Snake Eyes Online Slot Game

Snake Eyes Slot Game Review

Snake Eyes free slot machine game is created by company Zeus Play and has low volatility. On the other hand, it is even more attractive to play. You also can wait for successful combinations, which can bring really significant amount of winnings.

This pokie machine has three reels. The number of active lines is determined automatically and remains unchangeable during all game process. That is big advantage, because the maximum number equal to 27 gives the chance to get the prize payments. This video slot also has soft sound accompaniment, nice design itself, high quality graphics and colorful animation. All these privileges double players’ desire to run the one-arm bandit from Zeus Play.

Snake Eyes casino online for fun is dedicated to the category of dice game. Here are not only usual standard dice with craps. You can also find on the playing field Chinese dice with colored hieroglyphs. Try to collect the maximum available combination of them on the screen and get high winning payouts.

Snake Eyes slot machine settings

Before starting the drums rotations you need to make the main settings. Balance account is equal to 100 thousand coins. Invariable value in free slots games Snake Eyes is the number of active lines. They are fixed at the maximum point – 27. The control buttons are disabled. You can make three types of bids: rate on one line, the total bet and maximum available stake.

Players can do any bet per line with the use of the settings. It does not affect to the level of other two rates. When players set the total stake the maximum bet changes automatically. The available value of the first category varies from 40 to 500 coins.

As this unit can be adjusted to the minimum small bets, it suits to wide range of players. If your finances are limited to play, you will like Snake Eyes online casino slot machine. Solid gains do not strain the purse at low rates.

You can also run the reels by pressing the button Play. Developers from Zeus Play Company provided the auto rotations feature. This game mode is activated simply with the click on the key Autoplay. The drums animation can be stopped using the same button. But this time it called Skip.

Game combinations

All the images are simple and clear to understand. This pokie machine has 7 basic pictures. They all represent one of the dice sides. The most successful sequences of icons in slot machine for free are the following:

  • Crap with red hieroglyph;
  • Dice with green hieroglyph;
  • Crap with blue character;
  • White dice with 6 craps.

The combination of Dice with red hieroglyphs allows you to win 1800 coins. For the combo with green hieroglyphs gamblers can win get a little less than 900 coins. Dice with blue hieroglyphs and white Crap can bring up to 700 coins. And even for small symbols this online video slot game gives the payment from 100 to 150 coins.

One-armed bandit features

Snake Eyes casino slot has wild symbol. It is two dice with black point in the centre of each. Each combination of basic images with wild character becomes prize and bring some winning payouts. The most profitable sequence is Craps with red hieroglyphs and Snake Eyes. The minimum number of coins players get for it is equal to 2700 coins.

There are several combinations falling out on the reels during the game process:

  • Dice with green hieroglyphs and Snake Eyes – the minimum win is 1350 coins.
  • Craps with blue hieroglyphs and Snake Eyes – 1050 credits.
  • White Dice and Snake Eyes – 1050 coins.

There is another feature in casino slot online – the bonus dice. When all cells on three reels are filled by craps with the same value, players get the corresponding amount of credits. It depends on the dice rating. In addition, this sum is multiplied by 4. The maximum bonus winning payment is 10,800 coins.