Belissimo Online Slot Game

Belissimo Slot Game Review

An amazing pizza cooking process coordinated by an optimistic baker inside his own pizzeria is the story you are going to watch, placing your lucky bets and winning nice jackpots with online casino video slot game. And this tasty thing was powered by world famous Microgaming software.

If you have decided to visit pizzeria “Belissimo” then we say to you “Welcome”! A happy baker will be cooking a tasty and aromatic pizza. And while he is doing his job you can enjoy a cup of fresh and hot espresso, playing an old and very popular Belissimo video slot. This is what you wanted to feel – the game goes very nice, your bets give you pretty high winning points, you can finally let yourselves relax and start enjoying this process in fully!

The design of this online slot is pretty simple and colorful. No complicated images are used for the symbols. Reels are placed in the upper left part of the game screen, and upper right side shows you the paylines system the game includes. There is nothing to worry about in case of complexity, when it is needed to choose the number of needed paylines to gamble. Those are some simple features of Belissimo, that gives it the benefits comparing to modern complex video slots. As it is said “Every greatest thing is actually simple”! Check it!

Belissimo slot game offers 3 reels and 5 paylines. Wild symbol can replace regular symbols and add more winning points for the combination. Also it can create its own combinations, awarding you with even more winning points. The maximum payout is a 5000 winning points jackpot. No bonus features, unfortunately are available in this game.
Congratulations with a lucky winning and your pizza is already done! Come to play video slots for fun at Slots Pill again and increase the number of your payouts, thanks to Microgaming software developers!