Always Hot Online Slot Game

Always Hot Slot Game Review

The Always Hot gaming machine created by programmers of the Novomatic company differs in ingenious simplicity. The minimum quantity of game lines, the maximum simplicity of rules – “Always Hot” the slot has exclusive laconicism.

Appearance history of “one-armed bandits”

In fact, the “hot” gaming machine is almost exact copy of classical “one-armed bandits” – the old devices, which appeared in land based casinos. The first similar models were created by the American mechanic Charles Fayem still in the eighties of the nineteenth century. He made the first device, consisting of three disks started by sharp movement of the handle. Drums, with various images applied to them, rotated with various speed. The prize was brought by loss of three identical pictures. By offering the invention to the owners of saloons and billiard rooms, the regular mechanic turned into the prospering businessman in just 10 years.

The odious name of the device “one-armed bandit” appeared at the very beginning of automatic machine history. And his idea not only features a design – a lever, which is being pullet by player’s one hand to start spinning the wheels – it also features the idea of entertainment itself.

At the beginning of the twentieth century many American industrialists, having picked up a fashionable trend, offered original machines. Similar “one-armed bandits” were there to be seen almost in any pub.

The following stage of active development of an industry began in post-war times. Casinos of America then collected a huge number of the guests wishing to test new, positive emotions. While misters entertained themselves with roulette and poker, their ladies tested possibilities of gambling machines. Then “one-armed bandits” purchased numerous devoted fans and admirers.

With development of technologies amusement machines purchased new, advanced lines. In 1975 there was the first “video” device allowing “to spin” reels on the display. Since that moment in lines of modern developers a huge variety of models of multiple line devices and video of slots appeared. Considerably, the design of automatic machines changed, the “well-known” handle, which gave the name to the device disappeared. However, “one-armed bandits” still keep popularity and are worthy representatives of entertainments of the industry of passion not only in land institutions, but also in online casino.

The idea of development of the Always Hot pockie machine was cast by popularity and stories about those “one-armed bandits” of the past centuries. It has the best qualities of similar models pledged in it. Certainly, the quality of graphics and music were improved, the device design has changed, but the traditional simplicity of game rules on a small amount of lines completely conforms to classical standards.

Always Hot’s design

The design of the Always Hot slot machine differs in bright laconicism. A bright red colour was chosen for the background. In the upper part, called “the heading of the device”, a game logo is placed. Capital orange-red letters, apparently, are filled with a flame. Drums are executed in bright white colour, on which images of the dropped-out signs are accurately visible. In the right part of a board the table of payments with bright symbols and yellow colour coefficients of payments are placed.

Design features of the slot Always Hot

Structurally, the slot Always Hot represents the device with three drums and only five fixed advantageous lines. It is interesting, that keys of adjustment of quantity of lines are kept in the automatic machine interface. However, they serve as rather “decorative” element and aren’t allocated with activity. However, players note certain benefits of such simplicity of a design. Thanks to the small lines amount, the level of rates on a game differs in quite available cost, that allows to play “at long distances”, steadily supporting balance.

Control panel of the machine

At the same time, the possibility of adjustment of the size of a rate is provided in the device, that allows to have a good time in case of the minimum investments, one may say, almost free of charge. For the choice of the amount certain keys are being used:

  • coin – pressing of which allows to determine the coin cost;
  • one bet – the button establishing quantity of coins in a rate to one line.

Unlike initial versions of one-armed bandits, the availability of additional functions is provided in the slot of “Always Hot”: Bet Max for automatically choosing the highest bet and Automatic Start, activating the mode of continuous rotations of drums.

Start is performed by pressing of the Start button. It should be noted that this key is allocated with several options. In particular, in case of loss of the advantageous sequence, it allows to confirm desire to take away money, without transition to a risk game.

