5 Reel Drive Online Slot Game

5 Reel Drive Slot Game Review

What’s up, hazardous gambling professionals and rookies! That would be nice to wish you good luck, but that is going to happen a little bit later. But now we have to do something very interesting. Get back to video slots at Slots Pill and there is something what we actually are going to do! Let’s check out 5 Reel Drive casino slot, an interesting and nice looking slot that was delivered to us from famous Microgaming soft.

As you know Microgaming online slots are very nice looking and colorful! So, this slot includes beautiful multicolored background, that changes its colors from the downside to the top of the screen. Starting bright orange in the lower side near control panel it changes its colors and shades to the bright blue like a rainbow, if you are going to the upper side. The numbers of paylines also painted different colors. All the symbols include cartoon type graphics, with a smooth shades changes. That makes them remind 3D technology a little bit.

This beautiful thing is equipped with 5 reels and 9 paylines, but they are not fixed, you can adjust them all, and even play only with 1 payline! Of course, there are Wild and Scatter symbols. Wild symbol looks is a square traffic sign painted yellow color and a title “wild” is written on it. Scatter symbol includes a car, that looks like 1980’s Chevrolet Caprice police car of Las Vegas police department. Both symbols reward the player with higher points then regular ones, but appear on the slot screen quite seldom. The other symbols are regular and image some things you can probably take with you in your car and cars with drivers – a hype boy, a woman and a truck driver. There are dice cubes on wire, cola bottle with cup, cheese burger, coffee with donuts and some other interesting stuff, including very tasty foods make you feel hungry during the game – this is the real 5 Reel Drive!

Don’t go through this game, it’s very colorful and interesting. Check out the best video slots at Slots Pill and forget about worries!