Chain Mail Online Slot Game

Chain Mail Slot Game Review

Welcome back to online slots’ collection at Slots Pill, gamblers! Something makes Microgaming software developers think you feel boring and need an entertainment therapy. But Microgaming software makes its way through the hardships to stars – through the internet to your computer screen, so that’s not a big deal to hit a casino club, that has a lot of world best quality video slots at Slots Pill, thus you can keep you smile stay on your face much longer and keep you valet stay fat to make it difficult to be in your pocket! So, check out what you have for dinner this time! This is a mix of an unmixable things and they combine together as well, as Chain Mail video slot combines with your dream slot features. Let’s spin it!

Chain Mail free slot is an interesting game. As animals, who can talk and wear people’s clothes is nothing strange to us for long time, then a mix of old and new is quite weird, isn’t it? You can enjoy how ancient looking horses, brave knights, ancient dishes and some other mediaeval stuff appears on the reels with such fast food dishes and sweets like ice cream, pizza, chicken meat, chocolate bars and food mixes. Maybe it’s kind of mediaeval style food delivery or you just go to the bright festival, where this style is a main feature. So, being present at this kind of carnival is more interesting with so much tasty food, of course! Now you understand what’s going on there?

5 reels and 20 paylines – this is how you’re going to play this slot. Wild symbol can bring you amazing profit – 15 thousand points jackpot! It’s the biggest jackpot of the game. Of course, it has couple bonus features, like Castle Bonus feature, which promises to be the most interesting for you! To get more information just start this game and check the instructions.

To give this slot a mark – 5 of 5 possible! This a top level of gambling entertainment! Check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill and get into real gaming! Microgaming software is a real deal!