Sugar Pop Online Slot Game

Sugar Pop Slot Game Review

D:Try to win online video slot Sugar Pop on mobile. A new casino slot machine by Betsoft will give you real money wins. Spin the reels, collect combs to become a winner!

Sugar Pop video slot to play for fun is game by Betsoft developer. It isn’t a usual video slot. There are no reels hare. All symbols are arranged in a grid. 25 icons can be hold up on the gameplay screen. The main slot’s theme is a bouquet of sweets. The interface is a confectionery images mix. The game graphic has mainly “warm” colors. The candy slot gameplay also includes several features: the player has to raise the level up to 20, to uncover new game bonus opportunities.

How to play?

First, you need to select your bets. There are two control buttons on the screen for it: Choose Coin key and Bet Amount key. The advantage of playing coins may be varied from 0.02 to 1 credit, and the amount – from 50 to 250 credits. Thus, the minimum bet per spin is 1credit, and the maximum – 250 credits. After setting the required parameters, the user can start the game with the green start button in the center panel.

Winning combinations enhance progress during the gameplay. It is visualized as the gradually filling flask, placed to the right part of the game screen. The total winnings for every spin is indicated in the Win box. It situated from left to Level Score box. The last one reflects points earned for the current level. Game Score box is a next one. It shows the game sessions. The Balance shows the game currency residue. In the Credits box you can see the gaming coins.

In Sugar Pop video slot to play with no deposit there is a very extensive settings menu, which can be opened with Options button. The player can turn on or turn off the sound effects and background music here. The silent animation and the intro video configure are also controlled by this setting. Here you can change the graphics quality too. It is possible to choosing a low, medium or high level of animation.

To receive more information, regarding the Sugar Pop gameplay nuances, user can open the reference section by using the View Pays button. Discover more about advantages of free slot machines.

In the info window there are special icon winning combs diagrams. Also here you may come to know about the volume of awards for each symbol, displays general settings and the available special gaming icons.

Set of icons

According to the name of the slot to play without money, gaming symbols are depicted as a various confectionery products. You may collect them in a payout combination on several ways:

• Three icons comb is paid in a usual way;
• The four icons comb is called “Super Color” group of signs. It is a factor of increasing your reward;
• Five icons comb is named the “Color Bomb” image, which replace the other icons.

As the level of the casino game to play for mobile is getting higher, new special features are opened:

1. Candy icon is available at Level 1. It mixes all images on the screen, increasing the likelihood of new combs creation;

2. Yellow caramel is available at Level 2. It moves on the screen in chaotic way, changing the icons;

3. There is a symbol at Level 4, which looks like a piece of white chocolate. It mixes other symbols on the reels;

4. Green Jelly activates at Level 6. It consumes most of icons on the screen;

5. Sweet in the purple wrapper splits several pictures, appearing in a randomly selected location on the board. It available at Level 8;

6. At Level 10 the player can see the canes of candies, which destroys all the other icons in the game round both horizontally and vertically;

7. Symbol of jelly beans, painted in different colors appears at Level 12. The beans fly across the screen, destroying several groups of icons;

8. At Level 15 the image of dark chocolate appears on the casino slot to play now screen and cleans it from the group of icons;

9. Level 20 is marked by the cotton candy icon appearing. It completely changes the location of all pictures on the screen;

10. Cake picture pleases the player at Level 21. With its appearing all othericons on the screen will be reversed.

Of course, the Sugar Pop arcade slot to play on Android will be tasty to fans of modern game slots, which implemented an unusual concept. “Sweet” video slot will appreciated by fans for its simple gameplay, which is reduced only to the drawing up of combinations. It hasn’t several additional rounds, multifunction symbols and other nuances. Playing SugarPop, beginners can learn the basics of machine control, and professionals – enjoy the ease wins. This video slot with real money wins is waiting for you on XXX casino site. If you are under the 18 – welcome!