3D Slot Machines

Looking for 3D slots on our website, you will find the most comprehensive collection of three-dimensional casino entertainment available for playing in online casinos. Versions presented in the catalogue of our portal.

Slot Machines 3D are a special type of gambling entertainment, which involves the use of three-dimensional graphics. Development of 3D slot machine models for the design and creation of symbols is divided into two main types: the initial work with polygons to create dimensional objects or work with flat images, made in a special way. The second subtype of 3D-graphics involves the creation of several flat images of certain colours. In order to see the volume, you need to use polarising glasses.

Among the most popular machines with three-dimensional graphics, there are:

  • Gonzo's Quest (NetEnt) – one of the most popular slots using 3D-animation. The atypical principle of forming combinations and the opportunity to get even more winning sequences as a result of one spin make the machine very attractive. Especially if you have managed to collect a few combinations in a row – to pay for each subsequent sequence, there is a multiplier.
  • Sterling Silver (Microgaming) – 3D-armed bandit that offers to take advantage of special glasses during the game as in a cinema. Classic slot offers big prizes for the simplest card combinations, as well as an unusual game experience with the ability to see the true volume.
  • Ancient Wonders (Casino Web Scripts) – slot machine on the historical subject where each picture is a separate, often complex 3D-model. In addition to visual effects, we have to note wealthy benefits: the slot offers a bonus game with a selection of hidden prizes and lots of free spins.
  • Yeti Hunt (Saucify) – unusual cartoon fun 3D slot, where even the wheels are located in a non-standard way. You will be able to play on the playfield that can be seen from the top view and side view, as in a classic computer RPG.
  • Zeus King of Gods (WMS) – epic game on an Ancient Greece theme. Volume and monumental in its graphics performance slot offers a lot of benefits: the player can complement a sequence using a wild symbol, obtain a series of free spins or win additional credits in the temple of Zeus.
  • Mr.Vegas (Betsoft) – slot fully dedicated to gambling entertainment. Spinning the reels, you can activate a lot of bonuses, including free spins, dice games and roulette, by spinning a wheel, you can win the jackpot.

So, what is the secret of the success of 3D slot games? What interesting can they offer the player? All this you will learn from this article.

Advantages of 3D slots

In what way 3D slots are different from the simple two-dimensional games – this is one of the most common questions that arise among users. The difference between these is quite big and they all speak in favour of modern devices with the three-dimensional image. And they are the following:

  1. First of all, the visual design of the game often beats usual 2D-slots. Volume, moving pictures and high-quality animation attracts, captivates and transforms the game from the regular rotation of reels into a fascinating quest.
  2. Often, 3D slot machines online differ with extraordinary scenes. The slot provides not only the objective but also a history. The player becomes a participant in some events, he performs in-game tasks which diversify the gameplay.
  3. With the plot, a new gaming experience also appears. Some slot machines offer not only standard rules but also the possibility to activate new levels, realities, play in built-in mini-games which are different from the main game on the reels.

Modern 3Ds offer users new features that have not been implemented in previous generations of gambling machines. Therein lies the secret of their success.

How to play 3D slots

Playing three-dimensional slot machines basically is no different from games on video slots in 2D. The essence of the game remains the same. To start a session, you need to:

  • set the bet per line choosing from a range of proposed by the slot;
  • select the number of lines where prize combinations are going to form;
  • adjust the price of a game credit assigning the exchange rate of a real or demo currency to coins used in the game.

After that, you can start spinning the reels to collect a winning combination – sequence of the same pictures. Most slots allow you to select a game mode – automatic or manual. Check out the detailed article about how to play slot machines where all necessary issues are covered.

From actions described above, it is clear that playing a 3D slot does not require learning any new rules or acquiring additional skills. Nevertheless, the majority of devices in 3D offer additional gaming activities. Information about them is available in a special section of the game, which is shown on the additional screen. Together with the payout table, players will find the rules, descriptions of the advantages and innovations.

For example, in Gonzo's Quest from NetEnt company, the player needs to collect as much as possible combinations in a row to activate multipliers. But in the game Pinoccio, it is necessary to collect special symbols to go to the next level or to activate an additional wild symbol.

