Costa del Cash Online Slot Game

Costa del Cash Slot Game Review

Costa del Cash by Novomatic has five reels with symbols set in four l, and 40 pay lines. There are wild and scatter symbols, free spin mode and risk game.

How To Play

Press ‘Start’ to spin the reels. Your base bet size is determined by how many ‘lines’ you choose. The size of the bet not only will determine the amount of money you wager on every spin. But also the size of your winnings on the successful symbol combination.

Each line follows its own individual path. Selecting additional lines increases your chance of winning. It also increase the amount of your bet. Let’s say you have 5 lines – your bet size is multiplied by 5. You thus gain 5 more chances of winning on every spin.

In addition to selecting the amount of lines to play, you may also select the number of coins you want to play on each line. By increasing your bet size this way, you are increasing the amount of money paid when you win.
Your total bet size is generated is your base coin value multiplied by the number of lines you are playing, and multiplied also by the number of coins you wagered for each Line. For example – say you chose 5 credits. 5 credits multiplied by 5 credits per line is 25 credits. 25 credits multiplied by 8 lines is 200 credits. This is your ‘Total Bet’ number. The maximum multiplier is 81 credits.

When you win, one of your winning lines will light up and show you the winning combination. Wins are triggered by matching up symbols on the left and continuing to the right. The more winning symbols that are matched, the more the payout ultimately is.


The symbols of the game are represented by different images. There are only 13 symbols in the Costa del Cash that make up the winning combinations when at least three identical images appear on any of the active pay lines. In addition to the ordinary symbols, the slot machine offers additional gifts to win, thanks to the special images:

  • Sun is a wild symbol of the game, which substitutes for any image, except for the scatter symbol. The Sun as a separate symbol doesn’t provide payouts.
  • Thermometer is a scatter symbol, which is active in every tile of the slot and it is not attached to the pay lines. This symbol multiplies the total bet and triggers free spins.

Fairly simple games are presented as bonus options in the Costa del Cash slot machine:
Each player, who receives three or more scatter symbols, gets free reel spins. The Hot Beach Bonus additional function is active during 10 free spins. It involves the fact that each subsequent free reel spin arises from the multiplier unit increase. The last spin has a multiplier of 10.

Doubling game in the slot is represented with the standard rules. It is necessary to guess the color of the closed card; if the choice is right, the last winning doubles. If the choice is wrong, the whole payout burns out.

It is quite easy to operate the game play. The slot machine has several buttons which the player should know:

  • Lines and Bet/Line – buttons which are used to set the bet (line activity and the size of the bet on a line).
  • Start – activates the reels.
  • Gamble and Collect – buttons used to start the risk game mode and collect the payout without starting the risk game.
  • Autoplay – triggers automatic reel spins.
  • Paytable – table of payouts (size of the winning is shown for the current bet).

The player will enjoy the quality of graphics and the high rate of the gain in the Costa del Cash slot machine. Novomatic has integrated extremely interesting options there, which will make it possible to have a good time.