Desert Treasure Online Slot Game

Desert Treasure Slot Game Review

Desert Treasure online slots machine was created by software developers from Playtech. This casino game has Oriental-themed design. The background and reels themselves are created in different shades of yellow colour. Graphic effects are not the most modern ones, and this is quite clear – this casino game belongs to the first products powered by this software provider. A player is invited to gamble on five reels and twenty paying lines – as a pleasant treat the game offers Wild and Scatter images which are able to launch numerous beneficial features.

Game rules

The gameplay of Desert Treasure is quite simple, reminding other products by Playtech. It consists of such buttons as:

  • Paytable – this key opens the division in free slots online which contains information concerning value of combinations consisting of different symbols. These denominations are calculated according to the size of your current stake: the bigger it is, the bigger pay-outs for each combo will be;
  • Bet Per Line – by clicking this button you increase the amount of bet for a single line on 0,25 coins;
  • Select Lines – use this key in order to regulate the number of active lines participating in the course of game;
  • Bet Max – single click on it will instantly set all the parameters to their maximum possible denominations;
  • Spin – by means of this button in majority of casino slots for fun and free single round of spins is launched.

Such settings as sound and screen parameters, for example, may be adjusted by means of keys in the upper right: there you may turn on and off music, and launch History (in real money mode), Options, Help and Autoplay feature. In Autoplay mode you are able to adjust a particular amount of spins reels should be turned for. Minimum quantity of automatic spins equals to 10. Help division represents info concerning the course of game and frequently asked questions.

Let’s take a more precise look at stakes available in free slots only for fun and their real money variants. The bet should be placed per each one of the lines you’ve selected. You are free to choose any number of them which is in range from 1 to 20. As for the coin stake, it varies from 0,01 to 5 coins for a line. So, if we try to calculate minimum possible bet size, we get only 0,01 coin and if you prefer high wagers it may reach 100 coins per just one spin.

The sequences on reels are forming according to some rules. First, the combination should go from the extreme left part of the screen. Second, it must contain at least three matching pictures. In some particular cases these combos may consist of only two images – this happens when it comes to such symbols as Arab, Camel, Oasis and those which belong to the category of the most beneficial ones. Desert Treasure includes three kinds of special images, which are the following:

  • Wild symbol is depicted as a picture of a Cobra. Besides replacing almost all icons (except for Scatters and Bonus), this image is also the most paying symbol: the rewards for combinations of it in online slots and games by Playtech may reach generous 10,000 coins.
  • Scatter is a picture of a beautiful brunette lady. The sequences of this icon award players with 10 spins for free – this is a round of continuous uninterrupted turns of reels when you don’t pay money bet for them. Moreover, if you gather the combo of five Scatters it can award you 500 coins.
  • The image of Map is a bonus one. In order to make active the bonus round, you’ll have to land at least three such icons on one of the paying lines. In online slots for free or in games which are played for real money all your wins gained during it will be increased by the amount of line bet.

As for the other images included to the system of symbols of this game, they consist of:

  • Pictures of cards (they are encountered in a range of 10 to A) which bring the smallest payouts: from 50 to 150 coins for maximum sequences;
  • An Arab man’s icon pays from 20 to 100 and in order to form a combo, there should be at least three of them;
  • In order to get your prize for a sequence of Camel, simply land two of them on the reels in order they were located on any of lines, and then you could be paid 2 coins. The size of reward reaches 400 coins – they will be calculated as gambling credits if you play free slots online for fun, and in case you’ve selected cash version of Desert Treasure, the reward will be in your currency;
  • Same thing can be said about Oasis picture, but it is worth more if compared to previously described camel: five of such icons bring 500 coins to player.

How to cheat a slot

Since the first slots were invented, the gamblers wondered whether it is possible to trick the machine. They invented various ridiculous methods which to their opinion allowed to earn more without any losses. But nowadays it has become clear that all these methods are nothing but just myths. The thing is that the combinations in such type of casino games are created in random order without any logical sequence. So, it is impossible to predict which icons fall on the reels of casino slots next – this fact depends only on player’s fortune. But don’t worry – there is something you can influence on. It is possible to use some strategies in placing them – probably, if you’ve already tried such casino table games as roulette, for example, you are familiar with them.

