Gemix Online Slot Game

Gemix Slot Game Review

The combination of classic slots games with “three in a row” is not a new idea in the gambling business but still quite unusual and fun. Online slots machine games Gemix is a 7×7 device with multi-coloured crystals, which need to be collected in combinations to get payouts and bonuses. New crystals constantly appear on the playing field and extend a winning streak. The motivation for continuous playing is a system of levels and worlds, as each stage has unique wild symbols and rewards.

The interface of the slot

Management of Gemix game is quite simple. Before launching the slot, it is only necessary to select one of five bets and press the Start key. Optionally, the player can set up automatic spins in the Autoplay menu. There are also settings for stopping auto spins:

  • After a win;
  • If the payment amount exceeds a certain point;
  • If the balance decreases to a certain point;
  • If the balance exceeds a certain point.

For information about symbols, their coefficients and additional bonuses for a series of combinations, look through the Paytable menu. Online slots game free of the Play’n GO company allow you to familiarise with payouts for different combinations on each bet. For this, the player needs to open the menu Paytable and change bets on the control panel. Configuring the slot machine to your liking is possible using the control panel in the lower left corner. There is also a sound management key and information about the game.

The left side of the game screen is occupied by the journal, which marks what combinations of symbols dropped during the game and how much money they brought to the player. Above the journal, there is a navigator, which indicates a current active stage. To the right of the playing field, there are:

bonus indicator, which is filled with prizes combinations;
  • scheme of special cells that need to be activated in order to proceed to a new stage;
  • World Bonus window that shows the number of bonus payments for completing each world.
  • Symbols and payment

    Online slots play free Gemix offers the player to collect a combination of 9 regular symbols and three kinds of the wild symbol. Simple symbols are paid if 5 or more identical pictures are vertically or horizontally arranged on the playfield. Diagonally located pictures are not involved in a combination. The Star symbol in a sequence of 15 or more symbols will bring up to 2000 game coins to the player.

    Online slots free play Gemix Wild symbol appears in three images, depending on the world in which the user is playing:

    • Mine: Wild symbol appears randomly in different places of the playfield. Up to 10 wild symbols can show up at the same time.
    • World of the Princess: symbol in the upper row turns into the wild and extends horizontally until it reaches the first or the last symbol in the row, turning every picture into wild symbols.
    • World of the Wizard: up to 8 Sticky wild symbols appear on the playfield. They remain in their places until the end of the round or until the user activates the Crystal Charge.

    Wild symbols appear on the screen at random.

    Additional features

    Online slots play for fun Gemix gameplay is very rich – a constant change of symbols that disappear with a winning combination. However, free slot machines play now developers have added some bonuses for lucky users. Each combination that fell on the playfield charges the bonus indicator. When it is charged with 20 bonus symbols, the player will activate one of the bonuses of Crystal Charge:

    Chain Lightning: two symbols located in different parts of the playfield form a “chain lightning”, making all the pictures on its way the same.
  • Light Beam: an explosive wave vertically and horizontally disperses from a random picture, turning all affected pictures into identical symbols.
  • Crystal Warp: the system randomly selects one symbol, transfers to it all identical pictures and unites them into a combination.
  • Nova Blast: a system randomly selects one picture and “blows up” its neighbours.
  • Online slot machine games to play Crystal Charge bonus can be activated several times during a round. If the player collects more than 40 symbols in a game, he activates a bonus Super Charge. It is triggered if some symbols remain on the playfield and triples payouts for each subsequent combination collected by the player. Super Charge gets activated only once per round.