Where to play on 3D slot machines

Slot machines with three-dimensional graphics are found in both land-based and virtual casinos. Many developers follow the innovations in the digital market and allow the possibility of playing with a virtual reality helmet Oculus Rift – find out more.

Since the capabilities of the player extend using the gadgets, some online casinos “equip” entire virtual rooms with slots. Users can move around it and choose interesting devices. However, even if you cannot find such places but want to enjoy a realistic volume, you run separate slots from catalogues and connect them to the helmet.

Among the popular games supported by modern gadgets, there are:

  1. Starburst by NetEnt company;
  2. Rambo from the company iSoftBet;
  3. Thunderstruck II powered by Microgaming;
  4. Scarface powered by NetEnt;
  5. Table and slot gambling games from Topgame Technology studio.

Also, three-dimensional slots can be found in land-based casinos. In reality, they are presented with the opportunity to connect with Oculus Rift, or one-armed bandits that should be played with the help of 3D-glasses.

Kinds of 3D slots

The ability to create slot machines with three-dimensional imaging has opened a new space for the development imagination. That’s why among the members of this category, you can find games with a wide variety of topics using innovative approaches. Even classic fruit machines obtain some novelty as soon as get embodied in 3D.

Among the most popular graphics solutions for 3D slots fun, the following should be noted:

  • Classic machines using animated 3D models as symbols or additional interface elements.
  • Slots with special pictures that become 3D when using polarising glasses.
  • Games with the atypical placement of objects (isometric camera as in classic computer games), allowing to demonstrate the volume.
  • In combination with all kinds of competitive advantage accompanied by the distinctive animation, there is a fascinating and entertaining game in the end. These slots captivate not only with the prospects of winning but the gameplay itself, realising both gambling features and elements of the spectacular performance.

    Who produces 3D one-armed bandits

    As soon as a brand-new product appears on the market, each producer is committed trying their hand in the development of new trend games. Thus, the user is offered a wide range of 3D slot machines. In all these games, developers are trying to implement fresh, original ideas and a new way to beat the classic theme. Among the 3D slot machine games, you often can find fairy-tale motifs, historical themes and even fruit are served in a new way – in 3D and with additional features.

    On the gambling market, especially popular are products of companies:

    • NetEnt
    • BetSoft
    • Microgaming
    • Play'N Go
    • NextGen
    • WMS

    New 3D slot machines from companies support interaction with virtual reality helmets and sometimes with simple but much more affordable 3D-glasses. Besides being able to enjoy the rich visuals, products of these developers can boast a wide range of additional offers: bonus rounds, prize levels, interesting gameplay.

    Is it possible to play 3D slot machines on mobile devices

    Three-dimensional slots are available for mobile gamblers as well. Many online sites offering free sessions or playing for money contain a section dedicated to 3D slots.

    Also, thematic one-armed bandits are available for download in specialised stores of platforms supporting your mobile devices. You can download a modern 3D slot for portable devices powered by Android and iOS. Games are available both in single copies and in the whole thematic catalogues. By installing 3D slot Android on your gadget, you can spin the reels at any time, even without an Internet connection. Learn more details about slots for Android and slot games for iPhone in the corresponding sections on our website.

    Bonuses on 3D slots

    Choosing machines with three-dimensional graphics, with a high probability, you will get not only an entertaining animation but also a list of bonus proposals enhancing the dynamics and profit of a session. The advantage of any bonus is that the user can receive additional rewards without spending a single credit from the bankroll. Among the most popular offerings, there are:

    Special symbols. Spinning the reels, you will see pictures on the screen that perform additional functions. Among the most common special images, these can be identified:

    Wild symbol. This image is often paid with the highest coefficients for a combination on a line. It also complements and extends sequences replacing the missing link. In a number of slots, the picture not only serves as a “replacer” but also multiplies winnings serving as an additional factor. Wilds also of several kinds:

    1. Sticky – those that remain in place after they dropped on the reels for one or more subsequent rotations. This option of the wild symbol increases the drop rate of a combination with every spin of wheels.
    2. Expanding – pictures expand and cover several adjacent cells when appearing on the playfield (most often they cover a reel completely).
    3. Blocks of wild symbols. In some games, you can see characters in a full-length picture. This icon takes 3 or 4 cells. Dropping on the reels, each cell of the character can play in the formation of a combination.
    4. Scatter – this symbol participates in the game regardless of the cell on which it dropped. So, collecting three pictures on the reels in any position, the user receives a reward with a multiplier for the total bet and activates a game advantage. Most often, it is a series of free spins.

