free rotations with an x8 multiplier. A combination of five Samurai pictograms promises to bring a significant award, and the Wild and Scatter images, which are also included in the game, bring even more prizes.
  • Katana (Novomatic). While playing on this Chinese slots free game the user can get up to 10 free spins by collecting at least three images with the katana swords. During the free rotation series, the Joker symbol might fill out a whole wheel and bring additional awards.
  • Geisha Wonders (NetEnt). This is a machine, where, besides the Scatter symbols that activate the free moves, one can be awarded a progressive jackpot, the size of which increases during the gameplay.
  • Wild Fight (Red Tiger Gaming). This cool slot game is dedicated to the famous actor and champion of martial arts Bruce Lee. While spinning the drums, one will get a few bonus features including the free rotations. Also, the Bonus symbol of the game can award the player with up to an x888 multiplication of the bet immediately.
  • Wild Panda (Aristocrat). While playing on this machine, you will come across not only the basic playing card symbols but also the special letters P, A, N, D. For a combination of symbols, which compose the word “panda”, the player gets his prize multiplied.

Variety of slot machines with the Asian theme

Like many other genre slots, the Asian-themed slot machines do offer a broad range of categories within a single theme. The symbols in the machines serve to depict completely different motives and cultural aspects. Conventionally, these slot games can be divided into:

  1. Mythological slots. Such games offer a virtual journey to the world of the oriental legends. The rich culture is reflected with the help of various elements that are involved in the session. Among the icons that appear on the reels, there are Chinese dragons, monkeys in golden armour, nine-tailed foxes, pearls, etc. The emphasis in this slot games is on the showiness of the images, the complexity of the machine and the animations. Each pictogram has a special meaning. For example, the dragon is a symbol of wisdom, strength and wealth, that is why this mythological creature is often to find on the depictions of Asian palaces and temples.
  2. One-armed bandits about the animal life of Asia. This category often reechoes with mythological slots. In the ancient legends and beliefs, animals embodied individual human streaks and carried out special functions. However, there is no point in looking everywhere for the subtext. Some animals are simply cute and lovely, and that is why they become heroes of slot machines. For example, the panda, which can be found in lots of free Chinese slot games. To learn more about machines with the animal theme, read the corresponding article on our website.
  3. Slots about samurais and ninjas. The culture of Japanese soldiers and Chinese assassins became popular towards the end of the twentieth century. First, blade masters and shuriken appeared in comic books and movies. After that, they started to occur in different video games. It is not surprising that, over time, one-armed bandits began making use of this theme too, to create a particular atmosphere. Katana swords, fancy hats, battle armour and other theme matching pictures appear in the form of special images during the gameplay in lots of modern slot games. Such slots can be referred to the adventure- or action-slots, which make emphasis on masculinity, military valour and fortune as a reward for deeds. Modern Adventure slots and interesting information about this theme can be found on our website too.
  4. Slots about martial arts. Various martial arts, which originally hail from China and Japan, have become popularised all over the world. Bruce Lee, who in his films showed all the charm of traditional military discipline, made a significant contribution to this. However, the legends of the undefeated fighters, which were brought up in Shaolin, always sparked the interest of people. The second wave of “advertising” has touched the world of video games (the popular game Mortal Combat is a case in point.
  5. Slots about the riches of ancient Asian dynasties. Some players do not necessarily have to carry out various actions to enjoy the gameplay. It is the purpose of the game that matters. The main goal of a slot game is the award, that is why the machines about riches depict great treasures.
  6. Anime slots. Japanese cartoons with the characteristic panache are popular all over the world, not only in the Land of the Rising Sun. What is more, anime isn’t popular just among teenagers as lots of people might think. Animated series narrate stories about battles, adventures and all sorts of fantastic twists and turns, and often contain adult content that adds a special spice to this type of entertainment.

Software developers create different branches within the genre to diversify their portfolios and to attract more players of different tastes. The main point of the majority of slots is quite alike, and the gamblers might get bored by the same pictures, that is the reason why makers try to introduce machines with new themes to keep their clients interested and entertained.

Constructive peculiarities of Asian-themed slots

For most of the Asian slot games, it is typical to have five wheels and between 9 and 50 playing stripes. This space allows to introduce special characters, additional rounds, free rotations and other bonus features to the game, what makes the game process more enjoyable and profitable.

