Japan is one of the first countries where the gambling industry was born. Wise samurais had a craving for gambling. First casinos started to appear later, as well as debtors. Authorities of Japan could not ignore this, so all gambling in Japan had been strictly prohibited by law for a certain time.

However, this fact didn’t make the Japanese to forget about gamble and the industry continued to evolve.

Over time, the Japanese government had started legalising gambling in Japan including online business because of the positive impact on the economy and development of recreational activities. Gambling age in Japan is 18 years.

To date, Japan has:

  • 184 online casinos;
  • 31 bookmakers;
  • 21 online pokers;
  • 27 mobile casinos;
  • 29 online Bingo;
  • 5 Internet bingo;
  • 2 online platforms for sports betting (DFS).

There are 299 sites for online games in Japan. The most popular of them is the casino Spin Palace.

The site contains licensed free slots. They can be used for informational purposes only. If a game does not start on your device, it contradicts the legislation of the country that negatively reacts to any contacts with gambling.

The best online resource in Japan

Online gambling in Japan is represented by Casino Spin Palace, which was founded in 2001. It is recognised the best gambling portal of Japan with easy navigation and simple rules. It includes the largest number of slots.

Besides the possibility to play online, the user can download slot on the device. Technical support service works efficiently and smoothly during 24 hours via online chat, phone and e-mail.

Spin Palace offers around 450 online gambling games in Japan:

  • 30 varieties of blackjack;
  • card baccarat;
  • dice games;
  • bingo;
  • roulette;
  • 250 slots.

The resource provides an effective system of bonuses for users:

  1. The casino covers the first deposit for players with a 100% bonus. The first prize cannot bring more than USD 150. Making the second deposit, the player receives a bonus of 25% and no more than USD 125 prize. The third deposit is covered by a 50% bonus and winnings can’t reach more than USD 100. To get a prize, the player must make bets 30 or 40 times within 7 days.
  2. Weekend Bonus. Within 52 days from the date of registration on the portal, the player receives 100 bonus spins every Saturday and Sunday on the condition that his balance is replenished with USD 100.
  3. Annual bonus. After a year from the date of registration on the portal, the player receives a prize in the amount of 100% deposit (up to USD 100) and 35 USD.
  4. Loyalty program. By joining a special group, the user receives points for each round, which determine the status of the player while accumulating. Loyalty Status allows enjoying the benefits such as the fast payout of winnings, exclusive conditions in a game, as well as participation in rounds with the highest winnings. Each loyal user has a personal vip-agent.

A player can win additional prizes by participating in competitions and promotions. The casino has more than 15 prize funds consisting of progressive jackpots.

Japanese online slots review

The first place among Japanese slot machines is occupied by Pachinko slots, which are based on one of the varieties of billiard strategies and are a significant part of gambling in Japanese culture. A slot machine is a series of obstacles on the screen that are to be avoided by metal balls – this is the main objective of the game. They either fall down, disappearing from the playfield or stop in a winning position.

Principles of Pachinko game

  • The player must determine the size of bets on balls and set their speed.
  • As soon as one of the objects reach a winning position, the reels start spinning.
  • The gain is calculated for three identical symbols on a line.
  • The appearance of two identical characters in a sequence activates one of the bonus games provided in a slot.
  • The bonus game allows winning a third missing picture.
  • The user can exchange balls received in the additional game for a prize or use them in other rounds.
  • A reward depends on the value of objects on a bonus line.

There are Pachisuro and Pachislo among Japanese Pachinko online slots.

Slot machines include 6 active lines. Payout size ranges from 90% to 200%. Each machine has three reels and no more than four symbols in a sequence. You cannot win more than 15 points during one round, the maximal bet is 3 points, the greatest benefit is 50 coins.

There are two bonus programs provided in slots. One of them allows the player to earn from 400 to 711 coins on continuous small winnings in bonus rounds, and the other brings additional 110 points.

Features of Pachisuro

Pachisuro includes three additional options:

  • “Stock”. The bonus is not accrued at once as in other slots. If it has not dropped for a few spins, it goes into a stock for future rounds.
  • “Renchan”. The player can pick all the stock bonuses (renchan) in one moment and win on them 5,000 or 10,000 credits.
  • “Tenjo”. Prior to the “stock”, the user can play a certain number of rounds under certain rules.