    Bonus symbols. Most of these icons operate as scatter symbols, however, their further mechanics is:

    • activation of the bonus round;
    • instant payout of a large sum at a rate of the total bet.

    Free spins series. Often, free spins are the main benefit while playing on a slot. This advantage allows you to make turns with the possibility to form combinations without spending credits for rotation costs. It is worth remembering, the prize turnovers committed under the conditions valid for the spin after which the bonus was activated. That is, the last specified bet and number of paylines will be valid for free spins. In 3D slots fun, free spins are of several types:

    • For 3, 4 or 5 scatters, a fixed number of spins is given.
    • If adhere to terms of activation, the number of spins is given randomly.

    Frequently, during such rotations, payments are granted in a greater amount. Bonus rotations imply fixed or increasing with each subsequent combination multiplier.

    Bonus rounds. For collecting a certain number of prize pictures on the screen or fulfilling certain playing conditions, you will get access to the built-in mini-game with the possibility to obtain additional coin reward. Generally, such rounds are divided into several types:

    • Single level. These are games where you need to open the hidden rewards (credits or multipliers for bets) until you find the item that ends the bonus game.
    • Multilevel. It involves several stages of walk through. Each level brings great rewards, however, it also increases the risk to choose the wrong object and return to the rotations of wheels.

    It is worth noting, that not all bonus rounds are similar. It is not always about guessing objects. Among the bonus offers, you can find alchemical options (combining ingredients in order to obtain the payment), analogues of board games with the movement of the characters in cells, etc.

    Risk game. Most 3D casino games free to download allow the user to wager the prize for a spin in the round of doubling. This is an additional mini-game in which you must perform a series of actions with the opportunity to increase or lose reward for a turnover. The most common types of risk game are:

    • guessing the colour or the suit of a face-down card;
    • searching a card which face value exceeds the value of the dealer's card;
    • pyramid with shimmering blocks where you need to click the mouse in time so that the box remained highlighted.

    Benefits during the main game. Many 3D slot games offer benefits that are activated during random rotations. So, among the possible options. There are:

    • The occurrence of giant characters occupying 3×3 cells. Such icons can participate in combinations. Also, when calculating points, the symbol itself is regarded as a set of combinations of 3 in a series of pictures on multiple paylines.
    • Fall of wild symbols in several positions on the screen.
    • Conversion of all the images in valuable pictures. This feature allows you to assemble a sequence with high payouts.
    • Re-spins on a drop of a particular picture or randomly. This advantage increases the chance of the formation of a paid sequence.
    • Nudges. At the end of one or more rotations, wheels can be shifted one cell to produce a prize set.
    • Symbols switching places. In some virtual slot machines, at the end of the spin, images can be “shuffled” on the screen with the probability of a combination.

    “Dropping” pictures. Among 3D slots, there are those where symbols burn when forming a combination. Those icons located over those that have disappeared fall down on the vacant place, and their positions are occupied by new symbols. This advantage allows collecting a few consecutive paid sequences.


    Spinning the reels on 3D slot machines online, the user is guaranteed to receive a new enjoyable experience of interaction with slot machines. The very perception of the game changes, and now gambling is not much different from casual favourite entertainment in social networks. The only difference is that slots, except the plot and pleasant effects, offer cash prizes as well.

    A variety of shapes, bonus offers and potential gameplay opportunities attracts not only fans of spectacular fun but also experienced users and 3D slots online US players who prefer to play and win. 3D slot machine games allow activating benefits that increase the odds of winning without extra expenses. This verified combination of efficiency and benefits make three-dimensional machines so popular among others beating proven 2D classics in many aspects.

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