Start & features of a risk round

Risk tour one is more feature of “the modern one-armed bandit”. Access to its activation appears after each emergence of the advantageous sequence. For start of a risk game it is necessary to click with the Bet One or Bet Max key, allocated also with the option Gamble. This action allows to express desire on participation in risk round. In this case the player sees the image of the card “a shirt top”. The main objective is to guess colour of the card. The choice is performed by the mentioned buttons: Bet one is for red colour, Bet Max is for black.

In case of the successful decision the amount of a prize is doubled, in case of the incorrect answer – is nullified. A game can continue for several rounds – up to four – at the request of the player. Each right option doubles already available amount. For completion it is necessary to press the Start/Take Win key, and money will be transferred to account.

Participation in a risk game is unavailable in the mode of automatic rotations.

Symbols, coefficients of payments

The device contains only nine signs. Their most part is allocated with images of various fruit. An exception are the most valuable signs:

  • two stars have the second biggest value;
  • two sevens is the most expensive sign.

We have to mention, that 77 is the character characteristic of most “one-armed bandits”. Therefore, the automatic machines allocated with similar signs, quite often and are called the Seven. In particular, references of the slot of “Always Hot” among players can be heard under the name “Hot Seven”.

Any special signs: wild or scatter in symbols of the device are absent.

Considering rather small amount of advantageous combinations, the table of payments is placed directly on the device interface on the right side of a panel. However, there is also a separate similar section Info.

All sequences are calculated from the first left drum and, owing to existence only three coils, only in number of three icons on the active lines. The cost of signs in ascending order makes:

  • cherries, lemons, plumps, oranges – coefficient 40;
  • bells, grapes – 80;
  • a watermelon – 100;
  • double blue stars – 200;

And, at last, well-known “hot” the sevens are capable to bring 300 coins.

Mobile version

On an equal basis with the traditional browser version of a game for the stationary PC, Novomatic developed the mobile model. Thus, entertainment in the game machine Always Hot it is available in any owner of the modern gadget.

Testing of the device – a judgement of players on dispersion indices, a choice of strategy of a game

As well as the majority of popular game machines, the slot of Always Hot it was subjected to careful testing by the skilled players, who shared the acquired information. Continuous sessions of rotations allowed to clarify, a small amount of characters and absence of the official signs are with interest compensated by quite frequent drop-out of the advantageous sequences. In other words, the device can be referred to category of the slots with low dispersion allowing to play continuous time even in case of the small original bankroll.

The popular tactics based on regulation of the size of rates became the recommended strategy of a game. “Martingale”, “Umbrella”, “3 Stars” are the most famous technicians of a similar format. Determination of the size of rates, periodicity and volume of their increase is defined by the player, proceeding from balance indices. Players claim, the frequency of drop-out of advantageous combinations quite allows to maintain stability of balance before receiving a significant scoring.

Myths about “confidential” opportunities to beat the slot machine

On an equal basis with quite specific strategy offered by skilled gamers on the Network there is a set of “legends” of the confidential methods allowing to beat the game machine. For example, there is a judgement that in case of execution of three sequential deposits with simultaneous doubling of the size of each of them, in an algorithm of casino “there is a failure”, and slot-machines begin “to spend money like water”, giving nearly a jackpot. Interesting the theory is developed for “justification” of an unsuccessful session.

It is considered, the first “empty” spins serve as some kind of “donation” of a certain amount of casino after which the big prize surely will drop out. The participants of a game adhering to the similar version quite often leave the automatic machine issuing payments on the first rotations. Someone tries “to catch” the sequence, actively using the Stop key. Meanwhile, these tactics don’t bring desirable result too.

In general, it is important to remember constantly that the results of a game entirely depend on a random number generator on the basis of which operation of any device, including Always Hot game, is based. Of course, it is possible to use also more romantic expression – “from good luck”. But the essence from it doesn’t change at all. Any strategy of a game in slots doesn’t give 100% of a guarantee of a prize. And therefore to derive pleasure from pastime in casino and not to lose all savings, it is necessary to control, first of all, own feeling of passion and to dispose competently of finance.