The first thing you should do is to do some careful thinking about what money amount you can lose. After you’ve determined it, start placing bets. Surely, low stakes won’t make you rich, so, choose some average value – it is not necessary to start gambling at high bet amounts at once. It would be better, if you knew what sum won while gambling slots machines would have satisfied you, and after reaching this amount, stopped the game. In case you see that today luck’s not on your side, try to quit and gamble another day, and probably this round will be more successful.

To crown it all, we may say that there are only two components which compile a great game: your common sense and a little bit of fortune – do not rely on any weird or mysterious strategies, it’s just a loss of time and money.

Secrets of slot machine

Players love to glorify casino slots games with mysteries: there are legends about what particular game can be lucky, which brings bigger money amounts, and which shouldn’t be played under any conditions. Especially this fact touches upon popular games, and Desert Treasure is not an exception. But as a person of wisdom, you understand that all these myths are nothing but absurd superstitions.

As it is already said, the principle according to all slots are working, is based on absolute randomness, so that it is impossible to “reveal some secret and immediately start earning huge cash amounts” – it’s nothing but utopia. Surely, this can be related to such top free slots online as Desert Treasure. The only secret which can help you on the way to “greatest gambler ever” is skilfully placed bets and beneficial combinations which occur on reels – but there is no way you can influence on the last parameter. We simply can recommend you to try your skills and play more – in this case you’ll probably notice that this game hides more than meets the eye of an ordinary gambler.

Myths concerning this game

Desert Treasure, as many other well-known slots, is surrounded with myths and stories. Many of them are created by players who are not aware of the principles of work of slot machines, or are just used as tricky marketing ploys. Let’s take a precise look at these common mistakes made while people are trying to play free slots for fun only and real money variants of same casino games:

  • A very popular legend is about the existence of “hot” and “cold” casino games. “Hot” machines award players with bigger winnings, if a previous user spent a considerable money amount in it, and “cold” slots are working according to a contrary principle. In fact, this myth has nothing in common with real state of things – wins in all slot machines, and Desert Treasure too do not depend on the investment of previous gamblers.
  • Somebody mentions that if you play free slots in casinos frequently, you notice that some of the combinations fall on reels more often if compared to other ones. Also, they say that it is possible to calculate the cycles of their appearance on the playing field. But you remember that the main principle of work of any slot machine is randomness, so, even if it is possible to calculate some frequency, using the theory of probability, the chances that it will much real state of things are too low to rely on them.
  • Various winning strategies used to make playing online slots machine games more profitable. We already reviewed some of them and you already know that no strategy can work with random generator of numbers every slot machine is working on – luck is the only thing you should believe in!

Facts from the history of desert treasure slot

This casino game, powered by Playtech, belongs to the veterans of online casinos. This is one of the first Playtech slots, and this fact becomes quite obvious when you take the first look at its interface and graphics. Since the times it was created, almost nothing changed in its construction and features, so such online slots with free bonus is a great choice for those who feel certain air of nostalgia about good old times. Over long period of its existence it preserved (and even managed to increase!) the army of its admirers. The popularity of it was so high that few years later Playtech issued an improved second version of this slot machine with some brand new options included.

Nowadays Desert Treasure can be played not only on your personal computer. If you are a lucky owner of a mobile gadget with an Internet access, then you can try gambling this casino game on your device by means of downloading fast, safe and convenient mobile client on your smartphone or tablet. If you want to launch online slots mobile phone you are using should work with such operating systems as Android, Blackberry or iOS in order this game was compatible with it.

The theme of this casino game

East is tricky – everyone knows that, nevertheless, Oriental theme is very popular among slot producers, almost same as Egyptian motives. Desert Treasure is fully dedicated to it – beginning from symbols which are spinned on reels, and ending with specially designed buttons of a control panel.

The icons of these casino slots for fun online include such images as a Cobra, a beautiful Oriental Woman, a map (for you not to get lost in the desert sands), Oasis, Camel. tricky Arab and lowest paying pictures: symbols of cards, but even these seemingly ordinary pictures look unusual owing to great design of them – A has a green lizard sitting on it, while K is accompanied with a poisonous scorpion. You’ll see a mysterious Scarab beetle on Q symbol, and J is embraces with a dangerous snake – these details may seem odds, but these are them which help to create unusual and unique atmosphere which is felt while you are gambling Desert Treasure slot machine.