Tropic Reels Online Slot Game

Tropic Reels Slot Game Review

Online slot Tropic reels from Playtech – it’s a three-reel slot machine of the new generation. It offers unique visual effects, such gaming opportunities that could not be achieved on the previous offline machines at all. Here, the player gets a double spin on each rotation and the opportunity to choose a symbol for the future turnover on each of the three reels. And all this takes place in a tropical paradise surrounded by brightly coloured flowers, fruits and reels.

Rules of the game in Tropic reels

So, free video slot game Tropic reels – it is a device with three wheels and five lines. In fact, there are ten lines, as each of them is divided into two. The control panel is very simple. Under the reels, there are the following buttons:

  • Paytable – the table of payouts (its role is very significant here).
  • Bet one – the button for the gradual rise of the bet per line. The player is offered five choices of bets.
  • Bet max – the key serves to make the maximal bet in one click – 5 credits.
  • Spin – this button naturally launches a rotation.

Another key with the image of currency and + and – keys on the sides allows you to set the cost of a credit. The player has a choice of eight options from 0.01 to 5 credits.

To the right of the reels, there are three additional windows:

  • total bet;
  • bet on a line;
  • paid (the winning).

Auto spin cannot exist on this slot machine game for free as a matter of principle. Why? Read below.

Double spin

In this demo online slot for demo play, Playtech company offered a unique (our team faced with it for the first time) option – a double spin, which is a bit similar to the rules of poker. After the first press of the start button, symbols occupy only the lower five lines. Each picture can be kept by clicking on the hold button that appears below the wheel. Then it fills all five lines on the reel and the player presses the Spin again. This launch fills all the other reels with symbols.

Symbols and their value

Now it is evident why this online slot for free requires such a good knowledge of the payout table. After all, to assess whether it is reasonable to keep one of the first symbols or not, you should be aware of what combinations include it and how much do they cost.

Pictures and their halves

But before talking about combinations, remember, that there are rather 10 lines than 5 in fact. How so? The thing is that each picture is divided into two halves (upper and lower), as well as each line. It may happen that not a full symbol but the two halves show up on a line (if consider five full lines) – the “tail” of one character and the “head” of another. Do not expect a winning in this case. Therefore, there are two times more pictures in fact than in the paytable (assuming each such “double” picture a “non-winning” one).


The background of the Tropic reels free online casino game are, of course, the jungle – lush green leaves and bright flowers, sea and sky, statues resembling giants of Easter Island, and the birds of the southern seas. On the reels, you can find such images:

  • pineapple;
  • flowers;
  • parrots;
  • chameleons;
  • citrus.

But there are more than only five pictures. Flowers, citrus, chameleons and parrots – each of these symbols exists in three colours. A combination of three different coloured icons brings a bet multiplier, a combination of three identical pictures – another; and it is higher and is different depending on the colour. If we just consider the symbols by the value, flowers are the cheapest pictures. Further in ascending order, there are:

  • chameleons;
  • citrus;
  • parrots.

Overall, the graphics of the game can be considered successful. It justifies its name and provides a relaxed “tropical” mood. Images are drawn clearly, accurately.

Wild symbol

This great feature of online slots and games could not remain forgotten too. Wild symbol is designed as the picture of a tiger. It complements winning combinations. Moreover, it has multipliers as well. One tiger brings 1, two – 10, but the three – as many as 2 500 coins. While the best combination of parrots just 200 credits in total.


Playtech company managed to create a free video slot machine, which would be interesting and innovative even for experienced gamblers. Here, it is necessary not just to spin the reels as in usual games, and not just compare the proportion of risk and win as on slots with lots of lines. Choosing a symbol to hold, you need to figure the odds and make your brain work. And it already makes the game on the machine very exciting.