Basic rules of a reasonable game

Rules of respect for balance aren’t so difficult as can seem at first sight, and differ in an exclusive practicality. Not to “go” to solid minus it is necessary:

  • to specify coefficient of return of the device. These indicators pledged by producers vary within 92 – 98%. Obviously, the main function of gaming machines – to make profit for the owner. And the coefficient of return is, in fact, in an efficient manner to interest the player. However, these indicators are higher, the it is more than chances of a victory. The main thing to stop in time.
  • to be convinced of reliability of casino. Not superfluous will be to study characteristics of a gambling institution comprehensively. Only the licensed game devices Always Hot and other slots guarantee receipt of return of the declared size.
  • to study indicators of the table of payments. An important factor is the ratio of the size of a rate and the size of prizes. Whether it is worth risking money if the automatic machine isn’t capable to give worthy remuneration? In this respect the slot of Always Hot differs in very worthy parameters. Even when forming the most inexpensive sequence, the player receives the payment in 8 times exceeding the rate size.
  • to determine exact amount of the budget for a game. In fact, it is that amount, which the gamer is able to afford to lose. Of course, everyone to aim at a victory. As a result, it is necessary to consider also a possibility of loss, being guided by the indicators incapable to put excessive financial damage. And it isn’t necessary to take the credits at all or to borrow money from friends.
  • to set accurate parameters of the duration of a game. These indicators can be expressed in specific time frames or quantity of spins. Anyway, in case of achievement of the set limit, it is necessary to stop a game.
  • to determine the desirable size of a prize. This parameter is better time, prizes in 100, 200, 300 and more dollars can seem quite volume amount, but only if they exceed the amount of replenishment of balance.
  • to calculate a ratio of the sizes of the budget and a rate. This point doesn’t cause special difficulties. The less bankrolls, the sizes of rates are lower. Certainly, it is possible to make one rotation with the maximum cost. And in case of a victory, it will bring paymentі. But chances are small.
  • to finish a game after getting a big prize.
  • to give up a thought “to win back” money in case of an unsuccessful game.

And, at last, don’t refuse an opportunity to test features of a game in the free mode. Any feedback even of the most experienced player not to be compared to personal impression and the analysis.

Interesting facts

References of the slot “Always Hot” can be found in various options:

  • Always Hot gaminator. The term “gaminator” came from the company name of producer – Novomatic Gaminator. Its lines quite often call models of “one-armed bandits” in the provided option.
  • the Always Hot gaming machine from Greentube. Actually, the company Novomatic became the creator of the slot as it was mentioned. However, Greentube (Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH) is the special unit of concern, which is responsible for development and promotion of software. As a result, in licensed casinos the device can be provided under this brand.

Updated Always Hot – Deluxe and Cubes versions

It is curious that, despite exclusive simplicity of the gaming machine, it won such high popularity that the company Novomatic decided to issue to it directly two sequels – peculiar continuations of a game.

The updated device is provided in versions:

  • Always Hot Deluxe. In this model of change concerned quality of graphics. The increased clearness of images, emergence of a “live” graphics in case of loss of an advantageous combination – the main additions of a new game. A little design of the control panel changed. In the Deluxe version the arrangement of keys is changed, the interface possesses a bigger harmony and the present of design. Design features, content of symbols, the rules and the principle of a game are completely kept.
  • Always Hot Cubes. The main difference of this version is change of pictograms of symbols. Images of playing bones cubes of various flowers with hieroglyphs and asterisks became replacement to traditional fruit and stars. Structurally, the device didn’t undergo changes – the same three drums and five lines. Testing showed quite good results of return of the slot. For an exit in plus players should do about 150 spins on average. But we don’t forget, testing of any devices, irrespective of recommendations in networks, should be carried out personally though for confirmation of results of the provided analysis.

The Always Hot slot machine and its updated version will be to the taste to the admirers of classics and players not inclined to the excessive brightness of a graphics and difficult rules. In the “hot” slot everything is the simplest, the rates in a game are higher, the it is more amount of payments. And to test good luck, without risking money, it is possible on the free Always Hot emulator without registration, SMS and other similar actions.