Parlay Games – the pearl of the Canadian gambling

Parlay Games is the largest Canadian company engaged in the development of gaming software for online casino websites. The company was founded in mid-1998 by two friends: Perry Malone and Scott White. Both founders were experienced in gambling activities at that moment and knew in which direction to guide the company. At first, Parlay Games worked to create software for bingo rooms, but later retrained and began producing virtual machines for online casinos.

History and key features of the company

Parlay Games has developed its own gaming platform in 2004. It was enough to completely cover the virtual casino. But, following the fashion, the developer company made its platform extremely flexible, allowing to implement slots from other manufacturers. The fact is that most casinos combine slots from different manufacturers and do not focus on one thing, so it's important to make devices flexible and adjustable.

The main features of Parlay Games company:

  • Extensive experience in gambling business;
  • Large customer base;
  • A certified random number generator;
  • Adjustable slots;
  • Own gaming platform.

Slot machines of the company

Games of the company are widespread in Europe, North America, and wherever gambling activities are permitted. In a case of difficulties, the company helps with a registration of sub-licenses under which the new gambling clubs can operate. All of the slots have been translated into the most popular languages of the world, which also contributes to the development and promotion of gambling in many countries. In addition, the company produces slots for mobile phones and tablets.

Parlay Games Games are distinguished by attractive graphics, high-quality animation, and memorable gameplay. The following will describe the key features of slot machines from the Canadian company:

  • Stylish visual and sound design;
  • Interesting and original subjects;
  • Games bonuses, Wild symbols, Scatter slots, bonus spins, progressive jackpots;
  • Intuitive interface and controls.

The company has a plenty of popular gaming machines to its credit, which includes the classic fruit machines, video poker, video versions of roulette, blackjack, and craps. Developers do not stop only at alterations of classic gaming machines, they come up with unique characters and themes. They do not hide the fact of seeking their own course, which will be followed by young teams. Stealing other people's ideas and developing them is not the company’s style, it has chosen the own way and tries to stick to it.


Parlay Games is not a young, fairly experienced team of developers, who know what is necessary to the modern consumer. The company employs a large team of professionals able to create interesting stories and design high-quality gaming machines. Though the company cannot compete with market giants at the moment, it has every chance to be well away in the very near future.

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