Gambling business in Mexico

The gambling in Mexico, despite its long history, still not fully legalized. Until 2006, in this hot country could be counted about two hundred gambling. It was during this period the experts noted a tendential growth of gambling. As of the present moment, this figure rose to 800 gaming houses and casinos, some of which do not operate quite legally. The reason for this is the special socio-cultural role of the strict Catholic Church in Mexico, which forbid the addiction to the gambling, for reasons of religious dogma. But, nevertheless, the gambling somehow finds its way into the country, because the passion for gambling entertainment from local residents is in the blood.

The online gambling in Mexico successfully operates and attracts a lot of players, but in 2015 the government imposed a new law that obligates all fans of the online casino games to bet only on the local servers. The access other gaming portals with domains «.com» for the Mexicans simply is not possible. At the same time they actively implemented plans to install slot machines in all parts of the country.

Our site provides you the license free slot machines, which are available in Mexico. They do not violate the law, as will be provided solely for educational purposes. The applications cannot start if the provider considers that the provision of the games contains elements of gambling entertainment. In some cases, the access to the gaming machine can be closed without justified reasons.

Brief description of Mexico.

Mexico – is a country with a rather turbulent manners and swift history, which is located in the southern part of North America. The capital of Mexico – is the Mexico City. The currency the government uses is pesos.

The official language in the state is recognized the Spanish. The population is about 109 million people. The temperament of the locals quite irascible, the national mentality is hardened in a variety of warring conflicts, as well as the tense situation connected with the border of U.S.A.

Mexico is among the three most developed Latin American countries, along with Brazil and Argentina, far ahead of the others. The determining factor of Mexico’s development is the proximity to the US, where there is the main inflow of investments and a variety of natural resources.

Mexico joined Canada and the United States and formed the North American Free Trade Area (NAFTA). Mexico – is an industrial-agrarian country. The main industries: food, tobacco, chemical, steel, petroleum, mining, textile and light industry, engine-building, tourism. The energy balance of the country is dominated by the oil and gas.

The history of gambling in Mexico.

The history of gambling in Mexico has about a hundred years. The main part of this industry owes its birth to the proximity to the United States. At the beginning of the XX century, when the US authorities banned the gambling on their territory, the Americans began persistently develops the industry of gambling in the neighboring territories. One of these places became Mexico.

But after only fifteen years, in 1935, the President Cardenas introduced a ban on gambling. A special law was issued in 1947, confirming the president’s decree. The Mexicans responded to this restriction with a manifestation of national mentality – were opened a lot of semi-legal and illegal institutions, where everyone could try their luck, despite the taboo.

Many entrepreneurs, however, closed their establishments or reclassified them into holiday homes, hotels and entertainment venues.

The first step to resolving the issue of gambling became a document of 1989, which obtained the company Caliente from Tijuana. This decree gave permission to accept bets on sporting events.

In the early nineties, there was an open debate on the theme of full legalization of gambling associated with the pre-election campaign of candidates for president. However, these were high-profile promises from the podium only.

The main positive factor in the legalization was an increase in the number of jobs, as well as the infusion of foreign investment and the development of tourist business.

The negative factor was the impact of foreign investment on the Mexican economy, as well as the active participation of the illegal armed groups in the gambling business, especially in the area of money laundering.

In addition, the official opinion of the Catholic Church, which has a huge influence in Mexico, is also in favor of the ban on the legalization of gambling in the country, due to religious beliefs.

At the beginning of the two thousandths’, a huge widespread obtained the video game machines in Mexico, which were not subjected to the prohibition of the legislative act in 1947.

In 2004, the main supervisory body Mexico the Secretaria de Gobernacion – issued a document on the basis of which became possible to organize numerical games. During the next month were issued more licenses than in the previous 100 years.

Illegal casinos in Mexico.

In such country like Mexico, it is very common the illegal gambling business. This is due to, above all, a rather serious organized crime within the state, unwilling to play by the rules and pay taxes.

In this regard, there are often problems related to money laundering and even victims of the redistribute territory and spheres of influence of different gangs. Nevertheless, many of the illegal casinos are very popular, not only among locals but even tourists from many countries.

The authorities periodically arrange inspections of such establishments, many of which are already closed (about 19 casinos); others are in a state of perpetual legal disputes in court to legalize their business and defending their rights.

Over time, the number of problems is gradually reduced, and the Mexican government, meet the local entrepreneurs. Recently was introduced a decree on the partial legalization of gambling and lottery terminals.

What can you play in Mexico?

The modern gambling casinos in Mexico City can offer the players, as in any other country, virtually the entire list of popular casino games:

  • Poker;
  • Black Jack;
  • Roulette;
  • Baccarat;
  • Slot machines.

People who prefer other games of chance, various institutions of the country can provide an opportunity to play:

  • Sports betting;
  • Horse races;
  • Bullfighting;
  • Cock-fights;
  • Popular instant lottery.

Although the gambling business in the southern part of North America develops slower than in other countries, nevertheless, the modern Mexico has already achieved good results.

Recently was opened a large entertainment complex «Playboy club at the palms resort and casino». As you might guess from the name, it belongs to the famous company «Playboy». In the construction of the complex and the large-scale organization of the opening, the organizers spent about seven and a half million US dollars. This multicomponent facility leisure and rest has a huge variety of different high-level institutions in the field of entertainment and gambling. It also contains all kinds of restaurants, spas, nightclubs. But the most important institution is considered a large-scale casino with a full range of popular games and gaming machines.

