Gold In Bars Online Slot Game

Gold In Bars Slot Game Review

If you know anything from history of slot machines, you probably remember that those created in the beginning of 20th century had three reels and a single winning line, where a player had to gather the profitable chain. Nowadays slot producers prefer creating more modern machines with higher amount of paying lines and bigger prizes. But sometimes they develop casino slots meant for those who feel the slight air of nostalgia about good old times – and this is when such machines as Gold in Bars online slot machine come. This is not usual slot game – it’s a true time machine, which will appeal to everyone who misses good old times.

Instructions for gamblers

In general, there aren’t any difficulties in coping with the gameplay of this casino game – the keys it consists of contain only the ones which are required for a correct playing process. There are three knobs, and they are the following:

  • Bet One
  • Bet Max
  • Spin

The first lever is the one and only which allows to adjust your stake. As there is only one line, there is no need to regulate their quantity – the game includes one hot key which determines the bet, and this is Bet One. By clicking on it you increase or decrease coins placed on this line. The range is narrow: from 1 to 5. As you’ve probably guessed, 5 is the maximum available amount of cash in free slots you can play online – in case you select Bet Max option, it will be set immediately and the round of spins starts. The Spin key is used for regular gambling round. When the rolling of drums is activated, it is impossible to stop them.

Payouts and symbols

The value of icons is not contained somewhere in the special section – it can be found directly in the table which is situated right above the reels. The set of symbols contains diamonds, watermelons, cherries, bells, lemons and different variations of bars icon.
The denominations of them are the following:

  • Cherries occupy the lowest-paying position of our rating with maximum possible payments equal to 20. They are followed by Stars bringing 60 chips rewards.
  • The Diamonds are able to pay up to 100 coins in free slots online, while Lemons are worth up to 150 credits.
  • Watermelons and Bells donate you with maximum 500 and 600 coins correspondingly.
  • Finally, Bars are the most expensive images with a range of rewards from 750 to 5000 coins.

Bonus features

The system of icons in free slots games for fun is rather plain, same as in old land-based machines. It doesn’t obtain Wild and Scatter icons, like modern video slots do. Otherwise, the only beneficial option which may be activated is Progressive Jackpot. The image required for that is triple golden Bars. If your current bet is at its biggest value, it is possible to launch this feature and enjoy your constantly growing balance.

How to win playing slots

Most of beginning gamblers are mixed up by numerous myths and legends telling how to cheat a slot. But those players who already have some experience state that it is impossible – because the only principle every gambling machine is working according to is randomness. How to predict what combination falls on reels if there are no algorithms of their generation? So, the only thing you should believe in gambling free slots games for fun online is your luck and intuition.