Viaden – Belorussian champion of gambling market

Viaden is a relatively young Belorussian company, founded in the beginning of 2000s in Minsk. Nowadays this company has good reputation in countries of the former Soviet Union and in Europe. In the end of 2007 this company became a participant of ''High-Tech Park'', where all leading developers and companies can get the informational and financial support from the government.

The features of the company

Viaden offers both full gambling platforms for Internet casinos and separate gaming slots for including into systems of other developers. Aside from classical slots, the company offers software for poker rooms, where the modern SIMD-oriented random number generator, called Fast Mersenne Twister, is used.

Main features and advantages of Viaden company:

  • Full adaptation of equipment to fit the needs of each client;
  • Small license payments of 10% from profit made on the slot;
  • Full informational and technical support working round-the-clock.

Slots of the company, their features

The company positions itself as a worldwide developer of gambling games and slot machines, but its production isn’t placed in any large casinos, and its official website doesn’t mention any famous or authoritative partners. Is it good, or bad? It most likely means that truly Viaden isn’t as popular as it wants itself to be, but it doesn’t change the fact that this Belorussian company creates really decent and qualitative production.

Main features of the slots made by Viaden company:

  • Decent graphical shell and sound accompaniment;
  • Qualitative animation;
  • High return-to-player percent;
  • Friendly, simple to understand interface;
  • Presence of additional slots, prize free spins, risk game and bonus games.

Company’s portfolio includes several dozens of slot machines. Down below there is a list of the most popular ones:

  • House of Scare is a slot with 5 reels and 25 active lines. Slot’s theme is easy to figure out by the name: this slot is devoted to demons, ghosts and spirits. It also possesses Wild symbols, Scatters, additional bonus games, prize free spins and risk game.
  • Cubana Tropicana is a slot with 5 reels and 10 lines, amazingly beautiful graphical shell, qualitative animation and memorable sound. Also there are prize free spins, additional Scatter slots and Wild symbols. All the fans of Hawaii, blue sea, bright sun and good vacation will like this slot.


Viaden is a very experienced young firm, engaged in development and promotion of virtual slots on the territory of the former Soviet Union and in Europe. The main office of the company is located in Minsk. Even though this company didn’t become wildly popular yet, the quality of Viaden’s production keeps growing fast. Each new slot of this firm is very different from the previous ones and is quite better in terms of quality. And this really is a good sign.

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