Hellboy Online Slot Game

Hellboy Slot Game Review

Microgaming software developers have been working for long with another interesting creation to let it see the sunlight and take its honorable place at online slots’ collection at Slots Pill! An action story about Hellboy, a hero from hell, who can give a challenge in power to every human and every living entity. Hellboy video slot is coming as a game with style of comics, including colorful design, basic elements of the story and interesting gameplay, capable of nice payouts. So check out this Microgaming software powered game and try to watch the story in a skin of online casino slot. You can find it at online slots’ collection at Slots Pill.

Don’t expect too much impression from this game. The best interface features it includes are its comics style design. It has specific looking images of the night time city, so on the background you will see silhouette of skyscrapers with its evil features. The reels are red and they include images of letters, numbers and the main characters of the story about Hellboy. Control panel is also dark and grey, just like the silhouette of skyscrapers. No special effects are included, but the gameplay is interesting too, so let’s move ahead!

Hellboy online casino slot has 5 reels and 20 winning lines. It also includes Wild and Scatter symbols, free spins, bonus features and impressive jackpot, so those are the features you will love the most. Underworld Bonus and Supermode features are very impressive and interesting, including amazing scenes and helping you increase general number of winning points. 25 thousand jackpot is really mean feature, so this is it satisfies gamblers. Check out video slots at Slots Pill and try your luck. This Microgaming software powered slot game is a true action!