Anubix Online Slot Game

Anubix Slot Game Review

We can’t actually argue if an ancient Egypt was full of hazardous citizens. But there’s a great opportunity to get into ancient Egypt times to cut a great payout and feel yourselves a pharaoh! Thanks to a great time machine, which has all the best features to make this trip extremely realistic!

All of Novomatic online slots are nearly perfect! With a specially stylized graphics, animation and high chances of a great payouts these free slot are available to play with no download! So, Anubix casino slot is not an exception. You can easily find this one and a lot of other top quality video slots at SlotsPill, there are tons of popular slot machines for all the flavours and all the gamblers.

After a couple very first spins you can find that you have stuck in Anubix for long. Maybe it’s a black egyptian magic? Well, everything is possible. But what’s more then magic is Novomatic soft quality – very realistic graphics, pharaohs and queens will make you think they are alive. Put it together with smooth animation, opportunity to hook a big winning up and Anubix glamors you!

Anubix consists of 5 reels and 5 paylines, including free spins, which you can start just when 3 bonus symbols show up and the Anubix bonus symbol all of the wins come and the free spins bonuses increase twice! This is what makes this game so hot and wanted to play, it increases you passion to keep spinning and makes you forget about all the slots you’ve seen before! Yes, this is real egyptian magic!

Novomatic is one of the best game developers and if you try Anubix by Novomatic software developers you won’t be disappointed! Have a good luck, player!