Romeo and Juliet Online Slot Game

Romeo and Juliet Slot Game Review

Free online slots video games Romeo and Juliet from Pragmatic Play has five reels. Game Lines are changeable; a total number of them ranges from 1 to 20. The game is dedicated to the most romantic couple in the world – the brave Romeo and romantic Juliet. All sorts of twists are going to happen to make a meeting for beloved.

Selecting bets

In Romeo and Juliet online slot, the player is free to choose own rate levels. It ranges from 10 cents to 50 euros. But as the game is played not for cash but for virtual coins, 10 cents are equal to a rate of 0.01 coins; € 50 – to 25 coins.

The bankroll is also a variable sum. For the minimal, bet is equal to 10 thousand credits; for the maximal bet – 2500.

It is noteworthy, that the game has an attractive feature. Even a beginner is able to win the enormous sum. Favourable spins almost go one after the other, adding and adding money to the general account.

So, do not worry that the maximum bank at the maximum bet is low. During online slots mobile game, it continually replenishes. Moreover, the player leaves with a solid win.

Feel free to put everything to the maximum. The higher the rate, the more active paylines in the game.

The luckiest

Casino slot machines play Romeo and Juliet contain 9 simple symbols. But we should not think that they give little cash. Five of them are the luckiest.

The most solid win are given by the Holy Father’s image:

  • When three images – 50 coins;
  • With four – 350;
  • With five – 1,000.

A Gloomy monk is pretty valuable too. He will present:

  • 45 coins for three images;
  • 250 – for four;
  • 750 coins when five images.

A stockpiled drink is poisonous and insidious. It brings:

  • With three – 30 coins;
  • When four – 100;
  • With five – 300 coins.

A sharp knife can prevent beloved to meet after a long separation. Will they die from the deadly blade? The dagger in the game brings money, not death:

  • Three images will give 25 coins;
  • Four – 75;
  • Five images – 200 coins.

Only memorable Sign – a white rose – is a witness of secret meetings. It is able to bestow substantial sum:

  • When a player gets three images – 20 coins;
  • When four – 60;
  • With five – 150 coins.

And if you are scarce with money, low-valued pictures get in handy. They bring a good profit at the maximum rate.

This include: letters K, A, Q, J and number 10.

When all 20 paylines are used, money is constantly flowing to your hands. With a maximum bet, A stream a full-flowing river.

Bonus non-accidents

With slot machine games like Romeo and Juliet won’t be bored. In addition to the money, there are special pictures of Romeo and Juliet.

In the game, they are Wild symbols. They bring not just luck but a fabulous luck. When another spin is taking place, Juliet suddenly appears on the left side. Or in another way: on right side, Romeo appears.

At the moment, the player gets winning respins. Reels spin by themselves as long as wild symbols travel from left to right or from right to left.

Wild symbols can be one, two or three. When the reels catch three consecutive images of Romeo and Juliet, a Super Wild symbol appears. Then the player enters a bonus mini free game on the free slot machines with free spins and bonus.

It is worth mentioning, that with both ordinary Wild symbols and Super Wild symbol, winning increases several times with a winning combination. The player earns a few thousand coins in one respin. What can we say about the fabulous accruals when the bonus game takes place!

There are situations when Romeo and Juliet meet on reels. There can be no game. A romantic date nullifies the chance of a bonus.