The vast majority of one-armed bandits, the design of which is carried out in eastern motives, has a low volatility. The winning combinations in such machines appear very often, but the payouts for them do not please with big amounts of coins. Mostly, the user gets awarded with massive winnings in the bonus rounds or for collecting a combination with special characters, which have high coefficients and additional functions.

How to make profit of an Asian-themed slot game

To get the advantage of opportunities which Chinese casino slots game give and to get awards with high payouts, you should examine the rules before spinning the drums. One of the most important things to do is to study the paytable. It contains information about standard winning chains, basic and special symbols, their coefficients and different bonus features. Sometimes, after reviewing the paytable, it turns out that the game isn’t worth playing because of the small payouts. But how to make the game profitable then?

First of all, you should pay attention to the bonuses in the game. There are great chances to win big prizes by collecting combinations with special symbols because they activate additional rounds or multiply the payouts. Special pictograms may award you with the following features:

  • Free spins. The free rotations series are the most profitable part of the gameplay. The point of the free rotations is that you have the opportunity to turn the disks without spending any coins, but still get prizes for the combinations. The free spins series can be divided into fixed and selectable. The first category includes turns, the number of which is pointed out in the paytable and always stays the same. Some machines can award the players with different amounts of spins (mostly from 10 to 50). The free spins are often accompanied by other special features.
  • Bonus rounds. Combinations consisting of special characters activate mini-games, in which you can get awarded with big prizes. The point of the most bonus rounds is to pick different subjects, which hide awards in the form of additional credits.
  • Immediate awards. During the gameplay, players might come across special images, which appear only on certain wheels. A combination of these depictions can bring instant prizes. Sometimes these pictures activate a tour, where one of three images, which hides a big amount of coins, has to be selected.

While spinning the reels of a Chinese slot online game, it is important to monitor the balance and the awards for the combinations. Checking from time to time the number of coins on the bankroll may help to avoid big losses and work out a better strategy.

How to hit the win

Emanate from the knowledge of the volatility of the Asian slot machines and the description of additional features, it becomes apparent that the majority of the pictures are not of particular interest for the players. Basic images, often of the same type and submitted to a single stylistic solution, usually bring low payouts and do not return the credits that were spent for the spin.

Naturally, the following question arises: what symbols have to be collected to increase the chance of a successful spin? Firstly, the most profitable images are those, the coefficients of which are equal to or exceed the number of active stripes. Unfortunately, the high-paying depictions appear quite rarely.

The following symbols refer to the special ones:

  1. Wild symbols. These pictograms replace missing images in winning combinations to complete them. Sometimes they do also expand on the whole wheel, reproduce themselves or get stuck on an individual cell for a second rotation. The Wilds increase the winning chances and do often award the players with multipliers.
  2. Free Spin Scatter symbols. These pictures might appear anywhere on the drums of the slot and start a free rotations series. Scatters are paid out due to special rules: with disregard to the location on the reels and the standard arrangement of a combination. Scatters do not have necessarily to create a continuous chain to bring awards.
  3. Bonus Scatter symbols. These images can either bring an immediate award or activate a mini-game, which promises a great win. The benefits of these pictograms are obvious: you spend credits for a single spin and get much bigger payouts than for a basic combination.

Besides the pictures, which promise to increase the win or to start a bonus game, some slot machines offer a risk game. This additional round offers a great opportunity to double up the win for the last successful spin. The point of the most risk games is to guess the right colour of a playing card. The double up game is always accompanied by the risk to lose the scored coins. It is recommended not to risk too big amounts of credits in the risk game to avoid unnecessary losses.

What makers develop Asian slot machines

The portfolio of every, even the youngest, developer contains lists of themes that are implemented in the gambling world. Among them are the Asian slots free of course. By studying the offering on our website, you will make sure that almost every manufacturer has produced software products in this genre. The most popular developers that have slot machines with the oriental theme in their portfolio are the following ones:

  • Amaya;
  • Novomatic;
  • Aristocrat;
  • iSoftBet;
  • MexGen;

The developer Red Tiger Gaming is especially worth noting for its Asian casino slots. The company offers a wide range of Chinese slots games that are dedicated to dragons, Buddhist temples, great treasures, ancient legends and myths, which are highly appreciated by fans of the oriental culture. Enjoy a great variety of the best slot games with the Asian theme on our website!

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