Features of Pachislo

Among Pachislo online slots, Super Black Jack is especially popular. It includes effective bonus games and brings a very large reward for a combination of three “7” symbols.

In Japan, gambling machines Pacino are much more demanded than original slot machines. Playing in specialised Pacino clubs, the player must first accumulate valuable balls and then replace them with small prizes according to the rules of a device. After that, the player must find a special place, where it is is possible to exchange the prize for money. In online slots, the user receives money directly to the account.

The second place of honour is taken by Mahjong – one more representative of the popular Japanese online slots. This is a dice game with the participation of 4 players. Users need to collect the most winning combination of dice to get the main prize.

The third place is given to the slot game “Super Mario”. This is a new online game where the player will have to collect three of the same symbols designed as the characters from favourite childhood game “Mario”. Symbols must be on one line.

Online slots are very popular gambling games in Japan among the locals due to easy control and cash gains.

Additional option in Japanese online slots

Each online slot is equipped with the option “Gacha”. It varied on each device but involves a general principle of the purchase of additional characters that will help increase the number of prize-winning combinations. The application is similar to a slot machine inside another slot machine. It allows the player to make a lot of spins of reels, which also increases the number of additional sequences. The user pays for the option, and then the application is activated and provides additional symbols. The number of reel rotations depends on the amount of payment for option “Gacha”.

By purchasing “Gacha”, the user also earns scratch bonuses. They accumulate and reach a certain value making it possible to get a scratch card. This icon opens the bonus game, during which the player is to open a certain number of squares that hide prizes.

Thanks to the “Gacha”, winnings increase significantly.

Japanese online casinos

Despite the fact that the use of online gambling resources is taken negatively by the government due to Internet gambling addiction of adolescents in Japan, there are 184 portals where you can play slots, roulette, craps and poker.

Top 5 best online casinos:

  • Spartian. The first deposit bonus is 5×500% with a maximal win of USD 5000.
  • Casino X. The first deposit bonus is 100% with a maximal win of USD 2000. The player also gets 30 free spins.
  • BetVictor. First Deposit Bonus of 200% with a maximal prize of USD 200. The player gets 200 free spins.
  • Vegas Crest. First Deposit Bonus of 200% with the highest reward of USD 100. The player receives 30 free spins as well.
  • Casumo. First Deposit Bonus of 200% with a maximal gain of USD 50. The player gets 200 free spins.

The highest percentage of residents of Japan visits online casinos.

Japanese bookmakers

This representative of the gambling industry is superior even to legendary Pachinko slot machines in terms of demand. Legislation of gambling in Japan allows bookmaker, where Japanese make deposits on the following objects:

  • Sport.
  • Bicycle, motorcycle and car racing.
  • Horse races.
  • Rowing competitions.

The most favourite activity of locals is horse riding. They make from USD 10 to 100 million per bet. This circumstance leads to a leadership position of bookmakers in the world market of the gambling industry.

Online poker in Japan

In Japan, there are 21 portals to play poker online. A pleasant surprise for the player is various prizes throughout the game. The first deposit bonus is from 100% to 250% of winnings from USD 100 to 2,000.

The best online sites for poker are Everest Poker, Ladbrokes Poker and Paddy Power Poker.

Japanese mobile casinos

There are 25 mobile versions of online casinos represented in the country. Some of them offer impressive bonus programs:

  • Syber Bingo Mobile version – covering bonus of 500% on your first deposit.
  • BetVictor Mobile – covering bonus of 200% and 200 free spins.
  • Karamba Mobile – covering bonus of 100% and 100 free spins.
  • BGO Mobile – covering bonus of 200% and 20 free spins.
  • Crazy Vegas Mobile – covering bonus of 100% and 40 free spins.
  • Hona Mobile – covering bonus of 100% and 20 free spins.
  • Rembrandt – a welcome bonus of USD 200.

Reward size ranges from USD 50 to 500.

