Galacticons Online Slot Game

Galacticons Slot Game Review

Galacticons video slot, presented by world online casino leader – Microgaming software developer, is a unique slot game with impressive graphics and pretty interesting gameplay features. Come to play for fun at Slots Pill and join in the fun with little space aliens, came from the millions space years away from the different galaxy to provide you with a lot of fun and offer playing a slot to win nice money! Video slots at Slots Pill are already waiting for, so make sure you come to make a visit of world best online casino games!

Galacticons free slot provides very impressive design. First of all, it includes combined type of graphics technology – cartoon style graphics and 3D graphics are mixed into one game. Another interesting thing is the background. It uses a high definition photo of space, where you can see a lot of stars and galaxies, so you can make sure space is not dark, it shines all the colors of rainbow. The reels are transparent and you will see the main heroes there. Galacticons are interesting aliens, they are looking weird, some have only one eye, but, in general they look cute and peaceful. Design is what you are going to love in this amazing slot game!

In technical aspects, Galacticons slot game is not less sweet. It has 5 reels, 243 ways to win and a lot of amazing bonus features. Strong symbols include Wild, Scatter and Multiplier symbols. From 3 to 5 Scatter symbols stand for from 10 to 25 free spins . Wild symbol awards you with extra points. Jackpot is another wanted feature in this Microgaming software powered slot. Come to play video slots at Slots Pill and enjoy a lot of fun in this game.