The Games Company: when gaming is the meaning of your life

The Games Company – is a young company founded in Great Britain in 2012. Even though London is considered being a “native” town for this firm (since it was founded there), its headquarters are based in Lisbon. This company works on design and development of virtual slots for Internet casinos. The Games Company creates slots for personal computers, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. Despite its young age, the firm already has big connections and cooperates with quite large European gaming clubs.

Operating aspects and the basic characteristics of the company

The Games Company works with authoritative European organizations engaged in slot machines analysis. Each year all slots of this firm are passing certain tests and getting special quality marks. Those quality marks are a sign, showing that random number generator of those slots works fine and the result it gives really is random.

Main features of this company:

  • Professional technical and informational support round-the-clock;
  • Personal themes for games;
  • Development of adaptive and adjustable slots.

Slots, their advantages and differences

All of the slots created by this company have attractive graphical shell, qualitative animation, interesting gameplay and memorable sound. In their slots authors are focusing on the uniqueness of the story and character’s study, and also on the component of gameplay. The develops are equipping slots with interesting bonus games, prize free spins and progressive jackpots.

Main features of slots created by The Games Company:

  • Attractive graphics and qualitative animation;
  • Decent sound accompaniment;
  • Presence of interesting themes;
  • Intuitive controls and friendly interface.

Here is a list of the most popular and qualitative slots ever made by The Games Company:

  • Two Tribes is an interesting slot, telling the story about the life of cave people. The slot has 40 prize lines, Wild symbols and Scatters, additional free spins and a bonus game. To go back in time you don’t have to use the time machine; you only need to launch the Two Tribes slot.
  • Witch of the West tells the story about cute and charming witches. With those funny girls the player will have a chance to spin 5 reels and get money prizes. The gambler will also meet classical Wild symbols and Scatters, prize free spins and a bonus game.
  • Football Crazy is one more interesting virtual slots, made especially for all football fans. This slot consists of 5 reels, has classical Wild symbols, Scatters, prize spins and a bonus game. Also this game possesses attractive graphics, decent animation and qualitative sound.

The slots mentioned above is just a small part of a huge portfolio of this company. We only mention those in our review, since the described games are the most popular and qualitative among the creations of this firm.


The Games Company is a young, but promising company, whose cooperation with famous European casinos has a positive effect on TGC’s reputation and fanbase. The people trust this firm and play its slots without any concerns, and casino owners are buying slots of this company and integrating those into their platforms with no doubts.

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