Jackpot Express Online Slot Game

Jackpot Express Slot Game Review

Classic slot games are known to be very simple – as simple as possible! So what they usually have are 3 reels and only one winning line. Of course, sometimes there are a bit more then one line, but it is just a specific feature, or so. But what online slots’ collection at Slots Pill means with that is that world famous Microgaming software developers are very nice at online casino slots industry and they offer you to entertain with Jackpot Express online casino slot, which is not only colorful and beautiful, but also available to play for free and requires no download!

Well, that’s pretty funny to look at old school steam train, which carries no coal in its cart – there is a good huge dozen of pure golden coins and they can be delivered straight to your bank account, if you grab a win. Little screen with 3 reels is located in the upper left part of the screen, while the right one is used for pay table. On the lower side you will see game’s title and a control panel. Also, Jackpot Express online casino slot game includes pretty nice background with a mix of pink and orange colors.

It is a special classic slot, as it includes 3 reels and 5 paylines. It is really nice, that this game includes also wide symbol, which is more valuable than some other symbols. Maximum bet is 25 coins, but the size of jackpot depends of paylines. Some of them make bigger payouts, the other smaller – the first line pays thousand, second and third pays 1,5 and 2 thousand, fourth pays 2,5 and the last is valuable of 5. Maximum payouts are around 20 thousand points, so as you see not all of classic slots are poor for payouts. Check out video slots at Slots Pill and enjoy this classic game.