Online bingo in Japan

In Japan, 29 sites are adapted for bingo online. The user needs to make a bet on a line by Lines, as well as to make bets on Stake. And start the game using Start button.

Online sites with the largest first deposit bonus:

  • Bingo Hall and Cyber Bingo – 500%.
  • Bingo Fest and Bingo Sky – 500%.
  • Mekka Bingo – 400%.
  • Foxy Bingo – 300%.

On all sites, Bingo game includes various bonuses and prizes.

Online lottery

In Japan, online lottery is represented by two variants. Five sites provide the opportunity to buy an e-ticket for the lottery. If a player “pulled” the right ticket, the prize for it is charged on the player’s account, which he used during the registration. Winning tickets are published on websites where players buy tickets.

Online lottery is also represented in slots where you need to create a combination of identical symbols of a digit having made a bet on a round and selected the number of lines.

The amount of bonus on your first deposit between 70% and 130%, and the maximal payout is USD 200.

Internet resources DFS in Japan

The Japanese can bet on the virtual sports tournaments without resorting to bookmakers. The first deposit bonus is available at a stake of 500%, and winnings reach more than USD 500.

Interesting facts of the Japanese gambling world

Japan has always been able to surprise the world with technological innovations and unusual traditions. Gambling has been no exception.

Eight interesting facts in the history of Japanese gambling industry:

  1. There was a casino “Kabuki-Che” in Tokyo where robots worked as dealers instead of humans. They dealt cards and chips, as well as played with the visitors. At that time, the casino was not legalised, so when the police detected, it was closed. But after the legalisation of gambling in Japan, the government has come to believe that robots have to go back to casinos.
  2. Anime-poker. Here, dealers are young Japanese woman dressed as governesses. Dealers make announcements using gestures and dance.
  3. There are no bets and monetary prizes in poker clubs. Customers buy a certain number of drinks prescribed gambling rules of a club in Japan. In exchange, they win a variety of prizes including a trip to Macau – the “paradise” of the gaming industry.
  4. A one-armed bandit serves in clubs no more than two years. After that, the Japanese may buy a machine for home use.
  5. Profits from slot machines in Japan are 4 times more than profits from casinos.
  6. “Island” of vintage slot machines. On the island of Odaiba of Tokyo Bay, there is a hall of exclusive slot machines made in the vintage style. Prizes from such devices have a rare value and represent the country’s cultural heritage and history of gambling in Japan.
  7. “Love Plus” mobile application. At the core of the virtual application, there is a simulator of relationship. The game features a boyfriend/girlfriend who can be set up to your liking, choosing the appearance, character and habits. It should be remembered that the virtual beloved will be just as offended by the lack of attention and rudeness as if it was in real life.
  8. In April 2017, the first school of dealers was opened in Tokyo despite a long dispute between the state and gaming industry.
  9. Japan: gambling and the law

    In Japan, the law regulates gaming industry very strictly and, therefore, only a few types of gambling are officially allowed. The legal age of gambling in Japan is 18 years.

    The lottery has been adapted in Japan in 1630. From 1842 to 1945, it was banned because of the difficult political situation in the country, but later it was included in the list of permitted activities again. Income received from the lottery has a positive effect on the economy.

    Betting on horse races, boats, bicycles and motor transport is legalised since 1907.

    Among the legitimate money games, there are mahjong, pachinko and lottery as they have a positive effect on society.

    Online poker and online casinos are illegal types of gambling in Japan. Some residents travel in Macau (China) where this activity is legal, but most of them still go to Japanese online sites.

    A gambling bill in Japan that includes casinos in the list of permitted activities was passed in 2013. All issues regarding gambling licenses in Japan are yet unresolved.

    Legalisation of online sites is limited to lotteries, slots, and bets on the 5 kinds of sports including favourite to Japanese football.

    Over the last 15 years, gambling has not been able to be legalised in Japan. Only as of 2016, this activity is no longer considered completely prohibited. The Liberal Democratic party of the country supported the bill on the establishment of casino-resorts and developing gambling legislation in Japan.

    According to the bill, a gambling area with the latest technology must be equipped in Japan until 2020.

    According to statistical estimates, the annual profit from the gambling industry of Japan can bring USD 40 billion.

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