Arabian Rose Online Slot Game

Arabian Rose Slot Game Review

Arabian thematic always seems amazing to us since we have read some most interesting and epic Middle East based fairy tales. Those exotic stories about Aladdin, Sinbad and Ali Baba make us image a desert based scene with beautiful palaces, Arabian kings, brave heroes, evil outlaws, black magic and a lot of crazy action stories. Making it as good as story writers Microgaming software developers done a good job, so not only gambling functions are the leading aims of the slot. Entertainment is an important feature and playing Microgaming software powered slots satisfies those needs in fully! So, let’s check out Arabian Rose video slot!

Very artistic and talented developers took care about gamblers’ aesthetic needs by 100 of 100 possible percents. An ancient arabian city, built of sand is hidden behind the reels screen in the lower side and the rest of the screen hides the night arabian sky with millions of stars and couple clouds. The color of the sky is mix of the bright purple and the dark purple, which is very correctly chosen combination to put it together with red and orange colors mix of the night city. Everything is supple by a traditional arabian style music. Arabian Rose slot game is nothing but harmony!

There are a lot of paylines in the slot – the real number is 40. They do their work very well, providing you with a good end payout, working together with 5 reels. As we mentioned couple a seconds ago, it has perfectly looking visuals, but if that’s not enough for you, then you can win and start up 14 Free spins. Just wait the reels to put Wild symbols in line and enjoy your awarding bonus! Check out online slots’ collection at Slots Pill and enjoy best free casino slots on the market!