Fremantle slot-machines developer

Quite often the ideas of creating an own line of slot-machines are getting into the heads of the companies, specialized on other activities, for example TV-holdings. Quite a colourful example of this phenomenon is Fremantle Media. This TV company has used the development of thematic videoslots as a marketing course for attracting the audience to their media products. It isn’t the first precedent in the gambling industry. The same thing was done by Endemol company, and it was a great success in terms of marketing.

About the Fremantle company

Fremantle media holding was founded in 2001. Headquarters of this corporation are located in London. In more than 15 years of successful work his British TV-company has managed to become an owner of many entertaining industry companies, including Talkback, Thames Television and many others. The office branches of Fremantle Media are located in many other countries all around the world:

  • USA;
  • Canada;
  • German;
  • Poland;
  • Sweden;
  • Romania

The company has managed to create series of successful TV-projects that became popular all around the world. It’s Fremantle who owns the famous international Pop Idol franchise which was an inspiration for such shows as X-Factor, The Voice and other musical contests. Among the most famous projects of Fremantle there are:

  • Press Your Luck;
  • Temptation;
  • Let's Make a Deal

The company’s marketing department made a decision about creating own slot-machines line in the middle of 2000s. Aside from popular Fremantle’s TV-shows the ideas of their slot-machines include other popular products of mass culture, for example the Robocop movie, or Space Invaders game. The company has developed more than a dozen slot-machines that quickly became popular in Internet casinos due to their original and non-standard ideas and storylines.

Freemantle’s slot-machines

Slots, created by Freemantle Media, have 5 reels and series of thematic bonuses. One of the most popular games of theirs is the X-Factor slot-machine. The famous talent show has a so called judge bonus, which is a special prize round. During this game mode the player has to guess which one of the judges gave a positive mark to the participant. This slot-machine has many thematic images:

  • microphone;
  • CD-disk;
  • Vocalist on stage;
  • the logo of TV-show

One more popular product made by Fremantle for gambling audience are series of slot-machines devoted to the Family Feud TV-show. Those are Family Fortunes and All Star Family Fortunes. Those games are combining traits of videoslots and quiz. During the bonus round the user gets a chance to earn prize payments thanks to their erudition. At the same time the slot-machine has characteristic traits of classical videoslots, for example symbols depicting fruits and sevens.

Aside from those slots there are such games in Fremantle’s assortment as:

  • Blockbusters;
  • Play Your Cards Right;
  • Take Me Out Date Night;
  • The Price is Right;
  • Stargate SG1;
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly;
  • Trivial Pursuit

Hole in the Wall – is a slot-machine from Fremantle Media, devoted to the famous TV-show of the same name. The participants have to compete in agility and inventiveness to get a large jackpot.

This slot-machine has a lot of aesthetics from the original cult television project, which allows fans to see their beloved TV-show from a new perspective.

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