Magnet Gaming – young Copenhagen star

Magnet Gaming is a young Danish company founded in 2014. The company is a subsidiary of a large corporation CEGO ApS, working in the market of virtual gambling for several decades. Company office is located in Copenhagen and employs more than a hundred professionals: artists, designers, animators, programmers and writers. Despite the fact that the Magnet Gaming is only two years, the number of games released by the company is large enough. All slots stand out by a unique style, high-quality graphical user interface, nice animation and memorable sound design.

Cooperation and key features

Magnet Gaming cooperates with many large gaming clubs. Slots from the company are adaptive, which means that they can be implemented on foreign platforms and installed in the online casinos next to the games of other manufacturers. All company devices are endowed with special quality marks, which means that the random number generator works properly and provides truly random results. Every new product is tested by relevant organizations and also receives a personal mark of quality.

The main features of Magnet Gaming company:

  • Around the clock informational and technical support;
  • Adaptability of products;
  • Work for custom orders;
  • Assistance in the development and implementation of gaming machines in clubs.

Besides core activities, the company develops customized slots. Any casino owner can order a custom slot machine to be created solely for his institution. Slots will be unique and will be developed according to customer requirements. Of course, this service is quite expensive, but it’s cost pays off well enough in the future.

Slot machines and their benefits

Magnet Gaming company primarily relies on the production of unique slots, themes and characters of which would not be repeated and duplicated. Of course, the portfolio of the company contains redesign of fruit and classic slots, there are also video poker and video roulette. But the main products of the company are exactly unique entertainment devices with original ideas, high-quality graphics and fun gameplay. Among other things, the company is engaged in designing and creating slots for mobile phones and tablets.

The main advantages of gaming machines from the Magnet Gaming company:

  • Attractive graphics and soundtrack;
  • High-quality animation;
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface;
  • The presence of prize free spins, additional scatter slots, wild symbols and bonus games.

Some of the slots from Magnet Gaming company are placed in well-known online casinos of Europe and the United States. The products of the company can be found in those countries where gambling business activities are not restricted.


Magnet Gaming is a very young branch of a large CEGO ApS corporation. Through strong leadership and extensive experience of employees, the young company has earned good reputation and created a number of really high-quality slot machines within two years. Currently, the company is working on new projects and in parallel continues to implement its products into platforms of other online casinos.

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