The most popular form of gambling – is the lottery

Lottery – is one of the most popular forms of gambling in the Spanish-speaking country. Its carrying goes back several centuries. The ancient Aztec priests with the help of the game, reminiscent of the lottery, solved questions of the occult significance.

Now the popularity began to gain the instant lotteries that attract the players with the opportunity of winning money right now. The holding GTECH won the rights to open the server with an online lottery.

Also, one of the most popular forms of entertainment is considered the bets on bullfighting and horse racing. The legal bookmakers generally do not take rates on then, but the visitors actively bet each other, arranging impromptu sweepstakes. Naturally, such entertainment formally is out of the law, but the local authorities turn a blind eye to it, unable to resist the persistence of national mentality.

Legislation of gambling in Mexico

Until recently, the gambling age in Mexico was 18 years. At the moment, the census was raised to 21 years with the aim to protect people from the excessive spends.

Mexico has strict tax rules, which complicate the possibility of the operators to make a profit in the casino. In the future, a law will be adopted, according to which in the country will appear two new state agencies controlling the gambling business.

The National Institute of gambling, with the assistance of the advisory board, will be responsible for that the concessions of the gaming industry the fully comply with the laws of the country.

The gambling business industry represents a huge interest for the country. The direct employment opportunities currently make up 38 thousand employees and 140,000 indirect workers.

The new law will provide an opportunity for foreign investment, as well as the provision of the most necessary for the country currently jobs.

Prospects for the development of gambling.

The area surrounding the casino and institutions, according to the project should not be less than twelve kilometers. It also assumes that in this area will adjoin additional platforms. In the indoor game, rooms should be not less than one thousand two hundred and fifty game machine and forty tables for card games. As for jobs: in the complex has to work at least a thousand locals.

Such approach to solving the problem should provide a high growth of the economy, as well as significantly reduce the unemployment. Another advantage of the project is the development of tourism, as well as the long-term prospects for obtaining investments for the development of industry in the future.

Of course, such decision by the authorities in a certain way can hurt the entrepreneurs of the small and medium-sized businesses, depriving them of income due to inability to compete with the whole empires gambling houses. But, in this case, was developed a special series of amendments to recover the theoretical prejudice that may arise in the near future, after the final approval of the bill.

The main opponent in this decision serves the Catholic Church. She has always defended the interests of the supporters of the ban on the legalization of gambling, since the mid-XX century. Over time, of course, she had to make some concessions, but nevertheless, the power and influence of the Catholic Church on both the government and ordinary citizens are hard enough, but because of religious reasons, the gambling is considered unacceptable occupation for the local population.

All those wishing to visit the casinos in Mexico City, located mainly on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, can only hope that the local authorities would still be able to find a common ground with the Catholic Church and legalize the gambling in the country. The reached agreement will not only contribute to the replenishment of the state treasury, but also dramatically will reduce the level of crime, by putting in order, stabilizing the economic situation, and reducing the unemployment.

At the moment, to organize a platform for holding gambling is allowed only in the central areas of major cities. As of 2016, the number of functioning institutions is about 800 casinos. Of these, only three hundred for sure can provide the license and all permissions. The country’s history shows that for such temperamental nation as Mexicans is hard to resist the temptation of gambling. Therefore, is most likely, that in the near future the full legalization of the gambling business industry in the country will be acceptable.

The state of the gambling business in Mexico at the moment

The latest News of the North America sunny country tells that the local authorities are still hesitant to legalize the gambling, as always, with great reservations and prolonged legal formalities.Difficult decisions periodically accompanied by heated discussions and debates, the outcome of which at this point has become a law abolishing the ban on the construction of casinos in some resort areas. Soon everyone will be able to see the large entertainment facilities on the shores of the Pacific Ocean – the famous Mexican resort areas will gain a second birth, with flashing lights of the new large-scale casinos.
The main objective of the government of Mexico by adopting the law – is making a vacation on the Pacific coast more attractive for foreign tourists and investments from abroad.
Also, the government officials will demand from the future owners of the casino more serious quality control and checks on financial operations to implement the maximum security for the tourists and local visitors. The aim of such a serious approach to conducting financial transactions is also a complete isolation of the new casino from the interference of the organized crime in the country.
Having experienced nearly 70 years with the ban on gambling, the Mexicans are no more willing to wait: some owners of the resort areas are already preparing for the construction of the complex and large-scale gambling. Some places of gambling zones are ready to accept guests and to open in front of them the doors of the newly casino.
The Mexican resort Riviera – Mayan, starting from this year makes it possible to visit a casino with the name of the famous town – «Las Vegas», which is part of the hotel «Iberostar» resort of Playa Paraiso. For the moment the casino is available only to hotel guests. There is American Roulette, 40 slot machines, 2 tables for card games and multiple panels for broadcast in sports competitions.
Related casino this year will start to work in Cancun, on the territory of the resort complex «Hard Rock Hotel». Soon the realization of the government bill will be implemented in the territory of such resort areas as Quintana Roo, Acapulco, Baja California and the Riviera Maya. It involves the gradual integration of the casino on the territory of hotel resorts.
We hope that considered at the moment bills will be accepted definitively and players all over the world will be able to visit this sunny country, to visit some of the best casinos in the world. And yet, the famous resort areas in Mexico receive many visitors who want to meet with the new gambling establishments on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

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