Book of Magic Online Slot Game

Book of Magic Slot Game Review

The play on online slot machine happens on five reels. The amount of playlines – 20. The game is devoted to magic. Collection of special magic symbols, mark of mysterious letters and numbers – everything here happens in favor of a player.

How to set a bet

If you are going to play on free slot, you should learn bets. It worth to say that Book of Magic is created for risky gamblers. It is not equipped with minimal bet.

The least sum you can bet is twenty coins. Further you can choose 40, 100, 200 or 400 coins.

Play on the slot suggests placing of certain sum at stake. It is, so called, credit, which activates game. In Book of Magic you have to place sum not least then 10 000 coins.

Gamers will surely value the fact that winning sums don`t burn down with every new spin. Prize is added automatically to a played-out loan.

Well, place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

Magic combinations

It is everything real with Magic Book:

  • Frequent winning combinations;
  • Lucky consequences with Scatter and Wild symbol;
  • Progressive jackpots icons.

The only thing you need is to know is the look of the strongest mysterious combinations. The largest profit bring such combinations:

  1. Witch or Warlock and Book.
  2. Chest and Book.
  3. Sacred magic items and Book.

Appearance of Witch (Warlock) and Book brings next prize:

  • Two pictures give winning two plus four coins;
  • Three – 25+50;
  • Four – 125+250;
  • Five images make you richer with 780+1500 coins.

The union of Chest and Book presents you with the following prize:

  • Three symbols mean 20 plus 40 coins;
  • Four – 100+200;
  • Five pictures get winning 400 plus 800 coins.

Magic marks, wonderful sink or scepter of wizard in combination with Book symbol bring a player:

  • Three icons are equal to 15+30 coins;
  • Four icons – 75+150;
  • Five icons – 250+500 coins.

A gamer receives such prizes after every two – three rotations. Do not forget that smaller winning give other magic images in conjunction with Book (letters J, F, K and numbers 9, 10).

Professional Magic

But true magic takes place, when Wild symbol or Scatter appear on the screen. Wild is Magic Book itself. Two such items bring ten coins.

And after this combination you must have patience of angel in order to control yourself and don`t lose your mind from increasing account. You win:

  • 250 coins from three pictures;
  • 2500 from four;
  • And finally, jackpot in the amount of 10 000 coins, if you catch five symbols of Book.

More modest character of the play is Scatter. It has form of magic ball:

  • Two images present you with 40 coins;
  • Three give 150;
  • Four – 400 coins.
  • And all five icons gift enormous jackpot – 10 000coins.

And if it happens, that reels will be full of all magic symbols, a gambler gets worthy prize – fifteen free spin of wheels. It is not even the end.

In case of a win during bonus game, received sum is increased threefold.

How to win whole hill of coins?

Casino slot Book of Magic is perfect choice for those, who is used to hazard playing tricks with Madam Fortune. Even with minimal bet 20 coins it is possible to make bet sum larger.

Real pleasure you will get placing maximum bets – 200 or even 400 coins. Every lucky combination brings winning not less than 1000 coins.

Appearing of some symbols of Scatter or Wild makes playtime much more interesting. The money flow like water. And we have not reached the limit.

There is lack of words to express the delight from receiving jackpot. The prize is getting larger in tens of thousands times.

Do not skimp when placing bets. Enjoy maximum pleasure with Book of Magic slot.